Course: IoT and Industry 4.0: Smart Products Tutorial

IoT and Industry 4.0: Smart Products Tutorial

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About this Course

I designed this course for everybody who wants to get into the internet of things and collect and use data with their own products. By the end of this course you will be able to identify the potential value of data that you can collect with your product, you will understand what is necessary to collect and use that data and you will be able to create your own demonstrator, including communication with a smartphone App in order to convince your customers and your colleagues about how you will transform products and revenue streams.

I will personally lead you through understanding both the theoretical part of the motivation for product digitization and the hands-on part in which we will use popular electronics like an Arduino micro and an ESP32 that supports wireless Bluetooth low energy communication with Android and IOS devices, using the Blynk App. You will learn about basic sensor principles and how to use and code these with the Arduino IDE. After coding this I don’t leave you alone! You will get useful hints about how to make your own nice and clean physical prototype and what to take care of when selling this to your internal and external customers. 

Basic knowledge
  • Knowledge about electronics fundamentals will be helpful
  • Basic experience with the Arduino IDE is beneficial, but not mandatory
  • In order to take part at the hands-on programming session, you will need a computer or laptop
  • I will provide a part list for the hands-on tutorial
What you will learn
  • Turning your products into smart products
  • Understand the value of data and why digitization will play an ever bigger role in the future
  • Knowledge about basic sensor principles and how to use these
  • Identify and collect data that is relevant for your customers
  • Display the collected data in a Blynk mobile App (no special App-programming necessary)
Number of Lectures: 32
Total Duration: 02:42:40
  • 1 - Promo Video - Short Overview  
  • 2 - Detailed Course Overview  
  • 3 - Motivation: top data-driven companies  
  • 4 - Intro IoT and Industry 4.0  
  • 5 - The Internet of Things explained - University St. Gallen  

    Link to the video on Youtube:

  • 6 - Why would you want to digitize your product?  
  • 7 - Estimate the value of data  
  • Resources Lesson 1  
Hardware and Software
  • 1 - Arduino Micro  
  • 2 - ESP 32  
  • 3 - Installation Arduino IDE (experienced users skip this)  
  • 4 - Introduction to the Arduino IDE (experienced users skip this)  
Preparation of your own Smart Product
  • 1 - Identify relevant data and customers  
  • 2 - Basic measurement principles  
  • 3 - Basic communication check Arduino (experienced users can skip this)  
  • 4 - Code resistance measurement - Part 1  
  • 5 - Code resistance measurement - Part 2: interpretation and visualization  
  • 6 - Code capacitance measurement  
  • 7 - Planning the demonstrator or application  

    Lux Research:

  • Resources Session 3  
  • 1 - Discussion of the exemplary use-case  
  • 2 - Build a smartphone user-interface - intro  

    Blynk App:

  • 3 - Build a smartphone user interface  
  • 4 - Set-up ESP32 with Arduino and smartphone

  • 5 - BLE communication between ESP32 and smartphone

  • 8 - Code the measurement routine - Part 1

  • 7 - Code the measurement routine - Part 2  
  • 9 - Coding touch functionality - Part 1  

    Touch sensor note:

  • 10 - Coding touch functionality - Part 2  
  • Resources Session 4  
Additional hints
  • 1 - Additional hints  
  • 2 - Finish line  

    Comment to the video: instead of using Blender, you might want to use Tinkercad. It is completely web-based and does not need any installations.

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