Ansible and Automation with Ansible Playbook : Completely Interactive Course

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Learn Ansible and Automation with Playbook from Scratch to Advanced level - Complete Step-by-Step Training.

This Training Course Content and Practical implementation of all the topics (Like Ansible introduction, Ansible Installation and configuration, Ansible Architecture in depth, Ansible Ad hoc command, Ansible Playbook, Ansible Roles,Installation of FTP, VSFTPD,APACHE TOMCAT Server.. etc by using Playbook) is completely designed as per My IT Industry Experience in Production Environment as a DevOps Engineer, Linux System Administrator, AWS Administrator and Automation Experience based on Interview Experienced which i faced during my struggling days to till date.I have conclude or share all my 7+ years of Experience in this course by use of all these technologies.

Basic knowledge
  • Keen Interest and Dedication is Required to Learn this Course
  • Basic Knowledge of Linux
  • Basic Knowledge of Cloud

What will you learn
  • Ansible : Configuration Management Tool Introduction
  • Architecture of Ansible in Depth
  • Installing and Configuration of Ansible
  • Ansible Ad Hoc Commands
  • Ansible and Automation with Playbook
  • Ansible Roles
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 04:17:10

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