Course: Business Set Up for Creative Entrepreneurs

Business Set Up for Creative Entrepreneurs

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About this Course

In this course you learn how to set up your creative business. No matter what you sell - we cover it all.

You learn how to set up your own website, add a store to your site, do the "right" content marketing by adding the content your audience needs, wants and searches for.

You learn how to market your creative and digital products on various sites. Beside that I've included a part about pricing your products, content marketing and social media marketing - from Twitter over Facebook to Pinterest. Beside that, even if you just decided you want to become a digital designer - this course is yours because I have also included a complete guide on Gimp.

You learn everything, from the first steps to creating digital items to setting up your own websites. If you go through this you know at the end how to make a banner and images for your marketing, how to apply and use styles and create various elements and textures.

This course is a big one because it is meant as a digital, self-paced tutor which guides you from the very beginning to becoming an expert in your niche. There is no behind in this course, this course will be your companion answering all your business problems from the very first lesson to doing social media marketing.

If you want to set up your own website you of course need webhosting and a domain but beside that all you need to do is installing the free image editing program Gimp.

We start with a business foundation, you learn about the features of a good business name, you learn how to package your products and set up your store and website. We will also include a newsletter on your website and learn why this is important.

Then we learn how to create images with Gimp you'll need for your website.

We will close our course by doing content and social media marketing.

Please check out the supplementary material section for downloadable resources/PDF.

Who is the target audience?

  • you create handmade products
  • you want to sell digital products such as images, fonts, Photoshop Styles & Brushes, digital scrapbooking products, tutorials, courses
  • you want to sell on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon or sites such as CreativeMarket
  • you want to start a small business for your own product you created
Basic knowledge
  • you need to install the free program Gimp on your computer
  • you should have a domain and/or webhosting for your website (or plan to set it up soon)
What you will learn
  • Create a business for all your handcrafted or digital items you want to sell on your own site, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, CreativeMarket and all other creative sites
  • Learn how to set up your website and your own store on your website
  • Learn to design e.g. your products and/or images, banners for your website and marketing with Gimp (free program)
  • Market your products with Content and Social Media Marketing as well as networking
Number of Lectures: 55
Total Duration: 04:07:39
  • Welcome to Business Set up for Creative Entrepreneurs  

    First of all let me welcome you and tell you why I can help you to set up your own business. This course can be helpful for anyone but has a focus on Creative Entrepreneurs. So if you have to sell any kind of digital product, from handmade items to digital products you have created with Photoshop this is the right place for you. I own several sites where I sell digital products and where I help creative business owners to do the same.

  • Course Outline  

    In this course we will have an eye on everything. First we talk about a business foundation you need. This will include your business name and what you should know about choosing the right one, then we look at a website you need for your business as well as the content you can create for it. We will also look at how you set up your newsletter - this is pretty important to make sure that you can get in touch with your customers. Once this is done you are very well set up for business success.

Learn Designing with Gimp
  • Learn Designing (46 PDFs to download included)  
Your Business Foundation
  • Choose your Designer Name and Logo  

    If you want to start a creative business it is essential to choose the right name. The right business name helps you to stand out from the crowd and will be your first unique selling proposition. Therefore you need to choose your business name carefully. What is also important for your business name is choosing the right logo which fits to your business name and underlines what you want to stand for as a business owner. 

  • Create a Blog and use a real Domain  

    Learn how to set up your business foundation, your blog/website based on Wordpress. We choose Wordpress because it is the software about 60% of all websites use. Beside that, it is free and will help you to expand your websites to your needs.

  • Create a Header for your Website  

    In this tutorial you learn how to create a header for your website and make it appealing with the right images. Don't forget, a header will give your customers a great first impression - or not. So it's absolutely essential to spend some time at your branding - that includes your complete Corporate Identity.

  • Create a Blog Background  

    For your blog background it is important to choose an image which won't take away attention from what is your focus, your designs. So we need to choose something simple which appeals to your overall design.

  • Modify your Blog with Widgets  

    Learn more about Wordpress and its widgets which allow you a great flexibility with what you add to your site. That's a good reason to choose Wordpress over any other platform - last but not least you can easily add new functionality to your website.

  • Content creation for your Website  

    Providing the right content for your product will make your visitors stay or leave - we go through it and find out which content is right for you.

  • Install Google Analytics  

    To make the right decisions for your business means that you need to have data which allows you to make decisions. For that we will install the free Google Analytics tool.

  • Set up a Newsletter  

    Making your customers sign up for your newsletter is essential. Yes, the money is still in the list and if you can have them sign up for your newsletter you basically sell with the push of a button. Before you can start you need to set up your newsletter and we will go through that in this video.

  • Create a Newsletter Box with a Button  

    In this tutorial you'll learn how to create an image for your newsletter box. It will include a button to make people click.

  • Make the Newsletter Graphic clickable  

    Now we will add the newsletter graphic to your site's sidebar and make it clickable. This way you can easily start building your list. Don't forget: List building is essential for your business success.

  • Create your Terms of Use  

    When you want to sell digital goods you should have Terms of Use. I've included Tous for selling digital scrapbooking items but you can modify them to your own needs.

Set Up A Store
  • Add a Woocommerce Store to your Site  

    Learn to set up a Woocommerce store (it's free) to sell your digital products. You can expand Woocommerce on the go. There are tons of plugins available on the homepage which will help you to sell your products.

  • Add Categories to your Store  

    Learn how to add categories to your store. Choose your categories wisely because this may drive customers away if they are not named properly. I also highly recommend to add a category description to each category to make your site SEO friendly.

  • Add the Shop to your Menu  

    Now we make your store live to the rest of the world or actually accessible to your customers because we add your direct URL to your site's menu.

  • Basic Settings (Currency, Colors, etc.)  

    In this lecture we get some important settings adding to your Woocommerce store. You learn how to choose the right currency and modify the colours of the buttons to your needs.

  • Set up a Product  

    Learn how to set up a product in your store.

  • Set up the Sidebar  

    In this step we set up the sidebar on your website. This is the area of your website where you can add the most important content to make sure that it will get right in front of your customer's eyes.

  • Add a sharing plugin  

    Social Media is pretty important and there is no place where you can reach that many people without even spending a dollar. You can, of course, but you don't have to. One way to get attention is definitely to add a sharing plugin to your website. We now install a sharing plugin to allow your customers to share your products and posts on social media platforms.

What you need to decide upfront
  • Your Packaging and Product Description  

    For marketing purposes, you learn how to do a proper product preview and add a good description. You will also see bad examples of previews to make sure that you won't make the same mistakes. Your product preview will give your customer a first impression of what she can expect from your product so it's important to get it done well.

  • Why selling in more Stores does not equal more money  

    We will answer the question why it is not essential to sell at more than one store. This won't equal more money except you get on really big platforms.

  • Why it is essential to show what you can do with your Products  

    For marketing it is very important to show what you can do with your product. It doesn't matter what kind of product you sell, what matters is that you show it in action.

Use Facebook to find new Customers
  • Using Facebook and why it is essential for your Business Success  

    Let's get to social media marketing. Learn why it is essential these days to be seen on social media platforms.

  • Set up a Facebook Page  

    Learn how to set up a Facebook Fanpage for your business. Facebook is the place where your customers are. That's why you need to present yourself on Facebook and let your fans know about your new products.

  • Set up an Image  

    Set up a good Facebook image. Your Facebook cover image is important as it presents you and your business. It might also contain some advertising if you want to change it frequently, that's up to you.

  • Set up your Logo on Facebook  

    Use the right logo and set it up on Facebook. Your logo on Facebook will help with your branding. So again it should all look unique but it must fit to your website.

  • Content for your Facebook Page  

    In this lecture you learn what content you can use for your Facebook Fanpage. On Facebook, people want to be entertained and with the right content you make sure that this will happen. Additionally, you can also place information about new products, sales and more. 

  • Load Videos and Images to Facebook  

    Use Facebook to it's full potential. Learn how and why you should load images, and even better, videos to Facebook. At this place many people can see your videos and images so it's your place to make your Facebook page appealing.

  • Add your Newsletter to Facebook  

    On Facebook you can also catch people and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. You can add a newsletter module to your Facebook page and have people directly subscribe.

  • Like and Find Pages in your Niche  

    Learn how to find and like fanpages that fit to your business and to your Facebook content stream. Because there, you can also comment and get in touch with people who may like your products.

  • Planning regular Posts  

    Here you have an easy way on how to plan regular posts on Facebook. Regular posts will help you to climb up the algorithm in Facebook. This way you can be seen by more people.

Attract more Customers with Content
  • Creative Content for your Blog/Website  

    You may have heard that content is king and definitely it is, still. And that won't change any time soon. The contrast is the case. People get online to learn, inform and entertain themselves. Make sure they are with what you provide. Learn what kind of creative content you need to create for your website to make your products really sell.

  • Boring and Valuable Content  

    Learn more about the content you need to add to your website. There is boring content and there is valuable content. You need to keep your customers in mind to give them value.

  • Linkbuilding - Spreading the Word about your Designs  

    Linkbuilding is great to get some more customers to your website as well as a better ranking on Google.

Pinterest is the place to go to share visual Content
  • Pinterest Overview  

    Pinterest is another social media platform you should use when you have visual content.

  • Where your Pins appear on Pinterest  

    Make your pins appear on the right places.

  • Find Friends and Boards on Pinterest  

    Where you can find friends and boards on Pinterest?

  • Your Profile on Pinterest  

    Set up your profile on Pinterest and add your website.

  • Pin it from your Site  

    Learn how to add a Pin from your site.

  • Change and edit a Pin  

    Learn how to change and edit a pin.

  • Create an Account on Pinterest  

    Create a Pinterest account

  • Find your Friends on Pinterest  

    Learn how to find friends on Pinterest.

  • Pin without the Pin it Button  

    You can pin something even without a pin it button.

  • Add the right Picture on Pinterest  

    To get others to pin your Pin it is a good idea to give your image some extra attention.

  • The Power of Pinning  

    By now you already know the power Pinterest has and give you on your fingertips.

Twitter - another place you can conquer
  • Using Twitter  

    Learn more about using Twitter for your website. We will explore the settings for your business page as well as the question how to find friends.

  • Set up your Twitter Profile  

    Learn what is important and why when you set up your Twitter Profile. The right profile will support your branding.

  • Find Followers on Twitter  

    Learn how to find and follow people who are important for your niche on Twitter.

More Ways to advertise
  • Meet your Customers where they are  

    There are many ways to do some creative advertising. There are options to meet your customers where they are - free of charge, in any niche.

  • Why you have to price your products higher  

    In this video we will do the math: we will see how you have to calculate your products to make them really profitable and why competing about the price is a guarantee for a dead business.

  • Marketing which lasts forever  

    Add some elements to your Marketing Mix which will last forever. Doing so means that your flood of customers will never dry. Here are some tips and ideas about Marketing which will last forever and make your business grow.

You did it!
  • Go for your Passion!  

    Are you now ready to dive in? It's time to make money with your passion because you are just really good at the things you LOVE! So make your passion your profession.

  • Bonus Lecture: What else we are up to and Coupons  

    If you liked this course you might like to learn what else I'm up to. Check out the coupons for all the courses here on Udemy.

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