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Getting Digital Marketing Right

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About this Course

August Update: Over 10,500 Students. That is really amazing. Everyone, thank you kindly! Please reach out if you can use any personal advice. My philosophy is simple: relentless commitment to your success.

Finally, a strategic guide to drive smart business growth. If you're sick of jumping from tactic to tactic and hoping to see something work, this course is for you. A proven, streamlined process of strategic digital marketing without any frills so after watching the videos totaling a comprehensive but compact 3-hours, you will have a digital strategy that fuels your business to reach new heights.

I guarantee you will learn everything you need to about developing a strategy. Or, I will either work with you directly or add content to the course by request. Just like with my clients, your success is my success.

FREE BONUS BOOK: My book is a best-seller with a 4.9 / 5 stars with 75+ reviews internationally. You get a free copy for being a student of this course!

Plus other bonuses, but what's this all about anyhow?

You probably have seen hundreds of courses on online marketing.

"The one hack to get 10x email subscribers", "how to grow your business with a blog", "how to do AdWords campaigns to drive customers to your business."

That sounds wonderful and all, but these are tactics - just one piece of the whole puzzle. And there's no clear way of how they fit into your master plan...

This course will give you a step-by-step formula to develop a strategy, grow your business, and make smart online marketing decisions.

This is the secret sauce that even many of the "internet marketing ninjas" forget. Don't get me wrong, tactics are powerful, but only when they are linked to a strategy and a digital sales funnel.

Otherwise, you waste time, money and energy.


Just look through all the lessons and see for yourself. We aren't doing the standard "this is how you do online marketing". We're doing the "this is how you lead your business to success".

You will not

  • Learn how to set up an AdWords campaign
  • Learn the 21 ways to blog more effectively
  • Learn email marketing tricks and tips to get 100,000 subscribers
  • Learn how to engage customers on social media to grow your following

When it comes time to do online advertising, blogging, email marketing, social media, or any of the other techniques, I strongly recommend you consider hiring an expert or freelancers to get this done. After all, you're trying to grow a business. No one gains massive success by doing everything themselves!

But, you will

  • Figure out exactly where you want to go with your business
  • Understand what a digital sales funnel looks like in full, clear detail
  • Be able to take action immediately on your strategy
  • Grow your business in a lean, effective way

And there's plenty more to it, but this is the key to understand. If you just want to focus on SEO, this isn't the course for you! If you want to lead your company to new heights, welcome aboard!

Over ten thousand happy students. We have a large base of students from all walks of life, from all over the world. These methods have also been shared and used with my clients and readers of my book. What's important is that it consistently works for them all when they follow the process!

I am super fortunate to have reached and brought value to so many thousands. Please join us in this journey and you'll see just how to grow your business as well.

Who is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Novice Marketers
Basic knowledge
  • Beginner's Mind
  • Commitment to Success
  • You need NO technical knowledge or marketing experience, just follow along in the lectures.
What you will learn
  • Have the Potential to Experience 10x+ ROI
  • Identify, Define, and Reach their Ideal Customers/Clients
  • Waste Less Time, Energy, and Money on the Wrong Marketing
  • Learn a Strategic Framework to Drive Focused Digital Marketing Efforts
  • Choose the Right Tactics and Techniques to Fit into their Digital Sales Funnel
  • Establish a Vision, Set Goals and Milestones, and Execute on a Plan to Reach Them
  • Know how to generate demand, capture leads, and turn those leads into new customers
Number of Lectures: 35
Total Duration: 03:10:07
Preparing for Battle
  • Welcome to Getting Digital Marketing Right  

    In this short video, we cover the basics of what you will learn in Getting Digital Marketing Right. If you watched the promo video and read the course description, you can jump right in to the next video!

  • What is this course all about?  

    With the introduction to the course made, we want to dig into what this course is really all about in more detail. That includes addressing concerns you may have, so listen in to learn more.

  • The Two Keys to Success  

    There are just two things you need to know. In this video, we'll cover those two things - but it's really just the foundation. Make a BIG note of these two concepts. Not only will you see them throughout the course, but it's vital throughout all marketing and sales. Keep this in your mind!

  • Why YOU Need a Strategy  

    Everyone is unique, and this lecture is uniquely focused on what YOU need. Dig into what is driving you and connect that to everything you do going forward.

    BONUS: You'll find the workbook attached to this lecture - download it!

  • How to Build Your Strategy Team  

    "You Are The Average Of 5 People You Surround Yourself With". Choose wisely; this lecture will help you to.

    BONUS: You'll find the workbook attached to lecture 4 "Why YOU Need a Strategy" - download it!

  • Applying The 80/20 Rule to Your Business  

    80/20, or Pareto's Principle, is SO popularly mentioned... Yet, not many people discuss actually USING it in business. We'll focus on a simple way of applying it to your business today and get that muscle going so we can think of it throughout this process.

    Did you get the workbook back in lecture 4? Hope so!

  • Risk Management 101  

    Not going to hold back at all here... You are at risk when developing a strategy. However, this is true with anything in business. And entrepreneurs may be at greater risk, but it isn't about taking big risk. It's about managing risk.

    We'll cover some common forms of risk you may face in this lecture.

Digital Sales Funnel 101
  • Generate Demand for Your Products and Services  

    No matter how pretty you build your website or how much time you invest in research and development, if no one wants your offerings, you have no business. Learn what demand generation is all about in this lecture and later on, we will dig in to applying it to your business. Foundational knowledge first, then application.

  • Capture Quality Leads to Fuel Your Business  

    It isn't just about "generating leads". It's about quality leads . That means connecting with prospects that are interested in buying. Learn how to do just that in this lecture.

  • Nurture Leads into Hot Prospects  

    It's great to connect with a lead, but it's nearly meaningless if you don't continue that relationship and build on it. That's where lead nurturing comes in. There are two online-based methods I recommend for that - one more than the other for scalability and quality. It just makes sense compared to purely picking up the phone to call prospects or doing what most businesses do...nothing!

  • Convert Leads into Customers  

    Now that we generated demand for our products/services, capture quality leads, and nurtured them into hot prospects, we need to convert them into customers! Let's talk about how to do that in this lecture.

  • Close, Deliver, & Satisfy  

    New customer in the door and check cleared the bank, job DONE, right?! Not quite...

    Now, we need to make sure the on boarding process is streamlined, simple, and helpful. That's what we talk about in the Close, Deliver, and Satisfy lecture.

  • Referrals and Follow Up  

    The final and vital piece of the sales funnel: referrals and follow up. If you want a long-term, sustainable, thriving business, you NEED this piece of the funnel. It's low-cost, high-reward, so don't forget about it!

Strategy Step 1: Where are you today?
  • Your Current Funnel Activities and What It Lacks  

    Now that we covered the different stages, you need to really think about what you are doing today and what you aren't doing today. We'll walk through that in this step.

    BONUS: Don't forget to download a copy of the digital sales funnel PDF from this lesson. I actually love printing it out and physically writing on it. In the top box you can do your current activities, and the bottom you can add future activities, for example.

  • How You Advertise Today  

    What kind of message are you putting out there about your business? Where is "out there" anyhow? Let's think about that in this lecture, and don't forget to download the digital sales funnel outline from the last lecture.

Strategy Step 2: Finding Your Ideal
  • Ideal Customer Profile - Defined, Developed, Leveraged  

    There may be no more important lesson than this one. You NEED to know your ideal customers. Put simply, they are the customers where it makes sense to both parties financially to work together and you both love working together.

  • Your Vision, Goals, and Milestones  

    Want practical advice on how to set a vision, establish goals, and create milestones to get you started? That's exactly what we will cover in this lecture.

Strategy Step 3: Mapping Out Your Plan
  • Vanity Metric Danger and Boring but Vital Record Keeping  

    Before we really dig in, we need to make note of two things.. First, beware of vanity metrics. They have lead many businesses and strategies to failure. Second, keep accurate, clear, simple records. It's not fun, but it's super helpful.

  • What Works, Competition, and What's Next  

    Keeping detailed but concise notes is important. In this short lecture, we'll cover what we need to be aware of as we get going with our strategy.

  • Generating Demand with AdWords PPC, FB Ads, and Retargeting / Remarketing  

    It's more than just choosing a platform. How you go about online advertising can be a huge investment, or expense, with your business. In this lecture, and the following two, we'll help you figure out the BEST method of online advertising so you don't have another advertising expense, but rather, an investment.

  • Generating Demand with SEO and Content Marketing  

    Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing is nothing new - but we still need to decide if it's not only right for you, but one of the most promising avenues. In this lecture, we'll cover some basics to know about each when making a decision, as well as my opinion on pursuing either strategy.

  • Generating Demand with Social Media and Digital Communities  

    We end out section on generating demand with social media and digital communities. Social media is something you are probably very familiar with. It includes all platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.

    The other topic, online communities, might be a little less popular but it can be even more effective. Think of websites like Reddit, LinkedIn groups, and specialized/niche forums and message boards. They have a specific audience, and it's an audience you can target!

  • Capturing Quality Leads  

    Not all leads are equal. While generating leads is great, quality leads are most profitable. Obvious, maybe... but what isn't so obvious is how you capture quality leads, and that's what we'll cover in this lesson.

  • Nurturing Leads  

    There are two excellent ways of nurturing leads so they will eventually become customers. There's really one that I truly believe in for quality and scalability. We'll talk about it in this lesson and give you the steps to start immediately.

  • Mapping - Convert Leads into Customers  

    Okay, the lead engaged with you, your nurtured them into a hot prospect, and they're just about ready to buy. How do you help them take that last step and take out their credit card?...Find out in this lesson.

Strategy Step 4: Getting Your Hands Dirty
  • Learn, Invest, Set Benchmarks, The Big Moment, and Monitoring Progress  

    This section might be short, but it is important. This is execution...putting your strategy in place and getting it going. You might want to listen through the rest of the course but revisit it after your execution is well underway. But right now, let's worry about:

    • What you need to learn
    • What you need to invest in
    • What benchmarks you need to set
    • Monitoring progress on your benchmarks
    • The Big Moment's arrival
Strategy Step 5: Recap & Review
  • A Recap and Review  

    While strategy should be ongoing, it's helpful to set artificial deadlines so you can go back and give a complete review of your strategy. That's what we do in this lesson. It's super helpful and you save time, money, and energy going forward.

  • Calculating ROI on Social Media  

    Okay, while I'm not a huge fan of this tactic, social media is a prominent tool in your toolbox, maybe. We talked about it already, but again, don't fall into the trap that it's "required". But if you did use it, let's talk about how to calculate ROI, because financially based return is difficult to track.

  • Lessons Learned and What's Next  

    Look back at your recap and review, see the return-on-investment realized, and figure out how to move forward with this information.

Bonus Time!
  • BONUS: A Copy writing Crash Course  

    Copywriting is the #1 Personal and Professional skill to develop. Hands down. It's not just for making sales. It's for persuasion, whether to build up your business or "help" your spouse decide where to go eat for dinner by text. Start learning today and never stop.

  • BONUS: Practical, Simplified Neuromarketing  

    Neuromarketing is a big part of the future. I'm confident of that. So, while you may not use it yourself any time soon, or ever, you still should know about the practice. In this lesson, you will learn ways to think about neuromarketing so you can use it - skipping the fancy fMRI equipment and focusing on practical concepts.

  • Final Review  

    Thanks for sticking around all - don't forget to rate and review on the Simpliv platform to let others know what to expect!

  • Course Conclusion  
  • All Course Slides  
  • GDMR Full eBook  

    PLEASE KEEP THIS PRIVATE. This is a digital copy of my full, 220-page book. It's just for you, as a faithful student. Thank you!

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