Course: Increase 20 percent Direct/Indirect Revenue within 100 Days

Increase 20 percent Direct/Indirect Revenue within 100 Days

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About this Course

The 6 Circles is a really effective digital marketing plan for hoteliers, who are looking to increase their revenue and get more effective ROI. This course explains the intricate nuances of this very “6 Circles” Plan, and helps hoteliers, general managers of hotels, as well as entrepreneurs looking to penetrate the hospitality industry to attract the right clientele. The course can also help you generate more leads, reach out to the right target group, and understand the importance of making long term and short term digital marketing plans for your hotel. Since it is a simple to follow plan, everybody can easily implement it during their digital marketing initiatives.

From discovering where your maximum clientele comes from, to understanding what their preferences are, and from discerning what sort of value addition they like to realizing what time they plan to book from, the ‘6 Circles’ Plan makes hoteliers and general managers realize the importance of advance planning.

The other factors that the ‘6 Circles’ Plan comprises of include the creation and use of more visual mediums such as videos and images, instead of text. Through this course, you can also easily sculpt out the best pricing model for your hotel, ensuring that not only do guests get what they want, but also that they like what they are getting and at what price.

One more thing, and this is the most lucrative one. If you do decide to buy this course, my team and I will work with you for 52 whole weeks, that’s 1 year, to ensure your plans don’t go awry, and your social media campaigns all find smooth sailing.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy this plan for an in-depth look at what will make your hotel more profitable, and how you can earn at least 10 times more revenue

Who is the target audience?

  • Hotel Owners
  • General Managers of Hotel, Big or Boutique
  • Restaurant Owners and Managers
  • Entrepreneurs looking to Penetrate the Hospitality Industry
  • Revenue Managers
  • Director Sales and Marketing
Basic knowledge
  • Apart from having, running or thinking about running a hotel, nothing much
What you will learn
  • Over 8 Lectures and 1 hour of content
  • Increase Revenue by 10x
  • Generate Leads
  • Reach Out to Prospective Clients
  • Run Effective Ad Campaigns to Attract the Right Clientele
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 00:31:51
Increase 20 percent Direct/Indirect Revenue within 100 Days - Introduction
  • The Six Circles Plan (Your Secret Plan)  
  • The First Circle - Discern the top domestic geographies (cities) that frequently  

    Learn how to make short and long-term digital marketing plans for your hotel. Get more than 10x returns through this simple-to-follow plan

  • The Second Circle - Discern the top international geographies (countries) that y  
  • The Third Circle - What time do they generally book their accommodation? Start c  
  • The Fourth Circle - When do they commence their booking? Target your ads at the  
  • The Fifth Circle - What are their preferences? Highlight their preferences when  
  • The Sixth Circle - Understand the Value-Addition Concept! Advertise the value yo  
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Thanks Lecturer this course is very important it was good to have so many modules because of the significant it gets.