Course: Marketing on a zero Budget

Marketing on a zero Budget

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About this Course

If you are a blogger, creative or a small business owner you just arrived at the right place! This course is your chance to develop an effective business strategy to earn money with your blog or website.

We will look in detail at how digital marketing works and what chances you have to advertise your website completely free. And we also have a look at how everything finally comes together - because you first need to understand the big picture and find co-operations which work for you and our business. 

In the class "Marketing on a zero Budget" we first set the foundation, content marketing. You need to understand why this is essential for your business and why you need to be able to handle it well - because: What is your website without content? With the right content your website sells your products 24/7. 

We try to use just free tools (after all we are in the class "Marketing on a zero Budget" but we will also show you which tools will support you and help you to grow your business. 

At the end of the class you'll also learn about Marketing in general and why warm acquisition is much easier than cold acquisition.

This course is the first part of a series which has a look at each channel you can get traffic from in detail. In this course we start with content marketing and email marketing. We also have a look at the different social media channels. Each of them has its own rules therefore we will look at each of them in detail. 

We put this course in modules so you can implement what you have learned without feeling overwhelmed. 

This course has 5 modules and a length of 2 hours and 40 minutes. The course has 37 videos in FullHD.

Who is the target audience?

  • Blog and/or Website Owners
  • Anyone who wants to learn the big Picture of Online Marketing
Basic knowledge
  • Internet access is required
  • You should already have a Blog or Website
  • Basic Computer Skills
What you will learn
  • At the end of the Course the students have learned what Content Marketing is all about
  • The students learn how to use Content Marketing to advertise their website 24/7
  • The students learn how to implement email marketing to turn visitors finally into buyers
Number of Lectures: 36
Total Duration: 02:30:07
  • Welcome  

    Welcome to the class "Marketing on a zero Budget“. In this class I show you that you do not need a lot of money to be successful on the Internet. 

  • Is Marketing on a zero Budget a fit for you?  

    When you already have a Blog and you need more traffic but you don’t have a lot of money for paid advertising then Marketing on a zero Budget is the right fit for you. In this class I show you how you get the right users to your website - if your content marketing is done correctly. 

  • What you can expect in this class  

    This class is about marketing - without spending money! But you should know how the big picture looks. Then you can decide if you spend money on marketing in future. But you should know that, thanks to the Internet, it works without money - "on a zero Budget“! 

  • Let’s get started  

    After you’ve seen the introduction - let’s get started! We will have a look how online marketing works in general and then we look at all the different areas. We will also have a look at these different areas and have a look how you can implement all this into your business.

How Online Marketing works
  • What you can expect in this module  

    Now we will see how it all comes together and where it starts. Beside that we have a look at the options you have to really start your marketing on a zero Budget. 

  • How Online Marketing works  

    Online Marketing often looks more complicated than it actually. is. But it has many areas and you first need to understand them before you can decide which one is the right one for you. 

  • Paid Advertising  

    Paid Advertising is one option and should be considered as well. If you have the money for Paid Advertising it is a good option because you cannot advertise your business with less spreading loss than by advertising online. The main point is that you really need to know your ideal customer. As in the stock market you shouldn’t have to make money from the moment on you start advertising. If you have the time and money to let the ads running you can advertise your products profitably with paid advertising.

  • Why paid advertising isn’t always the best way to advertise your Business  

    Paid advertising is the easiest way to advertise your products or business. Once you have set it up it costs money but no time. It all runs on autopilot. You create ads and your customers come to your website. There is just one ingredient missing: You haven’t build up a relationship to your customer. With paid advertising you start doing that once you have the customer in your sales funnel. 

  • Indirect Paid Advertising  

    With indirect paid advertising you only pay your partners when they have sold your product. This is also how Affiliate Marketing works.

  • Free Advertising  

    Now you get an overview what you can do for free to advertise your products and/or services. Here you mostly invest your time rather than your money. 

  • How it all gets together  

    After you had a look at all the different areas we now have a look at how it all gets together.

  • Conclusion  

    The foundation is set! Now you know what is possible. Now we start to incorporate all these areas into your blog.

Content Marketing
  • Why Content Marketing  

    Content Marketing is not an expense, it’s an investment because the content will be on your Blog forever. It will help you forever to advertise your business and will help you to get visitors to your blog. The more you advertise your content and the higher it ranks the more visitors it will send you to your website. Therefore Content is the foundation of your Website. Because online you only have the chance to convince with your Content, no matter what kind of content you provide. But it will work for you 24/7.

  • We need Content to advertise our Business  

    Without any kind of Content, means without any articles, without a podcast, videos or any other content we cannot advertise our Website that much because we don’t have anything we can post - except you want to post the same things all the time?

  • What should I write about?  

    The Google Keyword Planner, a look at Google itself, Pinterest, YouTube & whatever other platform help to get ideas and validate them. You need to do that because the content you create should get your business a step further. Beside planning you also need to do the research of the "right“ keywords. 

  • Why should I create an Editorial Calendar?  

    An editorial calendar or content plan helps you to keep the overview and plan ahead. By doing that you’ll also know what kind of material you’ll need for your next blogpost in case you are e.g. preparing a DIY. 

  • Google Calendar  

    To keep me straight to the point I use the Google Calendar. It’s not only free but I can also add it to my smartphone.

  • Weekly Planning  

    Now that you have created your content plan you need to plan your week ahead. Which materials do you need? How much time do you need for the single posts? 

  • Writing and formating your Text  

    It’s important that the article you spend a lot of time creating has not just many pictures but is also well formatted. Additionally, it should be found in the search engines. This way you get your first visitors without spending money on advertising.

  • Graphics  

    If you have decided to be active on different social media platforms or search engines you need different graphics to advertise your posts. 

  • Create Graphics for Advertising  

    To advertise your post you bet create your own images. Otherwise you have images from different search engines and that won’t give your post anything personal. 

  • Why you need a Newsletter  

    Once you got your first newsletter subscribers you’ll notice that the sentence „The money is in the list!“ is still valid and will always be. Just as in a real shop you always need to be able to contact the people who are already your customers because this will help you to scale your business. Your user’s contact data are your business’ most valuable asset. 

  • Why do I need an Email Marketing Service?  

    Of course there is software available which already have the tools you need to send a newsletter on board. But if you use that tool when you have a few thousand subscribers it will bring you in trouble with your hosting provider. Because of that it’s important to have an email marketing provider. Many are totally free at the beginning. 

  • What is the right Email Marketing Service for you?  

    There are numerous provider for email marketing. I have picked two: Mailchimp and Aweber which are the most common. Both let you start for free.

  • Segmentation - Not each Solution fits to each Subscriber  

    Not each freebie fits to each subscriber. Because of that it is a good idea to segment your list right from the beginning. You can have different lists with different subscribers - then you can write each group of people separately. 

  • A Tool for Segmenting your Subscribers  

    There is a tool on the market which helps you to get the right subscribers into the right newsletter. If your subscriber is interested in more than one topic he can subscribe to several newsletters. Even if your blog has just one topic you can implement this tool (it’s not free though) to create different sign-up forms. This tool is not a "must-have“ but it really helps. 

  • Your Freebie  

    You should give your new subscriber a taste of what you have to offer in exchange for their email. You can observe the same behaviour in a lot of stores. You can register to get some bonus points when you buy something and have your card scanned any time. This helps the owner to send you personalised ads. This will hopefully result in more sales for the store owner.

  • The Freebie is done - Now what?  

    Once you have given the freebie to your users you need to send them interesting content to convince them that you are trustworthy and an expert. You can also send your new subscriber more information - and offers why they should buy from you. And this is, finally, the best about email marketing - you build trust with your subscriber and send him new information as well as sales offers. 

  • The Foundation Content- and Email Marketing  

    Now you have created the foundation of your business. It’s all about content and email marketing. Both pillars will help you to get more subscribers and therefore scale your business. Without these two pillars you might be known on different social networks but the account you have on Twitter, YouTube & Co. is not yours, it doesn’t belong to you and can be closed at any time. But your email list is yours and you can contact your customers at any time, no matter what happens. 

  • Newsletter - Conclusion  

    Have you started your newsletter yet or could I at least convince you that that you have to? Then you are at a very important point - by now you should know how important email marketing is and that you cannot set up a business without it.

The Foundation is Done - What Now?
  • What’s now?  

    We are just at the beginning with your marketing plan. You can do much more to get people on your website. It is just important that you are known as an authority in your area. The main question is now: How do you get there? 

  • Warm- and Cold Acquisition  

    Now lt’s talk about warm and cold acquisition of customers and why warm acquisition is much better. Being polite is also a good way in business to make the sale therefore it cannot be a good idea to grab your potential customer and pull him into your store (or website). You need to show him why you are the right choice. Online you do this with your content marketing.

  • Make sure that your potential Customer gets to know you  

    All the things you’ve learned here are things you should do again and again. But beside that you should expand your activities on a social network to get even more people to visit your website. 

  • Why you should specialise on one Social Network first  

    For each kind of blog there is one social network which is better than all the others. At the beginning, when you are just starting out, you should do a deep research which platform you choose over the other. But choose just one for now to make sure that you are not getting overwhelmed. Beside that each platform has its own laws and you need to know them before you can use it successfully.

  • Bonus  

    We have decided that we’ll create an extra course for each social network to make really sure that you’ll learn everything you need about the special network. Because you went through this course successfully I have a coupon for you - you decide how you’ll go on!

  • Congratulations  

    Now you are fit to start your own online business! You have learned how you can build your blog with the help of content marketing and, of course, your newsletter. Congratulations!

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