Course: Dark & Moody Food Photography Workshop for Beginners

Dark & Moody Food Photography Workshop for Beginners

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About this Course

Welcome to the Dark & Moody Food Photography!

Are you into food and you are looking for inspiration to make your Instagram more appealing?

Do you have a small business and you would like to make Stylish and Rustic photos of your (hopefully small) products?

Are you writing a blog and you would like to get inspiration how to make stunning photos to attract your audience?


Hello! I am Alexandra and Artist and an Art Teacher! I have lots of experiences in Photography - I made food/product photography for companies, had my photos even exhibited in Art Shows.


I have created this course to show you the BEHIND THE SCENES of those amazing rustic&stylish&dark&moody photos and that they can be created in your home, even with your SMARTPHONE!

Check out this amazing short course and GET INSPIRED!

You don't need to purchase anything to accomplish this course: just be creative, collect the things around your home and BUILD YOUR OWN DIY HOME PHOTO STUDIO with me!

What else will you get?

  • Lifetime Access
  • Full support form a Professional Art Teacher and Artist in the Q/A section

So what are you waiting for?  ENROLL

Basic knowledge
  • No previous or basic knowledge needed, mainly because it is a very beginner course
What you will learn
  • How to analyse light on photographs
  • How and where to find inspiration
  • How to analyse light in your home
  • spotting the right place to build your studio (you don't need a big space, a chair is enough)
  • How to play with light (creating a light tunnel, using a home made reflector)
  • How to create a background
  • Camera Basics
  • Composition Rules
  • How to Set a Scene
  • How to Play with Angles
  • How to tell a story with your photos
  • How to use negative space
  • How to edit your pictures on your Smartphone and in Photoshop
  • How to set the perfect size of the pictures for sharing on different Social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest)
Number of Lectures: 21
Total Duration: 01:06:00
  • Introduction  

    Students will get a brief information about the course.

  • About the Author  

    Students will learn about the photography experience of the author of the course.

  • Materials Needed  

    Students will learn about what materials do they need to collect to finish the course.

  • Analyzing Pictures  

    Students will get an insight how to simply analyze a picture in sense of light, background, composition.

  • Get Inspired  

    Students will get tips to get inspired for their own creation process.

  • Finding the Right Spot  

    In this lecture students will get an overview on how to find the perfect spot in their house for shooting using natural light.

  • Defining the Scene  

    In this video students will get a closer look on how they can set up their scene.

  • Playing with Light  

    Students will learn about the DIY possibilities for further play with natural light.

The Background
  • Types of Backgrounds  

    Students will learn about the types of backgrounds.

  • The Chalkboard Effect  

    In this video students will learn how to create a background with chalkboard effect.

  • Camera Basics  

    In this video Students will learn the basic settings of a camera.

Composition and Shooting
  • The Shooting Process  

    In this video students will get an insight to the shooting process.

  • Composition  

    Students will learn about the basic composition rules.

  • Be Mindful of Your Purpose  

    Students will be reminded to be mindful of the purpose of the shooting beforehand.

  • Tell a Story  

    Students will learn about active and passive pictiures.

  • Negative Space  

    Students will learn about the negative space.

  • Finding the Best Shots  

    Students will get an insight to the process of selecting the best shots.

  • Editing in Photoshop - Set the Best Size  

    Students will learn how to set the size of the pictures for different Social Media sizes.

  • Editing in Photoshop - Retouching  

    Students will learn how to retouch a picture.

  • Editing on Smartphone  

    Students will learn about the possibilities of editing their pictures on smartphones.

  • Final Thoughts  

    Conclusion of the course.

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