Course: American English: 5 Days to a Better Accent

American English: 5 Days to a Better Accent

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About this Course

Learn How to Improve Your English Pronunciation Quickly and Easily. This course is for non-native English speakers with an upper-intermediate to advanced knowledge of English that have trouble being understood when they speak. The course gives an overview of the most important features of English to focus on to speak clearly and understandably. It includes lessons and practice to get you started quickly on a self study program to improve your English pronunciation. Feel the success and confidence that comes from speaking clear, intelligible English.

Basic knowledge
  • This is an advanced level class for foreign-born speakers of English as a second language. To be successful, participant should speak, understand and read English at an advanced level
What you will learn

This course focuses on the rhythm and melody of spoken English. Lessons cover the concepts of:

  • Thought groups & pausing
  • Reductions & contractions
  • Connecting words
  • Word Stress
  • Pitch
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 01:31:28
Thought Groups & Pausing
  • Video Lesson - Day 1  

    Learn and practice how to properly group words and where to pause in spoken English.

  • Riddle answers  

    Answers to the riddles in the video lesson.

  • Homework Assignment #1 - "I've Got 99 Problems..."  

    First, print the worksheet. Then, watch the video. The first time, just watch for understanding. You only need to watch to minute 3:24. The second time, mark the thought groups on your worksheet, as you learned in the lesson. Then check your answers with the answer sheet below.

  • Song Assignment - "More"  

    The first time, notice the thought groups & pausing in the Tyrone Wells song “More”. Then sing along. Try to match the singer's rhythm and melody exactly. Be the singer!

Reductions & Contractions
  • Video Lesson - Day 2  

    Learn all about the use of contractions and reductions to make your spoken English sound smoother, more fluent and more natural.

  • Homework Assignment #2 - "Modern Family"  

    Watch the clip from “Modern Family”. Write down the contractions & reductions you hear. Especially listen for the “disappearing H”. Check your answers in the answer key below when you finish.

  • Song Assignment - "Daylight"  

    The first time, just listen and notice reductions & contractions in the Maroon 5 song, “Daylight”. Then sing along many times, maybe everyday if you like the song.

Connecting Words
  • Video Lesson - Day 3  

    In this lesson, learn all about the art of linking words together, so that your English sounds smooth and fluent, just like a native speaker.

  • Homework Assignment #3 - Dictation  

    Keep listening to the dictation quiz inside the video until you’re confident you can correctly write what I’m saying. Then check your answers in the answer key below.

  • Song Assignment - "Water Under the Bridge"  

    Notice the smooth, connected nature of this Adele song, “Water Under the Bridge”, and then sing along.

Stress in Words
  • Video Lesson - Day 4  

    Word stress is perhaps the most important element of speech for understandable pronunciation. In this lesson, learn some tips and rules for knowing which syllable is the stressed one in words.

  • Homework Assignment #4 - Personal Word List  

    Make a list of “personal” words. These are words that are specific to your life. Write down the names of your state, city, street, company name, words used in your work/studies/hobbies, any words that you use frequently. Even if you think you know how to pronounce them, check your pronunciation. You may be surprised that you've been pronouncing them wrong all along. Have a native pronounce for you & mark the stress. Or listen to pronunciations at

  • Song Assignment - "Whataya Want From Me?"  

    Notice the nice linking in this Adam Lambert song, “Whataya Want From Me” & also contractions & reductions & then sing along.

  • Video Lesson - Day 5  

    Similar to music, English uses a variety of notes to convey meaning. In this lesson, learn when your voice should rise and when it needs to fall to communicate your true intentions. When pitch and words do not correspond, you may be sending a message you did not mean.

  • Answers to the Intonation Quiz  

    Here, you'll find the answers to the intonation quiz inside the video lesson.

  • Homework Assignment #5 - Little Red Riding Hood  

    Listen to the story several times. Turn off the volume & then tell the story with the video. Be dramatic. Use varying pitch to make the story interesting.

  • Song - "Firework"  

    Review the Katy Perry song, “Firework”, for all things learned this week, and then sing along in your best American English accent.

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