Basic American English Pronunciation for Beginners

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  • Are you struggling with your English pronunciation? 
  • Do you have a strong accent when speaking English?
  • Have you had the experience of native speakers not understanding you?
  • Do you feel embarrassed when speaking English?
  • Do you want to begin speaking with an American accent confidently?
  • Do you what tips and help with speaking with an American accent?

I welcome you to this - “American English Pronunciation Training - course where I will patiently guide you through the basic techniques you need to pronounce English sounds correctly. 

This course will guide you through the basics of correct American pronunciation and help you learn how to make the sounds of standard American English with confidence.


Xiaolin Yu says “The content is exquisite, the focus is prominent, the picture is meticulous, and the information is rich. The teacher was very kind, and I would soon look for the teacher's other courses, keep in touch with the teacher, and recommend it to my friend.” [Rated 5 star]

Fabiola Suarez says “This course is essential to start learning about phonetics and fundamentals of pronunciation. It's special for students from beginner level to advance level. Great course I was learning better about some silent letters with word examples. Thanks to Loretta! : )” [Rated 5 star]

Sarmad Agha says “It's a great course to understand the basics we often forgot while speaking American English. The instructor is experienced and teaches to the point. It establishes a foundation for your pronunciation so you can easily master the difficult words you use in daily life even though if they are apart from the scope of this course. :)” [Rated 5 star]

Soon Kheng, Chan says “An amazing instructress. Love her in-depth explanations and the pace is very comfortable. Thank you, Ms. Loretta Huether!” [Rated 5 star]

Priyanka Dunakhe says "Thank you, this course is detailed one and teaches pronunciation with great accuracy. Great to practice and good for English accent improvement.” [Rated 5 star]WHY YOU HAVE AN ACCENT AND WHY SPEAKING WITH A CLEAR ENGLISH ACCENT SO IMPORTANT IS.

When English is not your native language, you bring your native accent into English words because you don’t know how to use your tongue, lips, mouth and jaw correctly to form the sounds of English.

If you are not sure how to pronounce American English sounds it becomes difficult to communicate with others. This causes a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. To help with these problems, training your English speaking accent is important for successful conversations and a clear understanding.

This course focuses on and helps you to improve your American English speaking accent.


In this course, you will certainly learn how to pronounce some difficult sounds of English. But you will do more than just “learn”— you will “train” your ears to hear the correct sounds of English and speak them clearly. It’s not enough to just look at pictures of tongue positions. With this course you will train the muscles of your tongue, lips and mouth to speak with a clear American accent.

With this course, you will understand the problems of English pronunciations, the basic sounds in English, the difficult sounds such “TH" “R” “L” “V” “W”, know some commonly mispronounced words and their correct pronunciation in the American English accent. 

Further in this course, you will know the correct pronunciations of the numbers, dates, time, fraction, decimal and percentages. At the end of the course you will have fun stuff to practice and tips for improving your pronunciation every day at home. You will also have additional resources (links) which I put together for you to practice your pronunciation. 

This self-paced online course will help you to learn at your convenient time and speed. This course comes with the lifetime access and that means you will have access to any future updates to this course at NO extra cost.


  • All the Best and see you inside the course!
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Basic knowledge
  • No previous knowledge necessary

What will you learn
  • Why English pronunciation so difficult is
  • Introduction to phonetic spelling

Basic sounds

  • Basic sound of the English alphabet
  • Vowel sounds

Difficult sounds

  • The “Th” sound
  • The “V” and “W” sounds
  • The “R” and “L” sounds
  • The “a” and “e” sounds
  • The “i” and “I” sounds

Commonly mispronounced words

  • Commonly mispronounced words
  • Countries and Nationalities


  • Counting numbers
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Dates
  • The time
  • Decimals, fractions and percentages

Silent letters

  • Silent letters part 1
  • Silent letters part 2

Fun ways to practice pronunciation

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Tongue twisters
  • What’s this word?
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