Course: Elementary Adult English for Everyday Use

Elementary Adult English for Everyday Use

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About this Course

A 5 video interactive course dealing with the most usual situations in which you will be expected to use English in every-day life.


Jobs and employment


Personal pronouns

Talking about people

Basic knowledge
  • You will need a basic knowledge of English, and common sense
What you will learn
  • In lesson 1, we learn how to introduce ourselves to others, and how to introduce friends to each other
  • Lesson two teaches us how to talk about our job, and how to ask others about their jobs
  • In lesson three, we talk about where people come from, and learn how to describe people and things from different countries
  • In lesson four, we see how to address and talk about ourselves, our family, and other people using the correct forms of reference concerning people
  • And in lesson five, we explore simple ways to talk about other people, how they look, and their personalities
Number of Lectures: 5
Total Duration: 00:53:06

    In this lesson we learn how to introduce ourselves to others, and also how to introduce other people to each other.

    This is an essential part of surviving in an English speaking environment.

Your job and your company
  • Talking about your job and the company you work for  

    How to describe your job, and ask others about theirs.

  • Where are you from?  

    Learn how to talk about where you come from, and how to talk about goods and services from you country.

    Also you will learn how to ask other people about their origins

Personal pronouns and "What about"
  • How to use pronouns relating to people  

    Learn the correct form of address and how to refer to people.

Describing people
  • Tell me about this person  

    Learn how to describe people's looks and their personalities

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