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English For Medics

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About this Course

10 short videos with everyday medical terminology, with pronunciation practice, reading, understanding, use in a typical sentence and vivid graphics.

Each lesson focuses on about 12 vocabulary items commonly used in everyday medical practice from private practice to hospital use.

Each lesson is divided into alphabetical order, and includes a comprehension review at the end.

If you are working in, or intend working in medicine, particularly in an English speaking country, this course is for you.

You may also need to take an IELTS exam if you intend migrating, and you can check out my IELTS courses on this site as well.

This course is usually more expensive, but for a short time, I am making an INTRODUCTORY OFFER.

Basic knowledge
  • An INTERMEDIATE (or better) level of English is needed for this course, PLUS an understanding of medical practice, and procedures
  • This course is most suitable to people either employed in the medical sector, or studying medicine in some form
  • So nurses, doctors, doctors, surgeons, physicians, pharmacists, paramedics, wards-people etc will benefit from this course
What you will learn
  • This course will NOT teach you medicine
  • It is designed to use the knowledge you already have in your chosen field, and show you how to communicate that knowledge in English
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 01:44:18
Lesson 01 Medical Terminology in Alphabetical order
  • Medical lesson 1  
Lesson 2 Bacteria to Bruise
  • Lesson 2  
Lesson 3- Medical terms in alphabetical order Caesarian to Diabetes
  • Lesson 3  
Medical terminology Medical lesson 04
  • Lesson 4  
Medical lesson 05
  • Lesson 5  
Medical lesson 06
  • Lesson 6  
Medical Lesson 07
  • Lesson 7  
Medical English Lesson 08
  • Lesson 8  
Medical lesson 09
  • Lesson 9  
Medical English Lesson 10
  • Lesson 10  
  • Assessment  
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