Course: Your First Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur: A Complete Guide (Lean Startup)

Your First Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur: A Complete Guide (Lean Startup)

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About this Course

This course will help you, a starting entrepreneur and/or innovator, taking your first steps on the way to a successful project. You will find practical and effective tools that will help you create clarity for yourself and for your potential customers and to innovate in your product and your business model. You will learn about scalability, validation and all aspects that you need to take into account in the very first stage of your project. 

That makes this course to be a pretty complete guide and toolbox! 

This course is no quick fix! No promises to become a millionaire by tomorrow, but in turn, the contents will allow you to build a sustainable, innovative and scalable business model. Hard work, but definitely exciting and worthwhile. It will allow you to turn your dreams into a viable project, discovering its potential and finding a scalable business model for it. 

You can apply the contents and methodology of this course to all sorts of projects, whether it be commercial, non-profit, entrepreneurship, etc. 

Basic knowledge
  • No previous knowledge required
  • A determination to learn new things to start any Business
What you will learn
  • In this course you will learn practical and effective tools for the first phases of entrepreneurship
Number of Lectures: 33
Total Duration: 04:09:48
Introduction and How to Start
  • Introduction  
  • How to Choose a Theme  
  • Pivoting and Mindset  
  • Forming a Team  
  • Intelectual Property  
  • Plan for the Long Term  
  • Brainstorming  

    Additional materials:

    TEDx Talk Tina Seelig

    Clay Christensen:

  • Divergent Techniques  

    Additional materials:

  • Convergent Techniques  
Starting Out Simple: the Playground for Entrepreneurs
Business Modeling
  • Business Model  
  • Business Model Canvas  

    Additional materials:

    Video Business Model Canvas:

  • Value Proposition  

    Additional Materials:

    Video Simon Sinek:

  • Innovation in the Business Model  
Customers and Markets
  • Get Keep and Grow  

    Additional Materials:

  • Metrics and the Law of Diffusion of Innovation  
  • Digital Marketing Strategy  
  • Advanced Experiments  

    Additional Materials:

    Wizard of Oz and Concierge test:

  • Prototyping  

    Additional Materials:

    Videos Paper Prototyping:

  • Usability Tests, Pricing and Innovation  
  • Experiments in GKG  
  • Hustling  
  • Presenting your Idea  

    Additional Materials:

    Video Pitch:

Wrap Up
  • Finance  
  • Wrap Up  
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