Course: Believe It! - Your Obituary is How You Build a Business Plan

Believe It! - Your Obituary is How You Build a Business Plan

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About this Course

Now this is not crazy, it is based on some of the best business building ideas from people like Peter Drucker and Stephen Covey. It is affirmed by some top venture capitalists.

They want to know about you, not just your product and your company. So in a unique and powerful way I teach you the R C A formula for developing your story, your pitch, and your plan for building a plan to build your own world-class small business. indeed you begin with the end in mind; your obituary.

Take an hour to have your ideas challenged, your mind blown, and then know how to start to swim in the shark tank because you know how to pitch your plan.

Let's swim,

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • You want a kickstart, a bank loan, an investor, a partner or an angel to help you build your new business
Basic knowledge
  • Even if you are just thinking about your own business this short course will help you but it would be good to have been thinking about that business and why you may want to pursue it
What you will learn
  • You will know how to begin your pitch and your plan for attracting investors, partners, and venture capitalists
  • You will know ho to tell your story to the "Sharks" you are ptching for support and funding
  • you will then know how to find others to help you finish your plan for your own business
Number of Lectures: 5
Total Duration: 00:34:52
This is the Single Unit on How You Can Begin your Business Plan By Your Obituary
  • Introducing an incredible new idea ... Start with your obituary  

    here we go with the introduction to the deal so that id does not sound as crazy as you might think... in fact if you know what's going on you will find that the whole obituary idea makes perfect sense in business planning and building. let's go,Stan

  • First they buy you before they buy your plan and idea. So count on it  

    If you don't know this fact well and are ready for it ... your pitch for partners and investors is in big trouble.

  • R C A is the formula you need to know in order to begin and pitch you!  

    R C A is not about a record company.  it is the formula for storytelling people about you that can make this whole business plan idea go much better. learn it and play it ... R C A.

  • you need to know and be able to deliver your winning BID  

    It's your BID and you better know what that means and how to bid you BID, and in this scene we teach you how.

  • now here is your plan for the plan  

    Now let's go out and try it out and start to get the stuff and learn even more to build your simple, but bold and beautiful, and brief business plan.

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