Course: Create Your Own Business: The Secure Path

Create Your Own Business: The Secure Path

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About this Course

Are you dreaming of creating your own business? But you have responsibilities, commitments, maybe financial ones and family ones...not so easy to just "make the jump" like every entrepreneur says right?

Well this course offers an alternative, based on my own story I am sharing a roadmap of how you can progressively create your own business while keeping your current job, and therefore consistently secure the level of financial security that you need to keep you current level of comfort.

There is work, there are sacrifices needed, but this course is about guiding you from A to B with 1 single thought in mind: IT IS POSSIBLE!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is wishing to change his/her career and become an entrepreneur
Basic knowledge
  • This course is open to anyone who is decided and committed
What you will learn
  • They will follow a structured roadmap on how to transition from where they are to becoming an entrepreneur
  • They will get the feeling of certainty that this change is possible
  • They will know how they can already prepare their future life while continuing to be employed
  • They will get also prepare themselves psychologically for this change of life
  • They will be able to go back to the course videos to get extra motivation during hard times
  • They will learn about the instructors personal story and best lessons learnt and tips
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 01:24:36
  • Welcome  
Yourself: develop the psychology you need to succeed
  • STEP 1: Set your secure income level  

    It is important that you define the minimal level of income you need to maintain your current standards of living!

  • STEP 1: Additional recommendations and tips  

    There are ways for you to generate passive income which will make your secure income level more easily within reach

  • STEP 2: Develop the "side-hustle" psychology  

    Develop a "side-hustle" psychology driven by a firm commitment of willing to sacrifice some comfort to live your dream!

  • STEP 2: Additional recommendations and tips  

    Find ways to increase your flexibility by arranging to work from home periodically. Prepare yourself for the critics!

Your Business: use your transition to consolidate your business model
  • STEP 3: Getting to know your clients  

    Remember the 2 key questions and take time to write down the answers:

    who are my clients?

    • how old are they?
    • where do they come from?
    • what do they do for a living?
    • what do they like to do?

    what do they need?

    • what is the problem they may have?
    • what are their fears?
    • what gets them enthusiastic and excited?
    • how can you help them?
  • STEP 3: Additional tips and recommendations  

    It is essential that you always make the conscious effort from position yourself from the point of view of your clients

  • STEP 4: Shape your business identity  

    This is the exciting moment where you get to create, design and discuss the identify of your business:

    • business and brand name
    • vision and value proposition
    • graphical identity and logo
    • website and social media
    • business card
    • business brochure and flyer
    • business legal entity
Continuous improvement of your Business model
  • STEP 5: Sharpen your business model  

    It is time to present your business model to other people and collect feedback so that you can go back to your model and sharpen it. Ask them precisely: "how did this make you feel?" , and "what did you understand from this?"

  • STEP 6: Network and Connect  

    Networking is an essential part of becoming an entrepreneur: push yourself to get out there and participate generously. What you will learn and get out from these experiences will surprise you!

  • STEP 7: Test your model publicly  

    The time has come for you after all that hard work on shaping and sharpening your business to present it publicly. So, this step is about organising an event, face to face or online, where you will meet your potential clients and present your solution.

  • Step 8: Fine-tune your business  

    As you continuously sharpen your business you will at some point reach and exceed your secure income level, which is your green light to move to full-time entrepreneur whenever you wish!

Conclusion + Bonus videos
  • Conclusion  

    Just a quick thank you message to wish you all the best!

  • Bonus 1: The toughest moments along the journey  

    This is part of your journey, accept it and keep going :)

  • Bonus 2: What's great once you get there  

    Indeed, the level of freedom and sense of purpose is clearly worth it!

  • Bonus video 3: ensure you stay in a state of FLOW  

    Balance regularly your level of challenge based on your capacity and skills, too much challenge leads to anxiety, and not enough leads to boredom, it is up to you to find the right balance.

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