Course: How NOT to Import From China - International Shipping 101

How NOT to Import From China - International Shipping 101

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About this Course

"The Colombian Revelation."

Nearly a decade ago I got a call from a friend of mine living in Miami, USA. The grumpy guy on the other side of the phone was whining about a Colombian shipment of his that was apparently held hostage by Florida's customs officiales. Again.

 30 minutes later, from the comfort of my couch, using only my mobile phone I shared with him some insights regarding the situation and how I think it should be handled. 48 hours later, 08:00 AM eastern time Florida, a yellow DHL truck was already by his door step carrying his precious cargo. 

His next call could be described as a Hallelujah song, one that made me realize hey, I've got something here. Since then I've spent my time perfecting a variety of skills, participating in this wonderful game called "Import Export", or IM/EX as some of the industries entrepreneurs call it among themselves.

In my course "How NOT To Import from China" I will methodically cover the basic infrastructure of the industry followed by a one-on-one guided tour through the back doors & alleys of the IM/EX business. 

Oh, about that Colombian shipment? I got to sample some of it in my next trip to Miami, and I have to tell you it was the best coffee I had until that day.

Use my knowledge and experience to learn a business that can make you thousands of dollars in profits from the very first shipment.

"Kong-Fu Panda"

The course is called as it does because China is the easiest place you can choose to import from. Our natural tendency to go for China can seem obvious due to China´s reputation for low prices, vast variety of suppliers & the chance for high margins.They are good reasons to choose China but I ask, "Why limit yourself?". 

Learn in this course how to import products from any country. Your loosing so many possibilities when you limit your self just to China. Businessmen think big and don't limit themselves, this is the place for you to truly develop.

Dream Big - Achieve Greatness.

This course will give you a chance to scale up your business or, if you're a complete beginner - teach you a whole profession by covering all the basics and later, drilling-down to some of this industries most unspoken trades.

"Sell Me This Pen" - A word on selling your products on-line

Amazon, Rakuten, eBay and other e-Commerce sites are doing insanely well and are incredibly profitable. On the first quarter of 2016 Amazon itself pulled in a net income of $513 million, on a revenue of $29.1 billion!

There are some reasons for Amazon's success, some of them are: Their vision for growth over profits, constant improvement policy and an excellent sales platform. But, one more very important element is the fact that importing a product or, even creating your own personal private brand (and using their FBA service) has become so easy in comparison to the past that A LOT of people started doing it. 

Selling online on places like Amazon is an excellent option and will be covered in the course but again, don't limit yourself! You can open-up a shop, rent space in the mall or even find wholesalers or retailers to sell your products to, TOGETHER with the online campaign!

We will have a complete BONUS section on Amazon and more online sales possibilities.

The possibilities are endless and the time to act is now . 

Remember, once you have enough knowledge and awareness about a subject your fears and concerns about it will start to fade away. In this course, you get a complete guidance on how to successfully get your chosen product from point A to point B, anywhere on the plant.

You can be a student with no previous knowledge, a new Amazon FBA seller, an experienced importer, a long-time retailer or a fresh entrepreneur looking for his next project - you have came to the right place.

Who this course is for:

  • Students with entrepreneurial mindset
  • Students who wishes to become an importer / export
  • Amazon FBA sellers
  • eBay and other e-Commerce sellers
  • Wholesalers and retailers
Basic knowledge
  • This is a complete A-Z course
  • Basic English and open mindness
What you will learn
  • Apply shipping techniques to import any kind of product
  • Start your own import export business
  • Get the best shipping rates and save a big chunk of money from your products total cost
  • Avoid expensive and unecessary mistakes
Number of Lectures: 31
Total Duration: 01:38:20
  • Prologue  
  • Where shipping begins  
  • How This Course Is Built  
  • Freight forwarders  
  • Shipping Terms to Get Familiar With  
  • Consolidation  
  • Shipping vs Sourcing  
  • Terms Quiz  
Incoterms, Measuring Units, Money Conversions, Trading Documents and H.S Codes
  • International Incoterms  
  • D.D.U / DAP update  
  • Measuring Units Conversion  
  • Money Conversions  
  • International Shipping Documantation  
  • H.S code Classification Basics  
  • Final Notes About H.S. Codes  
  • Example Of Customs Tariff For Mobile Phones  
International Shipping
  • Air Freight - Part 1  
  • Air Freight - Part 2  
  • Air Freight - Part 3  
  • Airway BIll  
  • Ocean Freight  
  • Bill of Lading  
  • Ocean Vs Air Shipping  
  • Extra Shipping Costs  
  • Products With Unique Shipping Features  
  • Sea Vs Air Shipping Comparison Sheet Sample  
  • Get a Pro Email - Why Gmail is Not Enough  
  • Insurance  
  • Free Trade Agreements (FTA)  
  • Patents, Intellectual Property and Piracy  
  • Find The Best Suited Bank For You  
  • Appendix  
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