Course: I Will Teach You How Donald Trump Built His Life & Business

I Will Teach You How Donald Trump Built His Life & Business

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About this Course

This is a course for grownups and those who want to know more about business success. it is not an endorsement or a promotion or any kind of advocacy for Donald Trump; his politics, his positions, his persona, his personality, his ethics, or even his character.

It is given as a teacher, broadcaster, reporter, and long time business performance coach.

it is based on a long standing belief and principle that You can always learn something of value and something useful from every event, every person, every phenomenon, every thing that happens to you, and comes into your life,

This is about the business and popular phenomenon of Donald Trump, much more than it is about him as person and personality.

This man could be one of the most powerful men in the world in 2016 and if so, he got there through business success and his media presence... so if you are smart you can learn something about that whether you like him or not.

This will be10 selected things about life and business success, and understanding what is going on in the world, that can be very valuable and useful, and profitable to you.

In this short, but powerful course for busy leaders you will learn what those ten things are. You will be challenged to make your own and good choices about what to do with your life and business this year and in the future.

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone can benefit. The course is one hour and you will learn things about yourself even more than you will learn things about Trump.
  • if you are smart you will always seek to learn from others and what they have done or said whether you agree with them or not. So be a grown-up and take this course.
  • if you are just so full of anger and rejection at the whole Trump Phenomenon and refuse to learn anything about the man and what is happening. Then don't take the course! 
Basic knowledge
  • You should have some basic knowledge of who Donald Trump is, and what he has done, and he is doing right now
What you will learn

Be a better citizen and be challenged to understand what is going on, learn from it, and not just judge and reject or embrace "the deal" before the

Know some of the key reasons for Donald Trump's phenomenal business success.

Be at choice as to whether they are going to learn how to use the broadcast arts and media as a promotional and business tool and strategy.

Make significant changes in the way they are doing their career and running their business. 

Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 01:02:19
Here is The Deal - Why you Need to know About the Donald Trump Deal Today
  • Introducing Donald Trump and the ten things you can learn about business success  

    Grown-up business leaders are smart enough to know that we all carry within us great potential, and many problems and pathologies. Donald Trump is such a man but he has also achieved incredible business success, and world-wide influence. Now this section will challenge you to decide whether you can and want to learn from what is going on.

Five lessons and Ten The Deal ideas that will challenge you to be great and good
  • The Deal - Don't trust the experts, and pleaae learn how to use the modern media  

    Boy did the so-called smart guys get it wrong, and you know what, they often do. I have learned to not trust the so-called experts who tell me for sure what is going to be, and what is going to happen. Remember that.

    Now please pay attention, if you do not know how to use the broadcasting arts and the mass media today, you are foolish, and here I challenge you to be one of the really smart folks by learning to be master of the media if you want to master the marketplace. 

  • The Deal - you must have personal and business "signatures", and You're Fired"  

    "You're Fired" is one of Donald Trump's signature sayings and it is just one of the many signature things about him and his persona and business. Now what are you going to about that for you and your business? Now you will be challenged to find out and to do something.

    ... and that "firing" is one of the things about Ruthless leadership that you will have to deal with and make some decisions about your own style and substance. Learn and choose well. 

  • The Deal - Learn about the genius of The Apprentice idea and You must "Audition"  

    The idea behind The Apprentice turned out to be either a stroke of genius or just plain dumb good luck. You decide, but here some thoughts about The Apprentice and The Audition, as two powerful and possible future business practices.

  • The Deal - It's all About the Big Deal, and to think, do, and create big things  

    You will be challenged to take a position on the idea of doing Big Things. You will find out that you must have the clarity and the power of purpose to know what you really want and what business you truly are in. You will be able to make much faster and easier decisions when you know this stuff.

  • The Deal - Many will seek to hurt you and do you in, but be a teacher anyway!  

    Watch out for snakes, snarks, and sharks! Success breeds and attracts many good things, but it also attracts those people and rumors designed to do you in. If you are a people-pleaser you will have a difficult time in the marketplace as a leader and top performer unless you have what it takes to survive as well as thrive.

Now you Are Hired to do Great Things and Overcome Challenges & A Request
  • Thank you, and think a second time, some final thoughts, and a request  

    This course works best when you watch it many times, and when you talk about it with others. One of the nice things about a bigger than life personality like Trump is that his presence forces you to take positions, make decisions, and make choices about what you believe, how you want to live, and how you want to do business and be known by others.

    Thanks so much,


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