Course: New Thinking in Business - Ideas for Business Success 21st Century

New Thinking in Business - Ideas for Business Success 21st Century

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About this Course

This course is based on a number of talks given to the business community by the author.

The course outlines some new thinking for Business Success in the 21st Century. If you are a leader, manager, or even a solopreneur this course gives you new ways to look at what you do. Many of the ideas here are deliberately provocative and thought stimulating, so if you take the course, please chip in with your own thoughts, concepts and new thinking in the discussion thread!

So, are you already a successful in your chosen career or would you like to become successful? Are you following traditional thinking and guidance about how to become a success in your chosen subject area, or are you looking for new and better ways to live your life and to do your business? 

Taken from a series of live lectures delivered by the author, the Course gets you to look differently at business that is fit for the 21st Century. Although full of insights for those working in big companies, this course is especially relevant for smaller more nimble companies (including solopreneurs and freelancers) who want to help take their business to the next ‘level’. There are also insights for anyone thinking of starting their own business and wanting to become an entrepreneur.

Although we still need to continue with many of the business processes of the past (which are not covered here) it is important to take stock and consider how new thinking, new knowledge and new skills will enhance your business longevity, well being and success. The course is not about the things that lead to short-term transient success, but is about the things you need to THINK about and take ACTION on, in order to achieve long-term meaningful 'success'.

The course comprises several live recorded talks that have been delivered to various professional/networking groups in the UK and the content includes:  

  • How Premature Organisation prevents Conception
  • A Four Quadrant model of Knowledge 
  • A new approach to your 'Health Insurance'
  • Mind Mapping introduced as an important business skill
  • Expert Frame of Mind v the Learner Frame of Mind (and the fall of the expert)
  • A ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ - to get you thinking about your personal value
  • My FIVE Knowledges for Business Success
  • The rise of the Millionaire Teachers (something to think about)
  • A different perspective about TIME (How much have you got?)
  • The importance of Sleep time, Downtime and Brain Time

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, SMEs, already successful in business and those that want to be
  • The ambitious professional: Maybe you’ve been in your industry for a while or you are just starting out, and you are ready to accelerate your career and start building for your future
  • The determined entrepreneur: You are out on your own struggling with others in highly competitive niches and if you want to be truly successful, you need a slight edge. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a way to improve your overall effectiveness this course could be the answer
  • The creative artist: Perhaps you are an artist with a vision and need the mental space and creativity to make your dreams come true. Whether musician, painter, or dancer, optimising your knowledge and thinking skills is great for your personal improvement
  • The overworked employee: You may not love what you do for work and have plans to make a change in your life and this course will open up your thinking to give you a much larger ‘canvas’ in which to forge a possible new career
  • The university student: Education is important to you and getting good grades is your mission. (in which case my other course on Learning-toLearn and Mind Mapping will be very helpful). However you also need to look beyond your degree and widen your Knowledge about Knowledge to help you forge your future success and this course willer a ‘wake-up’ call
  • Business Commentators, Think Tanks, Economists
  • If you have ambition and appreciate that there maybe important knowledge that remains hidden from you that could be important for future business and personal success
Basic knowledge
  • A good grasp of the English language in order to follow the lectures
  • A desire to improve yourself
What you will learn
  • Appreciate some of the new knowledge and skills for business success
  • Understand the importance of the knowledge that 'you don't know you don't know'
  • Understand and practice a four quadrant model of knowledge
  • Use models of the brain to understand good business practice
  • Reflect upon these 'New Skills and Knowledge and put forward alternative thinking in discussion thread
  • A new ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ for Soloprenuers
  • A new approach to Business 'Health Insurance'
  • Mind Mapping as an important business skill
  • Determine "how much TIME have you got?"
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 02:53:30
Purpose of the Course
  • Introduction  

    New Knowledge for Business - who we should listen to - probably not the 'experts'

  • Course Outline  

    This lecture gives you an overview of the course

Section 2 - Turning Business on its Head
  • Turning Business on its Head - Less is More and SLOW is the new Fast  

    This LIVE LECTURE outlines why we need to turn some of our thinking about Business 'on its head'

  • Turning Business on its Head (continued) - Less is More ..  

    Part 2 of the lecture delivered at the HIVE in Worcester. At the end of this session together with reading the lecture handout, students will be able to see the usefulness of models of the brain to help understanding, describe a four quadrant model of knowledge, a Cash Flow Quadrant model for Soloprenuers, and how a simple mid map summarises a talk.

Section 3 - The New Knowledge for Business Success
  • Quick Browse through the slides to accompany The New Knowledge Lectures  
  • The New Knowledge (Live Talk Part 1)  

    A live presentation on stage at Sandwell College to a group of Business Owners, Solopreneurs, SME employees and Academics

  • The New Knowledge (Live Talk Part 2)  

    Part 2 of the talk at Sandwell College

  • ACTIVITY: Identify examples of your knowledge from each of the four domains  
Section 4 - Why is Mind Mapping an Important New Skill?
  • Mind Mapping for Effective Business (Part 1) Webinar Recording  

    The first half of this teleseminar run in conjunction with Bradley & Associates (Accountancy Firm)

     In this lecture (and the next one) Learn how Mind Mapping can be used to:

    • (1) Plan or Prepare – in LESS TIME
    • (2) Mentally rehearse /‘play around with’ new ideas and concepts
    • (3) Make it easier to absorb and understand new or complex information
    • (4) Grasp a new topic quickly
    • (5) Deliver an important talk or presentation
    • (6) Help you recall critical information
  • Mind Mapping for Effective Business (Part 2) Webinar Recording  

    The second half of this teleseminar run in conjunction with Bradley & Associates (Accountancy Firm)

     In this lecture Learn how Mind Mapping can be used to:

    • (1) Plan or Prepare – in LESS TIME
    • (2) Mentally rehearse /‘play around with’ new ideas and concepts
    • (3) Make it easier to absorb and understand new or complex information
    • (4) Grasp a new topic quickly
    • (5) Deliver an important talk or presentation
    • (6) Help you recall critical information
  • Mind Mapping or Spaghetti Diagrams? (One is effective one isn't)  

    This lecture shows some of the major differences between an effective mind map and something I call a "Spaghetti Diagram". YOU CAN WHISK THROUGH THIS LECTURE watching it at x1.5 normal speed.

    (This lecture also appears in a few of my other courses)

Lectures from the Workshop "Fall of the Expert"
  • Fall of the Expert (Part 1)  

    This first part of the workshop examined the phenomenon of expert opinion and how much expert opinion is based on 'facts' (rather than personal interpretation of 'facts'. We also looked at the phenomenon of 'fake news'

  • Fall of the Expert (Part 2)  

    This second part of the workshop focuses on knowledge, where knowledge comes from and how much of our knowledge (including scientific knowledge) is flawed or misleading because the statistical methods used were inappropriate to the studies or the assumptions upon which the research is based are not valid. Often scientists take 'associations' as being 'causal' with the flimsiest of understanding.

  • Fall of the Expert (Part 3)  

    This third part of the workshop looked at models of the brain and also takes a detailed look (in this case with the "Heart-Cholesterol-Saturated Fat Theory) at how 'scientific' and 'expert' views and opinions can be completely wrong when based on both flawed assumptions/causes and invalid use of statistics.

More on the Thinking Required for Creativity, Wellness and Longevity
  • A Brain Perspective on how to solve the chronic problems of today  

    This is the recorded first draft of a talk that I was presenting at TEDx Canary Wharf. I've added slides to the audio to make it into a Simpliv Video Lecture and also in the middle I've added a short video clip narrated by Morgan Freeman about the Default Brain Network. The talk covers three different models of the brain and looks at what the three models have in common. The lecture is relevant to all entrepreneurs especially those who'd like to contribute to improving our world.

  • The 100 Year Longevity and Wellness Plan (Live Long and Prosper)  

    This is a live video recording of my talk "Live Long and Prosper" delivered at a Coffee and Natter Business Networking event in February 2019. This talk goes into a bit more detail about the "how much time have you got?" mentioned in the Turning Business on its Head lecture in section 2 of this course. The video camera recording is 'side on' as the way the room was set up by the organizer it wasn't suitable to record from the front of the room.

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