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Launch Your First Private Label Product | Amazon FBA

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About this Course

Welcome to your Step by Step Guide to Selecting, Launching, and Selling Your first Private Label Product Using Amazon’s FBA Service!

How is this course different?

You will follow me through the entire private label process, as you watch me actually launch a private label product of my own! Having the ability to follow along as I complete each step in the private labeling process gives you a huge advantage, and will help you avoid many pitfalls & mistakes.

Let me share my private labeling secrets with you.

In this course, you will learn how to create a real revenue generating business that you can expand, grow or even eventually sell. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Smart work and dedication is needed to accomplish your goals as an Amazon seller. 

Follow me as I walk you through the entire process of launching your first private label product, as you watch me actually launch a new private label product of my own.

You will be guided step by step from the niche & product selection stage, to getting sales on Amazon. Please do not just follow along. In order to get the most value out of this course, please complete each step in each module before moving on to the next module. 

Time to Take Action!

This course is action based, and if you follow along with me on your private label journey, you WILL have a private label product on Amazon by the end of this course. Not only will you receive step by step training to launch your first product, but also included are pre-built email templates for contacting suppliers, ordering inventory Alibaba, designing your logo, and more! 

We will start with Market Research to find customer demand and income potential for the niche and products you wish to select. Once you find your niche and product, we will look at how to form your business and develop a brand. We will then go over the process of how to customize and order your product inventory by finding top rated manufacturers and suppliers.

*Discover the easiest methods to acquire product inventory for your Amazon FBA business!

We will also setup your Amazon account, and create your product listing and a shipment plan to send your inventory to Amazon using Amazon Seller Central. Inventory must be packed and shipped in a correctly to be accepted by Amazon, so we will go over the entire packaging process so your inventory won’t get rejected.

Once your inventory arrives at Amazon, it will be time to launch your product!

Launching your product can be a very exciting time. We will discuss some tips and tricks to help you have a successful product launch. We will look at getting reviews, PPC and promotion strategies to increase your sales.

What We Will Cover:

  • Select A Profitable Niche
  • Validate and Select a Product
  • Logo's & Branding
  • Finding Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Customizing Your Product
  • Ordering Your Product Inventory
  • Packaging Your Product for the Amazon FBA Warehouse
  • Taking Product Photos 
  • Setting Up Your Seller Central Account
  • Set Up Your Amazon Product Listing
  • How to Run Auto and Manual PPC Campaigns 
  • Marketing Tips for Your Product
  • How to get started on Shopify
  • And Much More!

If you enroll in this course today, you will finally have the tools you need to move forward with selecting and launching your private label product!

Enroll now and start learning with me today... 

See you in the course!

Jason G

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners that want a step-by-step guide on how to launch their first PL product on Amazon
  • Experienced Amazon sellers looking to expand into Private Label with Amazon FBA
  • Anyone looking to create a brand & start their own online e-commerce business
Basic knowledge
  • This course covers everything you need to launch your first private label product on Amazon, including niche selection, ordering inventory, how to take product photos, and how to run a PPC sponsored add campaign
  • Includes useful supplemental material, such as, done-for-you Email templates for messaging suppliers, Listing setup template with HTML, and Coupon creation guide
  • An investment in inventory is required to start and run your business
What you will learn
  • Research market demand to select the best niche for your products
  • Launch their very own branded private label product to sell using Amazon FBA
  • Create a optimized product listing with relevant keywords, SEO and HTML
  • Run Auto & Manual PPC sponsored ad campaigns to get more sales
  • Navigate Alibaba & AliExpress to find suppliers and manufacturers to get product inventory
  • Customize private label products to stand out from the competition
  • How to Open an Additional Sales Channel on Shopify
Number of Lectures: 86
Total Duration: 05:01:38
Introduction to the Private Label Product Business
  • Introduction to Private Label & Amazon FBA  
  • Course Agenda | What We Will Cover  
Market Research | Create Your Niche List & Find Your Market
  • Create A Niche List (3-5 Possible Markets) | Market Research Overview  
    • In this section, we will discuss various methods to perform market research and choose your niche.
    • Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about a particular market in order to validate the niche before offering products.
  • Amazon Departments - Market Research | Finding Niche's for Your List  
    • Browsing Amazon is always a great tool when searching for target markets, and especially the actual products to sell in the market
    • For niche ideas, we are going to check out the different departments on Amazon, and start thinking about various markets for your list
  • Amazon | Kindle Books - Market Research  

    I will show you how to validate the markets already on your list by looking to see if there are multiple books on the subject, number of reviews and activity, and also the BSR of the books

    The BSR, also known as the Best Seller Rank, shows us how many books are being sold daily.

  • Market Research for Dummies  

    One of my favorite ways to search for popular subjects and validate markets.

  • How to Analyze Market Demand & Trends  

    Google Trends is a website that allows you to research trends, data and visualizations on any topic or niche using Google’s massive database. It also provides information on regional interest and related searches.

  • Online Forums - Market Research  
    • When checking online forums for your topics, you want to check and see if there is daily activity for the niche
    • You can do this by searching data such as the latest posts, replies and active members
  • Keyword Planner - Market Research  

    Google Adwords has a keyword planner tool that uses google’s database to research the search volume for keywords.

  • Is the Market Active? Let's Check Facebook  
    • Another great place to research market demand for your niche is Facebook
    • Facebook has billions of users, and is a great resource to see what people are interested in
  • Market Research Section Summary & Tasks  
    • Your tasks for the market research section is to create a list of 3-5 possible target markets, research those markets, and select a niche for your product
    • Before continuing to the product selection section, make sure you have used one or more of the methods in the market research section to validate a niche
Create Your Product List | Potential PL Products
  • Product Selection Overview  
    • For the product selection section, we will start by making a list of 10-15 possible products to sell in your selected niche
    • We will check the demand for your product selections using various methods such as analyzing the competition, reviews and sales ranking.
  • Create Your Product List (10 - 15 Possible Products) - Product Selection  

    Now that you have selected a niche, we can now create a list of possible products to sell in that niche.

  • Amazon Departments | Create Your Product List  
    • Research and find possible products to add to your product list
    • Don't worry about the products BSR, Reviews, and ranking yet, we will get to that later in the module.
  • Ebay Best Sellers - Create your Product List  

    Search Ebay best sellers to find great products to private label.

Product Selection | Find A Winning Product to Sell
  • Product Selection & Tools Overview  

    Overview of the tools and resources we will be using to validate our selected products.

  • Amazon Revenue Calculator - Product Research Tool  

    How to use the Amazon revenue calculator to see how profitable a product may be.

  • CamelCamelCamel Product Research Tool  

    One of the best websites to research products on Amazon - BSR, Price History, Ect.

  • Jungle Scout - Market Research [Paid Tool]  
  • AMZ Seller Browser - Product Research [Free Tool]  

    Great FREE tool to use while researching products on Amazon - Time saver!.

  • Amazon Product Research - Select Your Private Label Product  

    Use the tools and resources discussed in previous lectures to research the products on your list on Amazon.

  • Product Differentiation - 4 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition  
    • In this lecture, I want to discuss some ways to differentiate your product in order to stand out from the competition
    • The four main areas we will look at is Price, Cosmetic, Bundles and Branding
  • Patent Research - Google Patents & USPTO  
    • In this lecture, I want to talk a little about patent research for your product.
    • It’s the worst feeling in the world to spend thousands of dollars on product inventory, only to find out the product is patented.
  • Product Research Section Summary  

    Product Research Section Summary | Action Steps.

Product Preparation & Branding | Tax EIN, Barcodes and Branding
  • Product Preparation Overview  

    Introduction to the Product Preparation & Branding Section.

  • How to Form a Business & Get Your Tax EIN  
    • We go over how to form a legal business (LLC) and how to get a Tax EIN for your business.
    • The tax EIN is similar to a social security number for your business
    • It is required to have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number, such as a social security number 
  • How to Get a UPC Barcode for Your Product  
    • In this section, we will look at how to obtain a UPC Barcode for your product
    • The UPC Barcode is required for each product variation in order to generate a SKU number on Amazon
    • Amazon uses the SKU to identify and track your products at the Amazon Warehouse
  • Brand Names, Trademarks & Logos  
    • In this lecture, we will look at branding your private label product
    • This includes doing things such as selecting a brand name, checking for trademarks, creating a logo, and designing your product packaging
    • Having a good brand name can help set yourself apart from the competition
    • Your brand will be what people identify when searching online
  • Fiverr - Branding Your Product  

    How to get a logo for your product from Fiverr

  • - Branding Your Product  

    How to get a logo for your product from Upwork.

  • - Branding Your Product  

    How to get a logo for your product from 99Designs.

  • Branding Section Summary & Action Steps  

    Congratulations! You have reached the end of the Product Preparation section.

Finding Suppliers & Ordering Samples
  • Finding Product Suppliers Overview  
    • Overview of the Finding Suppliers section
    • We will be going over how to find suppliers for your product inventory by researching some of the top sites to find manufacturers 
    • What to say when emailing suppliers and manufacturers,
    • And how to order samples for your product in order to compare and check the quality and functionality of the items
  • Alibaba Overview & Getting Product Samples  
    • One of my favorite places to find suppliers and manufacturers is
    • is one of the largest commerce sites on the internet.
    • It is a place for sellers and manufacturers to communicate and complete transactions.
  • Alibaba Review - Contacting Suppliers & Ordering Samples  
    • Now let's review some important questions to ask when first contacting a supplier on Alibaba for your product.
    • When first contacting suppliers, the main goal is to see which suppliers have good communication and reply promptly.
    • With this in mind, we will keep the first email short so not to overwhelm the manufacturer.
    • Also most suppliers are not native English speakers, so please do not use complicated language or statements.
  • AliExpress Overview & Ordering Samples  
    • Another great site I like to use when finding and purchasing inventory for a new product is AliExpress
    • AliExpress is similar to Alibaba, but allows you to purchase single units you a product, and also in bulk.
    • This is great when looking for private label products or even for drop shipping.
  • Finding Other Suppliers & Manufacturers  
    • There are many places to find suppliers and to get your private label products manufactured.
    • In this lecture, we will go over a few other places I have used to search for and purchase inventory.
  • My Product Sample [AliExpress]  
    • I decided to order the inventory for my example product in the course from AliExpress
    • I researched multiple suppliers on AliExpress, and found one that I liked and ordered a sample of their product
    • I received the sample today, and I'm quite happy with the quality
  • Finding a Supplier Summary Action Steps  

    You have reached the end of the this section on finding a manufacturer & getting your product samples.

Alibaba & AliExpress | Product Customization & Ordering Inventory
  • Alibaba Product Customization & Ordering Inventory Overview  

    Overview of the Alibaba | Product Customization & Ordering Inventory section.

  • Sending Designs to Supplier & Inventory Order Preparation  
    • Now is time contact the supplier you selected, and notify them that you would like to proceed with you inventory order
    • In the email, you also want to include your brand logo and designs for the manufacturer to add to your product and packaging
  • Order Your First Inventory Shipment from Alibaba  
    • Now let’s discuss ordering your product inventory from Alibaba.
    • Most suppliers will allow you to split the payments for large inventory orders.
    • Typically manufacturers charge 30% up front to start, and you pay the remaining 70% once production is complete
    • During the production process, you can hire a local inspector to go verify your manufacturer and inventory, or simply have the manufacturer take photos of your finalized product
  • Email Template 001 | After Reviewing Sample [Alibaba]  

    Now we will look at an example of a typical email sequence to contact your manufacturer after you have reviewed the product sample and chosen your supplier.

  • Email Templates 002 | Inventory Quantity [Alibaba]  

    Typical email sequence to contact your manufacturer after you have reviewed the product sample and chosen your supplier.

  • Email Templates 003 | Shipping & Payment [Alibaba]  

    Typical email sequence to contact your manufacturer after you have reviewed the product sample and chosen your supplier.

  • Email Templates 004 | Inventory Inspection [Alibaba]  
  • Email Template 005 | Final Payment & Shipment [Alibaba]  

    Typical email sequence to contact your manufacturer after you have reviewed the product sample and chosen your supplier.

  • Ordering From AliExpress Overview & My Order  
    • If you wanted to order a lower quantity of inventory, you could also choose to order your inventory from AliExpress
    • For my product example in this course, I purchased my inventory from aliexpress because I only wanted to get 200 units
    • AliExpress allows you to order lower quantities of inventory with no MOQ
  • Summary Action Steps - Ordering Inventory [Alibaba]  

    Congratulations! You have reached the end of the section on Ordering Your Product Inventory from Alibaba.

Product Customization | Packaging, Logo's and Labels
  • Customizing Inventory Section Overview  
    • Branding your product is very important for a few different factors
    • Having a branded product can help prevent other sellers from offering similar products on your product listing
    • Branding can also help set your products apart from the competition when customers are searching on Amazon
    • It is important to stand out on Amazon with the ever increasing competition
  • Poly Bag Packaging, Warning Labels & Five Star Stickers  

    Where to get your poly bags for packaging, suffocation warning labels & 5-star stickers.

  • Custom Bags & Packaging for Your Inventory  

    In this section, we will look at a few different places you can get custom packaging for your inventory, such as customized boxes and muslin drawstring bag.

  • The Easiest (And Cheapest) Way to Add Your Logo To Your Packaging  

    The Easiest (and Cheapest) Way to Brand Your Product with a Custom Logo.

  • Card Inserts for Your Customers  
    • Here you can get all types of custom stickers, decals, bumper stickers and other similar items
    • But we will be using this site to get custom printed logos that we can add to our product packaging
  • Time to Work! Putting Everything Together  
    • This can be one of the most tedious and time consuming processes of starting a private label business
    • If possible, I recommend getting a friend or family member assist you with this step 
    • We are going to be sorting the inventory, adding poly bags and packaging, and also branding the inventory with our labels and logo
  • Inventory Customization Overview | Summary Action Steps  
    • After ordering your inventory, the information in this section should be used to add customization, packaging and branding to your products
    • If you ordered from AliExpress, or didn’t have your supplier on Alibaba add customization to your inventory, use the resources we discussed in this section to customize and brand your inventory.
    • You do not have to do everything we discussed, but make sure you at least add your logo to your product or packaging, and if you wish, add any other customization tactics we discussed to help set your product apart from the competition on Amazon
Amazon Account Setup & Shipment Plan
  • Amazon Account Setup Overview  
    • In this section, we will look at how to select and setup your amazon account, and how to create a shipment plan for your inventory
    • The shipment plan can be created in your seller central account after you sign up for your Amazon account
    • If your inventory still hasn’t arrived yet, you can still go ahead and setup your amazon account so you can get everything started
  • Choose Your Amazon Account | Individual or Professional  
    • The two account choices available are individual account and a professional account.
    • Regardless of the account you choose, you are able to upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime
    • We will discuss some differences between the two account types
  • Add Your Product to the Amazon Catalog  

    In this lecture, we will discuss how to add your product to Amazon’s product catalog.

  • Create a Shipment Plan for Your Inventory  
    • Here we will discuss how to create a shipment plan for your inventory
    • The shipment plan can be created by accessing your Amazon seller central account
    • When creating the shipment plan, you will need the size and weight of your packages to calculate shipping charges
    • Shipping can be handled by one of Amazon’s partnered carriers such as UPS
  • Amazon Account Setup | Summary & Action Steps  

    You have reached the end of the the section on creating your Amazon account, and setting up your Shipment Plan.

Add Your SKU, Package & Ship Your Inventory to the Amazon FBA Warehouse
  • Inventory Shipment Overview  
    • In this section, we will look at how to properly prepare and ship your inventory to Amazon.
    • They can be very strict on how the product should be packaged and labeled when your items arrive at the warehouse.
    • We will discuss how to properly package and ship your products so your shipment isn’t rejected
  • Add an Amazon SKU Label to Your Inventory  
    • Now let’s discuss options to add the SKU barcode to each unit of your inventory
    • A SKU is a barcode used in Amazon’s warehouse to quickly locate products. Each individual item must be labeled with an SKU.
  • Inventory Packaging | Preparation for Shipment  
    • Now it’s time to prepare our inventory to be shipped to the Amazon FBA warehouse.
    • Amazon requires you to follow certain guidelines when packaging and sending your inventory.
    • If not properly packaged, your shipment could get rejected.
    • You must make sure to use an acceptable filler material.
  • Seal, Label & Ship Your Inventory Using Your Selected Amazon Partnered Carrier  
    • Now that we have properly labeled and packaged our inventory, it’s now time to drop them off with the Amazon partnered carrier.
    • Remember to keep your items priced high until they are live on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon will reimburse you for lost inventory.
    • It can take up to a week for your inventory to be processed after arriving to Amazon
    • You can check the shipment status for updates in your seller central account
  • Shipping Inventory | Summary Action Steps  

    You have reached the end of the this section on Product Preparation & Shipping Inventory to the AMZ Warehouse.

Setup Your Amazon Product Listing
  • Amazon Product Listing Overview  

    In this section, we will look at how to create your product listing on Amazon.

    • You will learn what sections of your listing are most important to generate sales, how to get or take product photos, how to research keywords, and how to register your brand with Amazon
    • Having a properly set up listing can help your product stand out from the competition
    • There are many elements to your Amazon listing, and by the end of this section, your listing should be optimized and ready to start attracting customers and sales
  • Product Photos for Your Listing | How to Take or Hire a Photographer  
    • Product photos are one of the most important things when it comes to having success on Amazon
    • Product photos are the first thing customers see while searching Amazon, so it is extremely important to have the best quality photos as possible
    • You want your Photo to Pop out in the eyes of you customer as they scroll down the search page
  • Remove Background From Photos - Photo Editing for Amazon  
  • Keyword Research | Create Your Keyword List  
    • So now let's take a look at performing keyword research for your Amazon product listing
    • Keywords are what customers use to search for products online.
    • Selecting the best keywords for your product allows your product to appear in more customer searches and improves your listing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • You will Make a spreadsheet list of all top relevant keywords for your niche and product.
    • You will then use these keywords to write your listing headline, bullet points, and description

  • Amazon Listing Setup | Keywords & Copy  
    • We will be using the keyword list you created for your product in the previous section
    • The keywords are what customers type in on Amazon to search for products
    • You want to make sure to have good keywords sprinkled throughout your amazon listing so customers can easily search for and purchase your product
    • The Order of Importance to focus on for your listing is: Product Photos -> Headline -> Bullet Points -> Description -> Backend Keywords
  • Amazon Brand Registry | Register Your Brand  
    • The Amazon Brand Registry is available to sellers who manufacture or sell their own branded products. 
    • Manufacturers can enroll their brand in the Amazon Brand Registry and register themselves as the brand owner. 
    • The goal of Amazon Brand Registry is to make it easier for sellers to manage their own brands and list their products on Amazon.
  • Amazon Listing Setup | Summary Action Steps  

    You have reached the end of the this section on creating your Amazon Listing.

Launching & Getting Reviews | Social Proof
  • Product Launch & Getting Reviews Overview  
    • We will go over the goals for your product, review your seller tools, and download & review the Amazon Seller App
    • We will also discuss getting product reviews, and the new rules for incentivized reviews - Amazon Vine Program
  • My Amazon Product Update | Reviews & BSR  
    • Quick update on my product a few days after going live for sale on Amazon
    • Reviews and Best Seller Rank
  • The Amazon Seller App | Seller Tools  
    • The Amazon Seller App is a powerful little tool, and has many functions that allow you to work from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet
    • The App can come in very handy when you need quick info or don’t have access to a computer
    • It has many functions that can be used to assist your business
  • Getting Customer Reviews | Social Proof on Amazon  
  • New Review Rules | Amazon Vine Program  
    • On October 3 2016, Amazon updated the community guidelines to no longer allow incentivized reviews, unless you get them using the Amazon Vine program.
    • This means that reviewers can no longer post a review in exchange for a free or discounted product
  • How to Setup Coupon Codes for Product Promotion  
  • Listing Maintenance | Adding More Inventory & Products  
  • Product Launch & Reviews | Summary Action Steps  
Amazon PPC & Product Promotions | Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns
  • Amazon PPC | Campaign Overview  
    • In this section, we will go over setting up Amazon PPC campaigns, sometimes known as Amazon sponsored products
    • Sponsored Products uses targeted ads to give you more control over your product by increasing the visibility of your products when search for selected keywords.
  • Auto Campaign | Create Your Amazon Auto PPC Campaign  

    Automatic PPC campaign, where Amazon will automatically select the keywords it believes relates to your product.

  • Download & Analyze Your Amazon PPC Report Data  
  • Manual Campaign | Use Auto Campaign Data to Create a Manual PPC Campaign  

    Manual PPC campaign - This is where You can manually select the keywords that will be used in the campaign.

  • Seller University | Education for Selling on Amazon  
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