Course: Manage your Personal Finances as an Entrepreneurs

Manage your Personal Finances as an Entrepreneurs

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About this Course

A common cause of failure among startups is the business owner running out of cash before the business has time to become successful. The interplay between the financial conditions of a business and the financial situation of the owner is something that many entrepreneurs fail to plan for when they launch a new business. This course explains how the finances of the business and its owner are intertwined, including cash flow and debt. We also explore ways in which an entrepreneur can more effectively manage the personal side of this financial equation to ensure that their business has the best chance for survival from startup through its maturity. Finally, we look at the paths entrepreneurs have available to build personal wealth.

Basic knowledge
  • Be a small business owner or aspiring small business owner
What you will learn
  • Effectively manage personal and professional finances to one day build personal wealth
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 01:30:13
Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Introduction  
  • The Bootstrap Life  
  • Keeping Business Funds and Personal Funds Separate  
  • How Much and When Should You Pay Yourself?  
  • Runway and Emergency Funds  
  • The Three Buckets of Profits  
  • Good Debt, Bad Debt  
  • Keep Track of Your Credit  
  • Lines of Credit  
  • Building Wealth from Your Business  
  • Investing Beyond Your Business  
  • Benefit Programs For You and Your Employees  
  • Finding and Working with a Tax Accountant  
  • Conclusion  
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