Course: Navigating Entrepreneurship: Proven Keys to Success

Navigating Entrepreneurship: Proven Keys to Success

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About this Course

How do you learn to be an entrepreneur?

You can either learn it the hard way — the school of hard knocks — or you can learn it from someone who's already been there. What's your time worth? Why not leverage your time by using Larry Jacobson's 20 years of experience?

Are you prepared to deal with the fears, risks, decision-making, changes, and loneliness of being an entrepreneur? Many of today's classes, books, and audio programs fail to address these very real challenges. 

This powerful course will help you thrive as an entrepreneur as the no nonsense instruction comes from 20 years of real world experience. 

You'll learn how to deal with the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride that can be tough and lonely at times. Larry Jacobson knows what you're going through. 

Who this course is for:

  • Most helpful for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who wear many hats in their day to day work life.
  • Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?
  • Are you managing a one-person venture from home? 
  • Are you new to a leadership position? 
  • Do you have an online retail, coaching, or other service business? Or perhaps you own a brick and mortar store with employees? 
  • Are you losing sleep because of your business life? 
  • Do you worry about your business so much that it's not as fun as you imagined? 
  • Do you struggle with pending decisions? 
  • Are you an employee working for someone else and want to move up the ladder? 
  • Do you feel alone in your pursuit, wishing you had an advisor who understands the challenges you're facing? 
Basic knowledge
  • No pre-requisities required. Just a desire to succeed in your business and learn from someone who has succeeded as an entrepreneur
What you will learn

If you answered YES to any of these questions, read on…. 

After taking this course, you will:

  • Increase your self-confidence as a leader of yourself and others
  • Turn your dreams into achievable, measurable goals
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Make your time more effective
  • Make decisions faster and easier
  • Never fear your fears again
  • Truly Enjoy being an entrepreneur!

You’ll learn to Navigate the entrepreneurial roller coaster. Students will learn how to turn dreams into goals, how to analyze risks, how to make big decisions on their own, how to deal with change, how to use fear to their advantage, how to persevere, live with passion, lead others, and commit to success. Students will learn proven strategies for goal attainment in any business role

Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 01:41:04
Introduction to Navigating Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction  

    Success requires experience.

    Larry’s been an entrepreneur all of his life and in this audio program he shares the Keys to his success. He’s lived it; he’s the real deal. Through artfully written stories from his business career and sailing journey around the world, he shares practical wisdom easily applied to your life story.

    Invest in your future. Fuel your success!

    There is a trend these days for some authors and speakers to “research” the information they deliver. Many have never experienced what it’s truly like to be an entrepreneur because they’ve never FELT it. Jacobson has.

    There’s no “made up” or “researched” information here. This is the real thing from a successful entrepreneur. A nationally recognized thought leader, Larry’s articles have appeared in Forbes, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, YAHOO! Finance, PBS, and more!

    A sought after motivational speaker, Larry also coaches entrepreneurs. Because not everyone can hire him as a coach, he created this “nuts and bolts” book. You’ll pick up his “whatever-it-takes” attitude of self reliance and decisiveness, as well as new thinking about Leadership. 

  • Resource Guide  

    Here is a Resource Guide & a Quiz for you to learn.

Entrepreneurs are Dreamers and that's a Good Trait!
  • Find Your Passion Quiz  
  • Navigating Entrepreneurship Action Guide for Entire Course  
  • Entrepreneurs Are Dreamers  

    The Passion Quiz and Action Guide mentioned in the course are attached right here for your convenience! The Action Guide is a fillable PDF so you'll be able to type your answers and save the document. You'll use the Action Guide all the way through the course and it will serve as a great summary long after you finish the course. Writing things down (or typing them) helps the information sink in so to get the most out of the course, I highly recommend using the Action Guide. 

Turning Your Dreams Into Goals
  • Turning Dreams Into Goals  

    All effective leaders use visioning to see themselves achieving their dreams and goals, which brings us to the difference between dreams and goals. Some of your dreams may be big, really big. Too big? Nope, they’re never too big. But, sometimes they seem overwhelming, so we’re going to take the next step and break your dreams down into smaller achievable goals and make them less overwhelming. How about we start with why? Why do you have to break your big dream down into goals? Because a dream is just that – a dream – until you transform it into a goal. 

Learn to be a Risk-Taker
  • Be a Risk Taker  

    No Risk, No Reward. We’ve all heard that before. When faced with a risk, do you take the risk and seek the reward? Or does the risk scare you away? All great achievements require some sort of uncertainty, and therefore risk. More than likely, you’ll have to let go of something in order to achieve your biggest goals. 

How to Make Decisions Easier and Faster than Ever Before
  • How to Make Decisions  

    In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to make big decisions. You’re also going to learn how to stay focused once you make those decisions.

  • Decision Priorities A-D  

    Use this simple system to make decisions based on your priorities. Remember, no decision is a decision!

Change is Constant--Get Used to It
  • Change is Here to Stay  

    In this lesson, we’re going to explore one of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship: CHANGE. Not many people like change. Do you ever wish that things could just stay the same? After this lesson, you'll be more comfortable than ever with the only constant in business--change

How to Manage Your Fears and Use Them to Your Advantage
  • Managing Your Fears  

    Are you experiencing any fear about being an entrepreneur? Of course you are, every entrepreneur experiences fear, or they’re very good about covering it up. It’s part of the entrepreneurial deal. Fear is part of the package. However, this is a good day for you, because right here you’re going to learn to manage your fears. Right Now.

    Fear is: Nature’s way of making us focus on the task at hand.

    It sharpens your senses, and makes you more alert.

    You can use your fears to your advantage. 

You Don't Need to Know it All to Succeed
  • You Don't Need to Know it All!  

    What if you don’t know what you’re doing? What if you don't have experience with the business you're in? The simple answer is: You don’t have to be the expert to try something. You can become the expert along the way. 

How to Stick With It When All Seems Hopeless
  • How to Stick With It!  

     Staying power, tenacity, perseverance, resolve, drive, you can choose your preferred word for “hanging in there.” Results come from perseverance, not knowledge. Survival is what drives perseverance in dangerous situations. Passion is what drives that same perseverance in non-dangerous situations. 

I'll See You at the Top!
  • See You at the Top!  

    The final lesson in this program is short, and it is the single most important trait to being a successful entrepreneur. It is the fact that you have chosen your entrepreneurial work. If you haven't, you're choosing to stick it out and make this venture a success. The fact that you are choosing to accept the responsibilities that go with this work, which includes putting your heart into it. As an entrepreneur, you must be a leader and whether you feel you were born to lead or you are learning to lead, if you choose to lead, you can. 

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