Course: Start a Home Business and Begin Earning From Day 1

Start a Home Business and Begin Earning From Day 1

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About this Course

You want to make extra money from home but you just don’t know where to even start or even if you should? There is money out there for you to make from a home business and guess what? Just by starting a home based business you will immediately make extra income during your first year - take this course to learn why and how this works.

You will also learn:

  • Ways you can start earning income from home even if you have no money to invest in your business.
  • Ways to quickly increase your business income if you can put some money into it.
  • Get even more business directional insights on ways to earn income through a series of "revenue opportunity drilldown" lectures.
Basic knowledge
  • A basic knowledge of using the Internet and Using Social Media sites is useful.
  • Exposure to YouTube as a content viewer is useful.
  • Having a room or space at home that can be used to run a home business from would be useful.
What you will learn
  • Reasonably estimate how much they earn year one just by starting a business.
  • Learn how to start an income generating business with no startup capital.
  • Learn how to start an income generating business with some capital available.
  • Gain more detailed knowledge on possible business directions to take that will earn revenue.
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 01:18:40
Where Do I Start? What Business Direction Should I Take?
  • Introduction to the Course  

    This video provides an introduction to the course and an overview as to what you will be learning. Feel free to contact me any time if you have questions. Enjoy the course! 

  • You Have Already Made Money Just By Starting a Home Business  

    Here's a great way of introducing this course to you about starting an online business and increasing your annual income by doing so. Watch this video to realize that just by starting a business in your home will probably earn you a $1,000 or possibly much more more net income to you just for starting. Use this extra "Found Money" wisely to expand your business - yo have earned this without even selling your first product - so don't miss the tip I give you in this video lecture!

  • Starting Your New Business - Guidance and Tips  

    Do you have doubts about starting a new business? This video lecture discusses some of the common reasons people fear to jump into self-employment and then provides some guidance and tips that will help to minimize the risks of a startup and make your chances of eventual business survival and success higher.

  • Finding Your Business Niche and Chasing SEO  

    This lecture poses the strategy of using keyword research and trends to define what your business will be as opposed to doing keyword research to improve the SEO of the business you have already or are planning to create. There are a number of entrepreneurs that take this approach for building their online businesses and they have been enormously successful. I drill down in this lecture to discuss what keyword searching is really about, how to do it, and what tools and websites there are out there that can help you to do a good job at this kind of research - both free and paid services/tools.

  • Making Money Online With Zero Budget  

    This lecture provides the viewer with some insights on how to get started making an online income with very limited to no budget available.

  • Making Money Online With Some Budget Available  

    You have some budget capital available to you for your new business. What are some good ideas for the use of this capital in your business? This video lecture provides a few ideas...

Additional Online Money Making Ideas and Methods
  • Making Money at Blogging  

    This video lecture discusses how top bloggers make significant incomes online. Learn the strategies that they employ to successfully earn revenue online.

  • The Art and Benefits of Vlogging  

    Some of the most successful content creators on YouTube are Vloggers yet the world is not even familiar with this term as yet. View this video and become more familiar with the world of vlogging and the potential for significant incomes that can be made through creating content in this medium.

  • Affiliate Marketing - A Good Idea  

    A common way to earn additional revenues used by most successful online business people is the incorporation of affiliate marketing links and banners on their websites and blog sites. Watch this video to learn more about how this is done and why it can be a good online revenue source for your at-home business.

  • YouTube - Where Do You Make The Money  

    YouTube in and of itself does not earn you any money - they do not send you any payments at all as you put content on their platform. However, indirectly, you can make a lot of money online because of this content. This lecture discusses where and how YouTube videos can actually lead you to receive significant online incomes.

  • Freelancer - A Bulletin Board for Web and Content Creation Projects  

    A site worth looking at if you are looking for help in your business or if you want to find project work to earn some revenue from home is called Millions of people visit this site on a regular basis. This site puts together people providing services and people buying services. Freelancer can net you projects in the hundreds to thousands of dollars range. So if you are looking to spend amounts of time on 3rd party projects for more pay, this is one place you would want to go.

    By the way, this site can also help you find resources for projects you need to complete in your business that you either don’t have the skills or the time to complete yourself. So keep Freelancer in mind from both directions as you start to grow your business.

  • Setting Up a Facebook Business Page - Marketing Your Business on Facebook  

    This video shows you step by step how to setup a Facebook business page. It includes a number of strategic Facebook setup tips that will help you get this project completed to your best possible business advantage.

  • Good Online Income Earning Affiliate and Services Sites  

    This is an affiliate marketing tutorial that helps you start a home business that includes the use of affiliate programs. The lecture contains a number of websites that Affiliate Marketers and those new to Internet Marketing should be aware of as they can earn you money for services provided right out of the gate - such as doing product testing, listening to music, watching commercials and doing product reviews - in addition to earning affiliate revenues from people you refer to these sites. So be sure to check this video out - there is some money out there that you can grab for just a little effort. Experienced bloggers: Be sure to look at the last two websites in this video - if you have a blog and have traffic, working through these sites can earn you some great additional incomes.

  • The Reality of Organic Online Marketing Today  

    We all sell. You do it, I do it, we all do it. In today's world we are inundated with people and companies selling to us on a daily basis. So as a marketer, how do you cut through the sheer volume of marketing content that people receive to actually build relationships and ultimately sales? Watch this video for some insights into this common issue today.

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