Course: The Greatest Success Idea in Life & Business Is From = Bible

The Greatest Success Idea in Life & Business Is From = Bible

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About this Course

This is a challenging course and spoken essay that combines powerful insights on how to build your life and business as an Entrepreneur, from a Saint who was also an Entrepreneur. You will be surprised, and I believe amazed, at some of the spiritual as well as business success wisdom that we will find in a letter written by the Christian tradition Saint, Saint Paul.

I will challenge you no matter what your faith or belief to consider this wisdom, however no one is trying to convert you or change you in any way. If you are a follower of the faith you will find that much of your tradition will be reinforced with some powerful insights that will help you to better integrate your faith and your business practices and principles.

In this one hour of thoughtful challenges you will discover the keys to success that you can use and teach to others. In fact many of the students that you teach will be awed by your wisdom, insight, and truth.

Join me, an let's learn together,


Who this course is for:

  • People who are curious, seek out of box wisdom, and are serious about ethical, moral, spiritual and material entrepreneurilal success will find this helpful,. indeed powerful
  • if you are hostile and cynical about any exploration of spiritual and moral wisdom you might as well not take the course
  • They will have to be wise enough to know that they don't already know everything
Basic knowledge
  • You will have to be a grown up and ready to accept new challenges and ideas. Bring an open heart and mind
What you will learn
  • Know some great spiritual and business truths and practices that will help you to be a world-class entrepreneur.
  • You will be challenged to change your life and business practices and become one of the successful 3% of the population who know who they are and what they want.
  • You will know what a 3% person is and how to begin to become one.
  • You will be a wisdom entrepreneur that can teach others.
  • You can change your life if you want to
Number of Lectures: 8
Total Duration: 00:45:01
Welcome to St. Entrepreneur, and this is what we will be dealing with!
  • Watch the invitation once again  

    Here is the promo invitation and please make sure you pay attention to my story. That is what got me to explore the deep questions of what does it take to discover and design a life of true success. What is your story?

  • Introduction to why you should listen to a Saint to be an Entrepreneur  
Now here is the story of what you can learn from St. Entrepreneur
  • Give thanks with a grateful heart  

    One of the things you discover is the wonderful line used by The Saint where he says, "I give thanks every time I think and remember you." Think of the power in the line, and in that line of action. it's awesome.

  • Bob Dylan said, "You've got to serve somebody." - Do you believe that?  

    The second lesson is one that most people in life and business never get right. They think of their goals, their business, and their products and services; and they forget to find out who they are truly called to serve as people and as clients and customers. Here is the answer to that mess.

  • This one thing I do and the the power of the number 3  

    This is the fundamental and very important lesson. Listen to what it means to be one of the 3%. Remember to forget what is behind, and that you cannot improve the past. Learn about the three vital "marks" you have to make in your life and business.

  • It's time for an Intermission and to review what we have learned  

    Take a break to review and remind yourself of what is important, and possibly to go back and review the past lessons, and what they can mean to your life and business.

  • Fill your mind with good things  

    In lesson four I share with you one of the most powerful life changing lessons in the world ...What you think about and meditate on changes your mind, your spirit, your beliefs, your behavior, and indeed, your life.

The Epilogue
  • Here are some final thoughts, a challenge, and some ideas to change your life  
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