Course: Think as a Leader at your WorkPlace

Think as a Leader at your WorkPlace

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About this Course

Although in many ways a business is a business, there are fundamental differences between startups and established companies. Entrepreneurs are not different than other business people, they just have learned to think differently. This course will explore the various elements of entrepreneurial thinking. It is designed for first time entrepreneurs, companies that want to increase their innovative ideas, and employees who want to stand out by becoming thought leaders within their companies.

Basic knowledge
  • An open mindset to learn new skills and develop your knowledge to become a successful Entrepreneur
What you will learn
  • Enhance your knowledge to Improvise your business
  • Effectively use the knowledge in Leadership skills
  • Improve your Innovative thinking
  • And think outside the box
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 01:23:51
Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Workplace
  • Introduction  
  • A Different View of Change  
  • Innovation: Entrepreneurial Strategy  
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking - A Different View of Risk  
  • The Purpose of a Business  
  • Building an Entrepreneurial Culture  
  • Ethics in Entrepreneurial Firms  
  • Entrepreneur's View of Debt and Equity Financing  
  • Budget vs Forecasts  
  • The Entrepreneur as CEO  
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership  
  • Conclusion  
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