Learn How to Create Amazing Excel Dashboards with Pivot Table and Formulas

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Excel Dynamic Dashboard is mostly one pager, that helps management tracking important metrics and take a decision based on it. Data can be presented in forms of Charts that are supported by data from same or other file.

Basic knowledge
  • Participants should have basic knowledge of Excel

What will you learn

In this course I will teach you from Basic to Advanced Level, till creation of Scroll bar, Radio button & List box to create Interactive Dashboard.

You will also learn Formulas (CountIF, SumIF, CountIFs & SumIFs) which is used to create summary reports and is used to create the dashboard with multiple criteria.

I have divided this course in 4 Parts.

Part 1 Charts

  • Dynamic Dashboard Course Introduction
  • Column Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Creating Combination
  • Creating Secondary Axis Chart
  • Creating Thermometer Chart
  • Creating Dynamic Chart

Part 2 Pivot Table

  • Understanding Pivot & Getting Sum, Count & %
  • Refreshing Pivot Table
  • Creating Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Reports
  • Using Interactive Slicer and Timeline
  • Comparing Data of different years with Pivot
  • Creating Dynamic Dashboard with Pivot Table

Part 3 Formulas

  • CountIF in Same Sheet
  • CountIFs in Same Sheet
  • SUMIF Formula in Same Sheet
  • SUMIFs Formula in Same Sheet
  • CountIF and SumIF from other Sheet
  • IF Condition Formula
  • Advanced IF Condition
  • Concatenate Formula
  • Vlookup
  • Adding Dollar Sign in Vlookup
  • Vlookup with IFError
  • Vlookup with Match

Part 4 Interactive Controls for Dashboard

  • Using Dropdown to creating simple Interactive Chart
  • Project 2  Another Example of Dropdown
  • Creating Radio Button & understanding its concept
  • Creating Combo box
  • Creating List box
  • Scroll Bar Horizontal Example 1
  • Scroll Bar Horizontal Example 2
  • Scroll Bar Horizontal Example 3
  • 5 Years Comparison Chart
  • Creating CheckBox

Happy Learning !

Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 39 Total Duration: 05:00:56
Hector R Rivera – June 11, 2019

It contains all the basics to start good dashboards. Need to improve on the audio recording and some of the videos were out of order. I recommend it for beginners.