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Excel 2010 Productivity

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About this Course

Here is the current situation I see in the job market:

  • You must know how to operate basic office software in order to find and hold a job
  • Finding a class is difficult, expensive, and usually doesn't fit your schedule
  • Employers want at least a proficient understanding of Excel and Outlook

This course will give you the proficiency training needed for job qualifications and confidence. The videos and matching handouts will guide you along the way as you learn Excel 2010 in a build-upon-foundations format.

There are 10 videos per session, currently 4 sessions.The course is structured so that you can choose which section is most important for your situation. I recommend you start at 1 and continue through sequentially. But, depending on your current job, you may need to jump right into Charting - Course 2. (Come back to 1, though, get your solid foundation in place.)

Who this course is for:

  • This course assumes no previous knowledge of Excel 2010, and is also helpful for anyone who is "self-taught" but still struggling with spreadsheets
Basic knowledge
  • Students will need access to a computer to watch the videos, and a printer to print the handouts. Excel 2010 2013 2016 or 2019 will work for the lessons. This course does not apply to Excel 2003.
What you will learn
  • The goal of this course is to make the student a confident and proficient user of Excel. You will learn the basic foundations and how to take control of spreadsheets rather than feel "at the mercy" of them.
Number of Lectures: 51
Total Duration: 05:45:08
First 3 Videos Free
  • Screen Layout  

    Become familiar with the Excel screen layout as a vital first step to understanding Excel. There are alot of tools at your fingertips.

  • Name Box  

    The Name Box is a true "Productivity" tool. Learn this feature early and you will have faster success with spreadsheets.

  • Data Entry, Cursors, Smart Tag  

    Screen Layout was a lesson in the constant on-screen tools. This lesson is about the tools that appear "only when needed" and you need to know about them.

  • Resource Download  
Excel 2010 Must-Know Features
  • Computer Super Secrets  

    The basis of all software programs are these 4 Computer Super Secrets. Learn them, use them, become a better computer user.

  • Cut Copy Paste... productively  

    Cut, Copy, Paste is the essence of using any software program. This lesson teaches the long and short way of getting the job done.

  • Power of the Ctrl Key  

    The Ctrl Key, with other keyboard strokes, gives the zip-zam-zoom effect to moving through a spreadsheet.

  • Quick Access Bar, Customize  

    The Quick Access Bar is a re-make of the old and beloved "Standard Toolbar". Learn how to rebuild it to bring your favorite tools back.

  • File Ribbon - Recent  

    Getting "to" your files quickly is just as productive as using them afterwards. Learn great tips about "File" in this lesson.

  • File Ribbon - Info, New, Print, Save  

    Learn the features on the File Ribbon to effectively Find, Recover, Save, and Print your files.

  • File - Options  

    Super Secret #4 to computers is "File, Options". In this lesson you will learn how to customize some Excel features.

  • Status Bar, Customize  

    The Status Bar sits at the bottom of the screen usually unnoticed. But not so fast... this is another useful tool on the screen.

  • Manage Columns and Rows  

    Moving a Column or Row is explained and is surprisingly easy to do.

  • How to Find HELP  

    Believe it or not, there is a technique for finding help in Excel. Learn it in this lesson.

  • Resource Download - Features  
Excel 2010 Charts
  • The Two-Step Chart  

    Yes, a chart in 2 Steps. Amazing trick that makes you feel like a pro.

  • Charts via Insert Ribbon  

    Create a chart using the "Insert" Ribbon.

  • The Chart Design Ribbon  

    With charting come many new tools to learn. This lesson covers the Chart Design Ribbon.

  • Layout Ribbon and Super Secret of Charts  

    This lesson covers the Chart Layout Ribbon and you also learn the "Super Secret" to Charts.

  • Pictures, Shapes, Text Boxes  

    Adding picture elements to your chart keeps your audience's attention.

  • Background Colors and Pictures  

    Add depth and interest to your chart with Background Pictures and Colors.

  • Data Labels and Gridlines  

    Label your chart properly to help your audience figure out what you're showing them.

  • Axes and Trendlines  

    Axes are the side and bottom scales on a chart. Learn how to control them in this lesson.

  • Format and Sparklines  

    This amazing tool is new to Excel 2010. Put a mini-chart in a cell next to your data. I Love it!

  • Pie Charts  

    Pie charts show portions of a whole. You will learn how to make those portions most effective in this lesson.

  • Resource Download - Charts  
Excel 2010 Formatting
  • Borders  

    Effectively Formatting Borders will guide the end user's eyes easily to your results.

  • Mini Bar, Ribbon Groups, Currency  

    Formatting is at your fingertips with the new MiniBar feature. Also learn about Ribbon Groups and Currency format.

  • Banded Rows, Format Painter  

    Banded rows ROCK and are basically alternating colored rows or columns. A little tricky, but worth the effort.

  • Fonts  

    This lesson is beyond just picking a font; it's about adjusting their formats.

  • Allignment Group  

    Centering titles, aligning data in a cell, and getting your numbers to look straight. All of this is a very necessary lesson.

  • Conditional Formatting  

    Sometimes just adding a color automatically makes the whole spreadsheet worthwhile. Learn to format based on a condition in this lesson.

  • Page Layout  

    Adjusting Margins and working with multiple pages can be overwhelming. This lesson covers the tools to do this efficiently.

  • Headers and Footers  

    Headers and Footers allow you to place info or pictures into the Margin area of the paper.

  • Scale to Fit  

    Ever have just one column print on a second page? Learn how to solve that issue with Scale to Fit.

  • Design a Password Form  

    Get a grip on your passwords! (And design a form to keep track of them.)

  • Resource Download - Formatting  
Excel 2010 Formulas
  • Quick Access buttons for Formulas  

    It's time to customize the Quick Access Bar to work with Formulas. This lesson guides you to which buttons you need to add.

  • How to Use the Quick Access buttons for Formulas  

    This lesson shows you how to use the buttons you just added in the last lesson. Cool info.

  • AutoSum & Formulas Super Secret  

    Just watch this video. Skip everything else and watch this video. Amazing formula super secret that I learned far too late. (Better late than never!) 

  • Basic Math Formulas  

    This lesson is why we use Excel... to do math functions! Learn the codes you need to accomplish basic math.

  • Text Formulas  

    There are formulas to change Text. (Believe it.) Don't re-type text ever again. Just learn these formulas.

  • Remove Duplicates  

    One of the most common problems with data is duplicate records. This feature removes duplicates in less than 10 seconds.

  • Split Text  

    Another common problem with data is how to get certain text out of a cell and into another without re-typing it. This video teaches you how.

  • Combine Text  

    The previous video showed how to separate text. This video shows how to put it back together. It's a formula worth tucking in your cap.

  • More Formulas and Tips  

    These extra formulas have become my "old standby's". They are basic and very useful.

  • SumIf Formulas  

    The SumIF formula may be a little beyond basic, but it is a vital tool for ensuring correct calculations no matter how your data sorts above it. 

  • SubTotals  

    I once showed the Sub Total feature to a receptionist, who had just spent 3 hours on a project, how to accomplish the same thing in less than 10 seconds. She promptly took a walk outside to get some air. (Smile)

  • Resource Download - Formulas  
  • Thanks and What to do Next...  

    A final thought about your Excel progress and what to do next...

  • Practice Files  
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