Course: Excel - IF, CountIF, SumIF and AverageIF

Excel - IF, CountIF, SumIF and AverageIF

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About this Course

So, you've mastered the basics but now need to step up a gear! The IF Formula is one of those functions that, since the early versions of Excel, remains useful, practical and almost essential to any Excel user, regardless of what you do on Spreadsheets. Learning about IF Formulas will be ideal for anyone who is (but not limited to):

  • A business professional who needs to upskill
  • Applying for a job which requires 'Excellent use of Excel skills etc
  • A graduate who needs to fill in skill gaps to make their CV stand out more
  • An advanced user but needs refreshing and looking to pick up some new tips and shortcuts

This course will introduce you to what an IF Formula is, where it can be used and how to set one up. You'll also be shown how these can be used in reporting on large datasets to produce summaries. There will be practical examples and real life situations to work through with the exercises attached.

Enjoy learning your new skills and putting them to use!

Who is the target audience?

  • All Excel users from beginner to advanced
Basic knowledge
  • Students are only required to have a basic understanding of formulas
What you will learn
  • Understand IF Statements and when to use them
  • Creating an IF Statement to analyse data
  • Using CountIF, SumIF and AverageIF to summarise and report on your data
Number of Lectures: 5
Total Duration: 00:48:14
Analyzing Data using IF Formulas
  • Introduction to IF Statements  
  • Creating IF Statements to Analyse Data  
Summarising Data with CountIF, SumIF and AverageIF
  • Summarising data with CountIF  
  • Using SumIF to Add up values based on criteria  
  • AverageIF to calculate averages against a criteria  
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