Course: Excel VBA Connectivity with Outlook application SERIES 8

Excel VBA Connectivity with Outlook application SERIES 8

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About this Course
  • We are learning how to connect Outlook with Excel VBA
  • Early binding approach and Late Binding Approaches. Advantage/Disadvantages
  • Sending auto emails, Customizing the email subject lines, body , signatures , to , cc, bcc ,attachments
  • Copying or moving folders in outlook
  • Copying or moving emails from one folder to another
  • How to extract the files from outlook emails and save them on your machine.
  • How to work with default folders, own created folders/sub-folders
  • how to use file dialog in emails giving choice to select whichever folder user want to choose.
  • how to send data as a snapshot in outlook body
  • There are so many things - anything which you think is a part of outlook application and you would like to automate it - can be done.
  • Multiple projects for you coming from students directly
  • For eg. how to set up meeting calendars
  • How to reply to clients with some unique request number
  • How to extract the mobile number and other information from body of outlook and export it all in excel cells
Basic knowledge
  • Good command over Excel VBA Basics (Any version of excel) is a must since this is the connectivity chapter
What you will learn
  • You will be able to fully automate Outlook tasks using excel vba and also will get the knowledge how we connect the external applications using excel vba
  • Also, through this outlook connection we are going to learn early and late binding methods which are going to be used in connecting other applications as well the same way
  • There are multiple real projects discussed in this series for you. Questions came from students are answered here. Certainly, a series which will save your lot of time and efforts when it comes to doing automation in outlook
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 08:26:09
Connecting with Outlook
  • Lecture1  

    This is a long and first chapter where we will learn how we connect outlook application with excel using its vba. This video you must watch slowly . Please do not fast forward. We are discussing about Outlook classes and how we connect external applications.

    What is early binding and late binding methods. This is must watch video before you go and see next videos.All the best.

    I am here to support you so any questions please ask on this forum or email me at

  • Lecture2  
    • How to Import Emails information in Excel
    • How to Send emails to different users with different files.

  • Lecture3  
    • How to make folders in outlook. 
    • How to copy or move existing folders in outlook using vba.
    • Move emails one by one in any of outlook folder using active-explorer method.

  • lecture4  

    Sharing one of my students question in this video to help you in knowing more and more about outlook connectivity. We are learning how to set up the date ranges and pick emails having specific subject lines.So, we can also move emails from one folder to another folder or sub-folder within a specific date received and also having specific subject-line. Must watch video for wanna be developers.

    Hope, you will like this video.

  • lecture5  
    • How to send different attachments with different subject-lines to different recipients in one project.
    • Making this entire project in excel so ease our work.

  • lecture6  
    • How to track replies of emails and move them in a new folder.

  • lecture7  
  • lecture8  

    How about sending multiple snapshots in single email. Come and watch this video . Watch the video without fast forwarding if you want to understand the logic's and want to be fundamentally strong.

  • Lecture9  

    Handle multiple accounts in Outlook

  • Lecture10 - 3 topics in one lecture  
  • lecture11 - 5 projects  

    I am adding five projects for you in one long video so watch all of them one by one when you have enough time. Students asked me questions as they wanted outlook automation so these are very powerful projects. Files used for these projects are already uploaded in lecture 1 in zip format. Please download all files and practice. Should you have any query please email me at

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