Course: Excel VBA Introduction Series 1

Excel VBA Introduction Series 1

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About this Course

In this introduction Series we are learning:

  • What is an Excel VBA and how it is programmed in excel.
  • Why we use VBA - Its advantages over manual excel work.
  • What is a VBA Editor- where we write programming language or VBA codes. its important features - full discussion with examples
  • What is a macro editor recording tool.
  • How to start, stop and edit the macros- their full use and other important features useful for beginners
  • What are the limitations of macro recordings.
  • What are the benefits of macro recordings for beginners and how it can be useful in learning the syntaxes fast.
  • Do we need to remember VBA codes, If yes how and if no, then what is the correct way of learning and understanding the coding.
  • Are VBA and macro recording same OR different?
  • Why we need to learn VBA - What is the advantage of VBA over advance Excel. Who can control excel better? 
  • A simple but yet very powerful project to help you in understanding the use of Macro editor and to showcase the power of VBA.
  • Data compile project completion with just a few basic VBA commands. A simple and logical approach discussion. Discussing good approach and bad approach methodologies adapt by beginners in beginning days.
  • Basic range and sheet, data selection syntaxes. Why and how to use the correct and most appropriate syntaxes.
  • What are variables - their definition, use and data types
  • Public, module, local and Global level variables
  • Use of Call keyword with Option Explicit
  • Name the macros and modules - rules to follow
  • What is a personal macro workbook in VBA - its use and advantage over normal this workbook macros
  • How to edit the recorded macros and use in your own projects
  • Discussion on some basic mistakes done by Students initially - Student doubts answered
  • Two assignments for students to monitor the performance.
Basic knowledge
  • Should be well versed with Excel Front end.
  • Should have Ms excel installed on computer 2007 or onward versions - any
What you will learn
  • You will understand the meaning of Excel VBA- programming language used in excel to do the full automation in excel tasks.
  • You will get to know VBA automation scope and advantage of learning it.
  • Basic simple syntax's plus recording of macros.
  • Use of Variables and its data types
  • Questions you may expect in your interview and how to answer them
Number of Lectures: 10
Total Duration: 06:03:50
Introduction to VBA
  • A quick demo. What are you going to Learn?  

    Let us see what is stored in for you in this section 1 - Introduction to VBA.

  • Chapter1  

    This lecture will teach you about the macro editors and vba environment. We will see how to record the macro. what are the methods to run the macro and how to edit the macros and make them brilliant ones 

  • Chapter2  

    Welcome to series2 video of chapter1. In this video we are going to learn how we can select cells, sheets using vba. How to select the data using the perfect methods in vba. Entire chapter revolves around the selection of cell, worksheets and ranges. 

  • Chapter3  

    In chapter-3 of introduction chapter here we are working on a project which not only helps you to implement the VBA coding but also show you the power of macro editors which people often take it lightly .With little bit of basic VBA you can edit your macros and make them so powerful. We are learning here how to copy the data from multiple spreadsheets and paste them in different excel workbook. Though this is an introduction chapter but it will give you so much knowledge and provides the insight on the power of upcoming sessions.

  • Chapter4  

    Student asked me a doubt he faced while practicing and i found it very genuine and also a good source of knowledge which i am sharing it with you. This video does not need any code support or excel file. Just go through the lecture and get your knowledge brighten today.

  • Chapter5  

    We learn in this lecture what is a personal macro-workbook and how it differs from normal macros which we record . A very good learning for new students and this completes your first step as well towards the biggest start of your career in automation field.

Introduction to Variables
  • Chapter 1  

    We will be taking a deep dive into the scope and type of variables used in VBA with different different examples. This will lay the foundation for the upcoming chapters in VBA so this is a must go through chapter. Knowing option explicit , types of data types - string,integer,single,double etc, public variables,global variables - we have everything covered in this chapter.

  • Chapter 2  

    This video is in continuation to the previous video on variables. We are exploring more data types here and understanding theirs purpose from interview perspectives, from real mis environment perspective as well.

  • Chapter 3  

    So, this chapter completes our variable discussion. we are learning the use of option explicit, types of variables and their benefits, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Chapter 4  

    Before we jump on to new series we are doing quick revision on so far covered topics . This will boost our confidence too.

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