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Excel VBA Training

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About this Course

At Excel Exposure, I understand just how little time you have and I am so glad you decided to stop by! My hope is to provide you with all the information you need to succeed in your job, personal business, or college career. Whether you’re looking to save time, reduce errors, or just feel confident in your technical skills, I’m here to help! I look forward to seeing your skills far surpass your wildest expectations!

Basic knowledge
  • Knowledge About Excel
What you will learn
  • succeed in your job, personal business, or college career
Number of Lectures: 27
Total Duration: 05:36:29
  • Beginner’s Introduction to Excel  
  • Basic Formatting Techniques  
  • Conditional Formatting  
  • Naming Ranges and Cells  
  • Auto-Filter and Advanced Data Filtering  
  • Introduction to Pivot Tables  
  • Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 1  
  • Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 2  
  • Creating and Designing Charts (including Sparklines)  
  • Data Validation with In-Cell Drop-Down List  
  • Formula Auditing & Formula Evaluation  
  • Cell Referencing – Absolute vs. Relative  
  • Five Powerful Excel Tips  
  • Error Checking and Data Monitoring  
  • Excel 2013: Data Model Tutorial  
Function & Formula
  • Math & Statistical Functions (e.g. SUM, AVERAGE)  
  • Lookup & Reference Functions (e.g. VLOOKUP, MATCH)  
  • Advanced VLOOKUP Examples  
  • Date & Time Functions (e.g. TODAY, MONTH)  
  • Text Functions (e.g. LEN, CONCATENATE)  
  • Logical Functions (e.g. IF, AND)  
  • Information Functions (e.g. CELL, ISNUMBER)  
  • Advanced INDEX & MATCH Lookup Examples  
Macros / VBA
  • Introduction to Macros & VBA programming  
  • VBA Macro Walkthrough #1: Purchase Order Generator  
  • Purchase Order Generator - Homework Solution Part 1  
  • VBA Macro Walkthrough #2: Message Encoder & Decoder  
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