Course: Company Budgeting- By Chris Moore

Company Budgeting- By Chris Moore

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About this Course

This course will cover the two main areas of finance & accounting :

  • Best practice when preparing statements
  • Company Budgeting

Take this course and surprise your colleagues with your financial knowledge.

Senior management value colleagues that understand what makes their company tick, these are the people that get fast tracked up the promotion ladder.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course assumes that you either work in a business, or have entrepreneurial ambitions to control your own business
  • People wanting a career in a Finance department
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-accounting executive who needs to understand more about the Company’s finances
Basic knowledge
  • No previous knowledge is required, other than basic business knowledge
What you will learn
  • Entrepreneurs who want to quickly learn the language of business
  • Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents that want to be taken seriously by their colleagues and bosses
  • Anybody who is planning a start-up business
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 00:35:12
Company Budgeting
  • Sales Forecasting and Budgeting  
  • Budgeting Overview  
  • Budgeting Gross Profit  
  • Comparing Budgets with Actual Results  
  • Avoiding Rounding errors  
  • Cash Forecasting  
  • Budgeting and Macro Economics  

    This is an introduction to the bigger country wide things that affect your budgeting process

  • Show two different variables on the same chart  
  • Jump around an Excel worksheet  
  • Eliminate Error Messages  
  • How to present a Moving Chart in PowerPoint  
  • Why Absolute Referencing is important to save time  
  • Excel and Calculator Logic is Different  
  • protection of cells in excel  
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