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Cryptocurrency | Wallets, Investing & Trading Masterclass

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About this Course

Are you ready to learn the best strategies & tips for investing, trading and securely storing your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Learn the strategies you need to build your cryptocurrency portfolio the right way!

Welcome To The 'Cryptocurrency | Wallets, Investing & Trading Masterclass!'

***3 Courses For The Price Of 1!***

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide | Setup & Add Cryptocurrency To Hardware Wallets, Mobile Wallets & More!
  • Strategies for Investing In Cryptocurrency | Diversification, Contrarian Investing & More!
  • Cryptocurrency Trading | How To Use Candlestick Charts, Indicators & Overlays, & More!

This is your step-by-step guide for navigating the cryptocurrency world! You will learn everything you need to get started with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We cover tons of strategies & tips for investing in or trading cryptocurrency so you can build your portfolio the right way. 

Let's take a look at what you will get when you enroll!

Storing Your Cryptocurrency | Wallet Setup Tutorials

Are you frustrated with trying to setup your Bitcoin wallet? You're in luck!

Follow me step-by-step through the entire process of setting up and adding cryptocurrency to various wallet types, such as a hardware or mobile wallet. The wallet type you decide to use will depend on the investing or trading strategy you develop. Securely store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency by selecting the right wallet!

Wallets We Will Cover:

  • Hardware Wallets
  • Desktop Wallets
  • Mobile Wallets
  • and More!

Investing In Cryptocurrency | Strategies & Tips

Want to learn how to add cryptocurrency to your portfolio at the best prices possible? Let's learn some new investing strategies! 

Learn cryptocurrency investing strategies & tips that you can implement to accumulate and invest in cryptocurrency for the long term. You will also learn how to invest in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and some of the terminology used by cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Investing Strategies We Will Cover:

  • Averaging In
  • Contrarian Investing 
  • Diversification
  • and More!

Cryptocurrency Trading | Strategies & Tips

Are you ready to learn how to use technical analysis and candlestick charts to trade cryptocurrency? Learn to buy low & sell high with technical trading!

Learn basic technical analysis and how to read candlestick charts! We will then go over multiple trading strategies using candlestick charts, and how to add various indicators & overlays for technical trading!

Trading Strategies We Will Cover:

  • Basic Technical Analysis Overview
  • Top Trading Mistakes & Fails
  • Understanding Candlestick Charts
  • How To Use Indicators & Overlays
  • Trading Strategies For Cryptocurrency
  • and More!

Enroll today and learn the strategies you need to build your cryptocurrency portfolio the right way!

I've been trading stocks and cryptocurrency since 2013. I’m not a financial advisor, but I can show you the investing & trading methods that I personally use that have worked for me over the years.

So take a second to check out the course curriculum & free preview videos, and I'll see you inside the course!

Jason G

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners looking to learn about cryptocurrency & make their first purchase
  • Experienced investors looking to learn strategies to add cryptocurrency at the best prices
  • Anyone looking to learn the basics of technical analysis & trading strategies
  • Cryptocurrency holders looking to setup & add Bitcoin to various wallets
Basic knowledge
  • Must have an interest in learning about Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency
  • Must have a computer or smartphone and an internet connection
What you will learn
  • How to purchase cryptocurrency from a Bitcoin ATM or online exchange
  • Setup and add cryptocurrency to various wallet types
  • Implement various cryptocurrency investing strategies & tips
  • Basic cryptocurrency investor terminology
  • Use technical analysis & candlestick charts for trading cryptocurrency
  • Earn free cryptocurrency by blogging with Steemit
Number of Lectures: 47
Total Duration: 03:44:53
Welcome To The Course!
  • Cryptocurrency | Welcome to the Course  
    • Welcome to the Cryptocurrency Purchasing, Trading and Investing training course!
    • In this course, we will go over how to purchase and properly store your cryptocurrency such as bitcoin using various wallet types, Investing strategies and tips, and trading strategies for you to implement using technical analysis.
  • Course Agenda | What We Will Cover  

    Course Agenda:

    • Cryptocurrency Overview
    • How to Purchase Cryptocurrency
    • Wallet Types & Storage Tips
    • How To Use Cryptocurrency
    • Investing Strategies & Tips
    • Trading Strategies & Tips

Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Introduction | Why Cryptocurrency?  
    • With the introduction of cryptocurrency, all people around the world need now is a cell phone and an internet connection, and they can have their own bank in their pocket
    • This opens up the possibility for anyone without current access to the world marketplace, to enter into and participate in the global economy
    • Cryptocurrency allows anyone to make online purchases, send money to anyone without 3rd party involvement, and open up opportunities that many people previously never had
  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Essentials  
    • In this video, we will go over some of the basic essentials of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
    • The technology behind all cryptocurrencies is a system called the blockchain
    • Blockchain technology is a revolutionary invention that will change the way we make transactions
    • The blockchain is the online ledger for cryptocurrency, which keeps track of all coins created and transactions made using a network of computers
    • Cryptocurrency is basically digital money or digital gold for the internet connected to the blockchain payment network

  • Cryptocurrency | Key Events from 2017  
    • Last year turned out to be an eventful year for the cryptocurrency world
    • In this lecture, I wanted to take a look at some of the key events from 2017
    • The cryptocurrency market saw massive growth, but had a volatile ride along the way
    • Bitcoin began the year around $900, but ended up reaching a high of around $20k in December of 2017
  • Cryptocurrency | Top 10 Coins Market Cap Overview  
    • Thousands of cryptocurrencies currently exist
    • It’s highly important to stay on top of the cryptocurrency market to know which coins are worth grabbing
    • Some coins will do very well, but many will likely go to zero
    • As more cryptocurrencies enter the market, the top cryptocurrencies by market cap will constantly change
    • Some will climb to the top 10, and some will fall out of the top 10
  • The Future Of Blockchain Technology & Crypocurrency  
    • In this video, we discuss the future of blockchain technology and why it’s the most innovative invention since the introduction of the internet
    • The invention of the blockchain will completely change all industries worldwide
    • Blockchain technology allows for the introduction of cryptocurrency which revolutionized how people exchange, move and store their wealth
Purchase Cryptocurrency | How To Purchase Any Cryptocurrency
  • Purchase Cryptocurrency | Section Overview  
    • Before you can use, trade or pay for items & services with cryptocurrency, you must first make an initial cryptocurrency purchase
    • To purchase cryptocurrency, you should only use one of the top rated cryptocurrency exchanges available online
    • There are many cryptocurrency exchanges available for you to use today, and we will discuss a few of my favorites in this section
  • Create Your Coinbase Account | Cryptocurrency Exchange  

    Coinbase Link Available In Course Resources

    • So now it’s time to create and setup your Coinbase account, so you can make your first cryptocurrency purchase
    • Coinbase is currently my favorite place to initially purchase cryptocurrency, and probably the best place for beginners
    • Coinbase is the largest US cryptocurrency exchange, with a user base of over 12 million
    • Over the past year, Coinbase has seen massive growth due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency
  • Make Your First Cryptocurrency Purchase | Coinbase Tools & Features  
    • So now that you have signed up for your Coinbase account, let’s go over some of the site features and make your first cryptocurrency purchase
    • Coinbase offers a lot of great tools for users to use to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio
    • The website is user friendly with a great interface for site navigation
    • Some of the features on Coinbase includes real-time prices and charts, price alerts, recurring purchasing and tons more!
  • Coinbase Mobile App | Download & Review  
    • In this lecture, we will go over how to download the coinbase mobile app, review the app features, and how to purchase cryptocurrency using the mobile app
    • The mobile app offers many of the same features as the main website, but with the convenience of being able to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio on your smartphone
  • How To Purchase Alt-coins | Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges Overview  
    • So now let’s discuss other platforms and purchasing cryptocurrency & altcoins that are not available on Coinbase
    • Coinbase is definitely my favorite place to get started with an initial cryptocurrency purchase, but there are many other online exchanges to choose from as well
    • You have to be extremely careful which sites you use to purchase, and especially hold your cryptocurrency
  • Bitfinex | Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Overview  

    The next cryptocurrency exchange we are going to take a look at is Bitfinex

    Bitfinex claims to be the world’s largest & most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, with over 10% of the exchanges’ trading

    Let’s head over to and take a look at the platform 

  • Bittrex | Cryptcurrency Exchange Platform Overview  
    • In this video, I want to take a look at the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange
    • Bittrex is a popular trading exchange based out of and fully regulated in the US
    • They execute trades fast and securely, and have pretty good wallets to hold cryptocurrency while trading
  • Kraken | Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Overview  
    • Now let’s take a look at a US based cryptocurrency exchange called Kraken
    • Kraken is said to be the largest Bitcoin exchange in terms of Euro volume and liquidity
    • The Kraken exchange currently operates in THe US, Canada, the EU and Japan
    • Let’s head over to and check out the exchange
  • Binance | Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Overview  
    • Now let’s take a look at one of the newer cryptocurrency exchanges to enter the scene called Binance
    • Binance was just launched in mid 2017, and is already one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world
    • Binance doesn’t allow you to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat currency, but you can easily deposit Bitcoin and then exchange it for other cryptocurrencies
    • They have low transaction fees, and over 100 cryptocurrency coins for you to choose from
  • Bitcoin ATM | How to Purchase Bitcoin From A Bitcoin ATM  
    • In this video, we discuss how to purchase Bitcoin from a local Bitcoin ATM. 
    • We will go over how to find a local Bitcoin ATM near you and purchase Bitcoin from a local bitcoin atm machine. 
    • You will follow me as I walk you step by step through the entire bitcoin buy process, and make an actual purchase from a Bitcoin ATM in my local area.
  • Make A Purchase Using Bitcoin | How to Use Cryptocurrency  
    • Purchasing items with cryptocurrency is just as easy, if not easier than checking out with a credit card
    • When paying online with a credit card, you typically have to enter the full credit card number each time you make a purchase
    • Some sites such as allow you to pay with cryptocurrency by simply logging into you Coinbase account during checkout
    • This is similar to making payments using a service such as Paypal
Cryptocurrency Wallets & Storage | How To Setup & Add Cryptocurrency To Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets | Section Overview  
    • In this section, we will discuss various wallet types for you to use in order to hold or store your cryptocurrency
    • The wallet type you use will depend on the strategy you have for managing your cryptocurrency
    • Whether you are investing, day trading, swing trading or speculating, there are various wallet types available to meet your needs
  • Online Wallets | Best For Purchasing & Trading Cryptocurrency  
    • So you should already be pretty familiar with online wallets by now, so we will keep this video short and sweet
    • Your coinbase wallet that we set up in the previous section is an example of an online wallet
    • Online exchanges such as coinbase or kraken are great hot wallets for purchasing and trading cryptocurrency, but should never be used for holding large amount of cryptocurrency or long term storage
  • Hardware Wallets | Long Term Storage & Large Amounts of Cryptocurrency  
    • In my opinion, a hardware wallet is one of the best methods of storing cryptocurrency for long periods of time
    • For long term storage, one of the safest methods to store your cryptocurrency would be a hardware wallet
    • A hardware wallet is like a vault for cryptocurrency
    • It stores your cryptocurrency offline, requires a PIN code, and can only be accessed using private keys or seed code that you personally setup
  • Desktop Wallets | Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio on Your Desktop  
    • These software wallets are another great way to securely store your cryptocurrency
    • Some desktop wallets offer cold storage features, and even have the ability to integrate with hardware wallets, such as the Trezor
    • A desktop wallet is a great wallet to use to make online purchases using your cryptocurrency
  • Mobile Wallets | Simple & Easy Way To Store Cryptocurrency  
    • Mobile wallets are similar to desktop wallets, but allow you to manage your portfolio on your smartphone
    • An example of a mobile wallet would be the Coinbase Mobile app we downloaded in the previous section
    • But if you wish to set up a different mobile wallet, there are many others available to hold each type of cryptocurrency
    • Mobile wallets are great for beginners because they are easy to use, and can be setup in minutes
  • Paper Wallets | Free Option To Securely Store Cryptocurrency  
    • So now let’s discuss Paper wallets, which is another popular way to store your cryptocurrency offline
    • If you do not wish to spend the money for a hardware wallet, you can securely store your coins for free with a paper wallet
    • To use a paper wallet, simply generate a wallet from a trusted site, and be sure to record your private keys to access your cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency Investing | Investing Strategies & Tips For Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies | Section Overview  
    • In this video, we will discuss various strategies and tips for investing in cryptocurrency for the long term
    • I’ve been involved in cryptocurrency and stocks since around 2011, so I’ve had plenty of time to test different strategies to see what works, and also what doesn’t work
    • I’m not a financial advisor, but I can tell you the investing strategies that have worked for me over the years
  • Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) | Averaging Into Positions  
    • In this lecture, we will go over how to average into a cryptocurrency position
    • Averaging into your position over time is a good way to avoid purchasing your entire holdings at a top
    • The best method to average into any position is to make small purchases on a regular and consistent basis
  • Contrarian Investing | Using The RSI To Buy 'The Dips'  
    • In this lecture, we will look at the contrarian investing strategy of Buying ‘The Dip’
    • Buying ‘The Dip’ is when you purchase more cryptocurrency to add to your portfolio during massive falls
    • This method requires you to become a contrarian investor
  • Diversification | Diversify Your Portfolio  
    • In this lecture, we will look at the strategy of diversifying Your Portfolio
    • There are currently thousands of different cryptocurrencies & ICO’s available today
    • Some will to very well, but I suspect most will eventually disappear
  • Support Levels | Finding Support Levels & Setting Price Alerts  
    • In this lecture, we will go over how to find support levels to use in order to add cryptocurrency to your portfolio
    • Support levels are certain price levels that provide support to the price of a cryptocurrency as it falls, and typically the price reverses and continues to climb higher after these support levels are reached
  • Just HODL It! | Strategy Of 'HODLing On For Dear Life'  
    • In this lecture, we will look at the strategy that many serious cryptocurrency investors implement called, HODLing
    • What started out as a misspelled word, turned into a widely used acronym that stands for ‘Hold On For Dear Life’
    • The HODL investing strategy is probably the easiest strategy to use if you are a serious investor
  • Long Term Storage Options | Best Wallets For Cryptocurrency Investing  
    • In this lecture, we will go over the most secure wallets to use when investing in cryptocurrency
    • We already went over the various wallet types in the previous section, so we will keep this video short and to the point
  • Investor Terminology | Slang & Terminology Used By Cryptocurrency Investors  
    • So now let’s go over some terminology frequently used by cryptocurrency investors and traders
    • When getting involved in any market, it’s important to know and be able to speak the language
    • Sometimes assets can organically develop their own terms and slang words that are used by the people involved in the market
    • Cryptocurrency uses many terms that have been historically used for trading stocks, but also some new terms have been invented as well
  • Investing In ICOs | How To Find & Invest In 'Initial Coin Offerings'  

    In this video, we will discuss the difference between cryptocurrency coins, such as Bitcoin or Ripple, and ICO’s, also known as initial coin offerings, and go over how to research and invest in an ICO project.

Cryptocurrency Trading | Technical Analysis, Candlestick Charts & Strategies
  • How To Trade Cryptocurrency | Section Overview  
    • Now let’s discuss technical analysis, and go over different strategies that can be used for trading cryptocurrency
    • Investors typically purchase or add to their cryptocurrency positions with the intention of holding without selling for long periods of time, sometimes years
    • But traders, on the other hand, try to take advantage of the market volatility by using technical analysis to buy and sell at certain price levels
  • Top Mistakes Made By New Traders | Avoid These!  
    • There are many mistakes new and inexperienced traders typically make when starting out
    • In this video, we discuss the Top 4 trading mistakes I believe most beginner's make
  • Technical vs Fundamental Trading | Trading Styles Review  
    • When we talk about trading, most people fall into one of two categories.
    • The two categories are Fundamental, or Technical Traders
    • In this video, we will discuss the difference between fundamental and technical trading
  • Technical Analysis For Cryptocurrency | Introduction to Technical Analysis  
    • There many different options and strategies you can use and experiment with when trading stocks or cryptocurrency
    • Since I am a technical trader, this section is all about technical trading using technical analysis
    • It can seem a little overwhelming at first, but it’s important to take things slow and learn as you go
  • Candlestick Charts | How To Read & Understand Candlestick Charts  
    • In this lecture, we will dive deeper into how to read candlestick charts for technical analysis.
    • We will go over how to read an individual candlesticks, what each candlestick color actually represents, and explain why they have lines, or ‘wicks’ running through them 
  • Indicators & Overlays | Candlestick Chart Technical Analysis  
    • So now that you have a basic understanding of candlesticks and candlestick charts, let’s go over how to add indicators and overlays to use for technical trading
    • Indicators and overlays provide traders with an in depth look into the price action of a stock or cryptocurrency
    • You can use them to make smarter trades, and develop your own trading style that works for you
  • How To Place Trades On Trading Exchanges | Transfer & Trade Cryptocurrency  
    • In order to trade cryptocurrency or stocks, you first have to join a trading exchange
    • Earlier in the course, we went over various trading exchanges including Bittrex, Kraken and Bitfinex
    • All the platforms are similar, and you can feel free to choose your favorite
  • Moving Averages | Moving Average Crossover Strategy For Trading  
    • In this lecture, we will look at using moving averages for trading cryptocurrency
    • Moving Averages are one of the most popular overlays used by traders.
    • They are represented by a line which shows the average price data over a certain period of time.
  • Bollinger Bands | Using Bollinger Bands For Trading & Measuring Volatility  
    • Now let’s take a look at one of my favorite Overlays to use for trading, Bollinger Bands
    • Bollinger bands show price movement and measures volatility with bands placed above and below a selected moving average
  • Support & Resistance Levels | Finding Support & Resistance Levels For Trading  
    • So now lets go over using support, AND resistance levels for trading cryptocurrency
    • Instead of only using support levels to purchase cryptocurrency to add to your investment portfolio, we will also look at adding resistance levels to intelligently sell at calculated price points
  • MACD | Using The Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence Oscillator For Trading  
    • Now let’s look at using the MACD, also known as the moving average convergence/ divergence oscillator for trading cryptocurrency
    • The MACD indicator shows both the trend and momentum of a cryptocurrency or stock using moving averages
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index) | Finding Overbought & Oversold Entry Points  
    • Now let’s look at the Relative Strength Index, also known as the RSI, for trading cryptocurrency
    • The RSI shows how strong a stock is moving in a current direction, and can give insight to when a stock is either oversold or overbought.
  • Crypto Stocks & ETFs | Trade Cryptocurrency Volatility With Stocks & ETFs  
    • In this lecture, we will look at another way to trade and capitalize on cryptocurrency volatility
    • Instead of buy and selling the coins themselves, you could trade one of the growing numbers of cryptocurrency stocks & ETFs
BONUS SECTION: Steemit | How To Get Started On Steemit
  • Getting Started On Steemit | Platform Overview & Setup  

    In this video, we will go over the Steemit platform

    We will go over the site, how to setup your account, and learn how you can earn cryptocurrency by blogging on Steemit.

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