Course: Ethical Intelligence

Ethical Intelligence

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About this Course

We all know about our level of intelligence, but there are many different facets of intelligence to consider including your emotional intelligence, your social intelligence and your ethical intelligence, which we will explore in this course. Ethical intelligence is often ignored in practice, leading to regretful situations where many good people find themselves in embarrassingly bad positions. In this course, we will explore what is our ethical intelligence and why is it that we can rationalize behaviors and decisions that would not typically be representative of our normal moral character. You will see first hand using an incredible case study showing how a small indiscretion can spiral into a scandal and ruin your career.

Basic knowledge
  • While the course was written with financial professionals in mind. This course if for anyone. Ethics is universal. Some may argue that ethics is an innate trait; however, this course will raise your awareness through numerous stories and case studies to illustrate how a little awareness can prevent a world of hurt
What you will learn

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the state of ethics in the world today and recognize that it’s a far larger issue than most of us consider on a daily basis
  • Recognize that ethical intelligence is both a function of the brain and a competency that can be developed throughout one’s professional career
  • Identify the different types of means and ends rationalizations we tell ourselves to justify our decisions, actions, and behaviors
Number of Lectures: 28
Total Duration: 03:17:13
Introduction to Ethical Intelligence
  • Introduction  
  • The State of Ethics  
  • Nature or Nurture  
  • Means and Ends  
  • Executive Ethical Lapse - Case Study  
  • Slides: Ethical Intelligence  
  • Ethical Intelligence Glossary/Index  
  • Review Questions  
  • Final Exam  
Ethical Approaches
  • Introduction to Ethical Approaches  
  • Ethical Approaches - Pre Quiz  
  • Principles Approach  
  • Prescriptive Approach  
  • Approaches to Ethical Issues  
  • Slides: Ethical Approaches  
  • Ethical Approaches Glossary/Index  
  • Review Questions - Ethical Approaches  
  • Final Exam - Ethical Approaches  
Ethical Delay
  • Ethical Decay - Slippery Slopes  
  • Ethical Delay  
  • Ethical Dilemmas  
  • Group Ethical Decay  
  • Slides: Ethical Decay  
  • Glossary/Index  
  • Review Questions - Ethical Delay  
  • Final Exam - Ethical Delay  
Ethical Organizations
  • Ethical Culture  
  • ANTE-up Culture  
  • Changing Culture  
  • Ethics Premium  
  • Ethical Organization - Case Study  
  • Wells Fargo Ethical Laps  
  • Slides: Ethical Organization  
  • Ethical Organization Glossary/Index  
  • Review Questions - Ethical Organizations  
  • Final Exam - Ethical Organizations  
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