Course: Financially Speaking - Keys to Unlocking the Language of Business

Financially Speaking - Keys to Unlocking the Language of Business

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About this Course

Do you know and speak finance? It’s the language of business!

  • Does finance and accounting intimidate you?
  • Have you tried learning these concepts, but they just won’t stick?
  • Do you have a need to understand basic finance and accounting concepts for
  • your job, but can’t find an easy way to learn them?

Lack of financial fluency is the primary reason small businesses fail. In addition, having a basic grasp of finance and accounting issues has become one of the key skills organizations look for in business professionals today.

In Financially Speaking, Rob Hambleton breaks financial and accounting down so you can easily understand it. Rob’s finance, industry and training experience combined with a step by step training approach will have you speaking this language in no time.

Basic knowledge
  • Be intimidated no longer!
What you will learn

This program:

  • Covers basic financial and accounting terminology and concepts
  • Introduces the basic financial statements - Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Teaches you how to perform critical, basic financial analyses like breakeven calculations and performance variance analysis
  • Discusses the critical processes of monthly performance review and annual forecasting
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 02:55:36
Financial Speaking
  • Financial Foundations - 3 Equations 3 Formulas COMPLETE  
  • Financial Foundations - Key Principles COMPLETE  
  • Financial Foundations - Debits and Credits COMPLETE  
  • Cost Behavior - Direct Indirect Fixed Variable COMPLETE  
  • Cost Behavior - Break-even Analysis COMPLETE  
  • Cost Behavior - Depreciation COMPLETE  
  • Financial Roadmap - Income Statement and Balance Sheet COMPLETE  
  • Financial Roadmap - Cash Flow Statement COMPLETE  
  • Financial Roadmap - Variance and Ratio Analysis COMPLETE  
  • Using the Numbers to Run Your Business COMPLETE  
  • Workbook  
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