Introduction to Capital Markets

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This course is a foundation program in financial markets and its key concepts, important market terminologies, different products in each asset class and basic pricing. 

It covers the below major capital markets topics:

  • Introduction to Equity Market
  • Introduction to Fixed income market
  • Bond maths and pricing
  • Introduction to derivative markets

- Futures/Forward

- Options - Call/Put

- Interest rate Swaps

  • Roles of exchange 
  • Hedgers, Speculators and Arbitragers 

Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge is needed on capital market as we the videos ensure all students learn the key concepts of the contemporary financial markets

What will you learn

Students will learn about each of the main products and how they are used by companies and institutions such as investment banks and fund managers. 

Students will learn about the products, players and jargon of the capital and derivative markets. 

Through the course students will:

  • Gain confidence in understanding the terminology used in the markets
  • Learn distinct features of equity product and its market  
  • Learn distinct features of fixed income products
  • Learn to price a simple bond and read bond yield curve
  • Understand working of range of derivative products and its application in financial market
  • Understand the dynamics of different market structures
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 30 Total Duration: 01:40:35

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