Master The Profitable Reversal Candlestick Patterns - Forex / Stock Trading

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This is a mastery course for both the beginner and advanced - FOREX and Stock market traders, who wants to increase their potentiality by analyzing the price action chart to earn consistent profit from their trades.  

Build - a strong foundation on 4 of the world’s most traded and strongest trend reversal candlestick patterns, that is being the first choice to get trade signal - to most of the large banks, financial institutions and professional traders in the Forex and stock exchange markets. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to make successful trade entries with – 

  • Pin Bar candlestick pattern
  • Engulfing candlestick pattern
  • Inside bar candlestick pattern
  • Piercing line candlestick pattern

Wait! - You already know what these candlesticks are and how to trade these patterns? Are you sure that you are making consistent profit from these 4 candlestick patterns? 

If so - then perhaps this course is not for you. But if you are not consistently making profit from the Forex and stock market with these 4 world’s most traded and strongest trend reversal candlestick patterns, then perhaps you should change your trading plan. But don’t worry, you are at the right place to learn how to crack down these 4 candlestick patterns to successfully trade the Forex and stocks.   

You don’t need to learn and trade 100 candlesticks to earn consistent profit from the market, you need jus 4! 

If you trade every single time you see a strong trend reversal candlestick pattern, then you are already dead in the long run! 

You see, when I or you get the first education about forex trading or stock market trading, then it is taught to us that technical analysis and fundamental analysis is the main analysis method of Forex and stock trading. Among which technical analysis is the most Simple and convenient trading method for the general traders like me and you. Because for fundamental analysis, it requires a good knowledge of collecting and analyzing the financial data from various sources, which is quite difficult enough for the individual traders like us.  

"Master The Profitable Reversal Candlestick Patterns - Forex / Stock Trading" is a must take course for the traders - who wants to increase their potentiality of maximizing the number of winning trades, and minimize the number of losing trades in FOREX and Stock market trading - with the world’s most traded and strongest trend reversal candlestick patterns.  

Basic knowledge
  • Basic understanding of Forex or Stock Market Trading
  • Basic knowledge of Technical/ Chart Analysis
  • No special requirements are necessary
  • A very new trader with a little knowledge of chart analysis also can understand the course materials

What will you learn
  • Strong Foundation of Understanding the Candlestick Formation and Its behavior based on the traders psychology In the Market
  • Ability to analyze the traders sentiment on the market
  • Read traders psychology on the chart based on the candlestick patterns
  • Valid trade entry positions to trade the strongest candlestick pattern
  • Invalid candlestick positions on the chart to avoid losing a trade
  • Distinguish between the different types of trend directional candlestick patterns
  • Ability to distinguish between the trend reversal candlestick pattern from trend continuation candlestick pattern on a price action chart
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 01:11:41

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