Course: Mastering Capital Allocation as a Business Leader

Mastering Capital Allocation as a Business Leader

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About this Course

CEOs, CFOs and Boards are ultimately measured on their record of generating returns for their shareholders, and the single most important determinant of shareholder returns is capital allocation. This course takes a compelling look at how to master capital allocation to create shareholder value and competitive advantages for your organization.

This course covers:

  • How capital allocation can be used to supersize shareholder returns
  • How to define capital allocation and evaluate cap allocation decisions
  • Operating sources of cash
  • Investment of capital
  • Cash raised from financing
  • Dividends and repurchases

We also take a look at the six traits of highly successful CEOs, such as Jack Welch and Warren Buffet, who have proven to be masters of capital allocation over decades of creating astounding results for their shareholders.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in finance or related fields
Basic knowledge
  • Exposure to corporate finance
  • No advanced preparation is needed for this course
What you will learn
  • Define what is capital allocation and identify the relevant tools
  • Identify and evaluate sources of cash generated by the business
  • Integrate financing strategy with capital allocation to preserve flexibility and maximize returns
  • Evaluate uses of surplus cash to pay dividends and/or repurchase shares
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:55:17
  • Course Overview  
  • What is it and how can I evaluate it?  
  • Operating sources of cash for allocation  
  • Quiz: Operating sources of cash for allocation  
  • Investment of capital  
  • Quiz: Evaluation of capital allocation  
  • Cash raised from financing  
  • Quiz: Cash raised from financing  
  • Dividend and stock repurchases  
  • Quiz: Dividends and stock repurchases  
  • Six common traits of master capital allocators  
  • Quiz: Traits  
Supporting Materials
  • Slides: Mastering the Capital Allocation Process as a Business Leader  
  • Mastering the Capital Allocation Process as a Business Leader Glossary/Index  
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