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Stock Trading & Investing | Technical Analysis Masterclass

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About this Course

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know to start trading stocks with candlestick charts & technical analysis?

Welcome to the 'Stock Trading & Investing | Technical Analysis Masterclass' training course from Quantum Courses!

Start Your Trading Journey Today

This is your guide to the world of technical stock trading, as you learn how to strategically trade stocks (and other assets) using technical analysis & candlestick charts.

If you are looking to learn practical trading strategies, and are willing to put in the time required to develop your trading skills, then you’re in the right place!

By the end of the course, you will know how to read & understand candlestick charts, how to apply various indicators & overlays for technical analysis, strategies to buy & sell stocks on a trading exchange, and much more!

We will even cover various technical investing strategies that you can implement to intelligently build your long term investment portfolio.

Watch Me Trade | REAL Day Trading Examples

After we go over how to use technical analysis, read candlestick charts, and setup your trading account, you will then be able to watch multiple examples of me as I place REAL trades with REAL money. 

You get to look over my shoulder as I go through real examples my entire trading process, so you can have access to several examples of the strategies & techniques we discuss in the course.

For beginners, I will also show you a way to practice trading real stocks, without risking any of your own funds. This is a great way for inexperienced traders to practice trading strategies risk free until you are comfortable enough to trade with real cash.

What We Will Cover In The Masterclass:

  • Top Mistakes Most New Traders Make
  • Trading & Technical Analysis Overview
  • How To Read & Understand Candlestick Charts
  • How To Apply & Use Various Indicators and Overlays
  • Trading Exchanges & Platforms
  • How To Create Your Trading Account
  • How To Practice Trading Risk Free
  • Technical Trading Styles & Strategies
  • Create Watchlist's & Stock Alerts
  • Mobile Trading
  • REAL Day Trading Examples
  • Technical Investing Strategies & Tips
  • and Tons More! 

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Jason G

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners looking to get started with stock trading using technical analysis
  • Experienced traders and investors looking to learn new trading techniques & strategies
  • Fundamental traders looking to learn how to trade using technical analysis & candlestick charts
Basic knowledge
  • Requires a device with internet access - Desktop, laptop or mobile
  • No prior knowledge or experience required!
What you will learn
  • How to read & understand candlestick charts for technical analysis
  • Apply various indicators & overlays to analyze candlestick charts
  • Practice trading REAL stocks without risking your own cash
  • Intelligently buy & sell stocks at calculated price points
  • Easily short markets & other assets WITHOUT using options
  • Use technical investing strategies to build your long term investment portfolio 
Number of Lectures: 44
Total Duration: 03:07:33
Introduction To Stock Trading | Technical Analysis
  • Introduction  
    • Welcome to your guide to the world of technical stock trading!
    • Learn how to strategically trade stocks (and other assets) using technical analysis
  • Technical Analysis Overview  
    • So in this course, we will be focusing on technical trading, using tools such as candlestick charts, indicators & overlays.
    • The key difference between investing and trading, is that with investing, you are not too concerned with short term price fluctuations, and are holding cryptocurrency for the long term regardless of price action. 
    • With trading, you are trying to capitalize on these price fluctuations in order to profit from the volatility.
  • Top Mistakes Made By New (Inexperienced) Traders  
    • There are many mistakes new and inexperienced traders typically make when starting out.
    • We will discuss the top 4 mistakes that most new traders tend to make.
  • Trading Styles | Technical vs Fundamental Trading  
    • When we talk about trading styles, most people fall into one of two categories.
    • We will discuss the difference between Fundamental and Technical trading.
  • Introduction To Technical Analysis | Technical Trading Overview  
    • Technical analysis, put simply, is the process of analyzing the movement and future prices of a asset using candlestick charts, technical tools, overlays, and other indicators.
    • The goal is to forecast the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume. 
    • Stock patterns and trends are analyzed using technical analysis in order to predict the future price and determine whether or not to purchase or sell a particular stock.
  • What Can I Trade? | Example Asset Types For Trading  
Candlestick Charts | How To Read & Analyze Candlestick Charts For Trading
  • Introduction To Candlestick Charts | Technical Trading  
    • In this section, we will dive deeper into how to read & analyze candlestick charts for technical analysis. 
    • We will go over how to read an individual candlesticks, what each candlestick color actually represents.
    • We will also discuss candlestick patterns, and explain why they have lines, or ‘wicks’ running through them.
  • How To Read Individual Candlesticks |Technical Trading  
    • Candlesticks can be described as graphical representations of the price movement of a stock or other asset for a certain period of time.
    • Using candlesticks can be very helpful for every strategy, whether it’s day trading, swing trading or even investing
  • Simple Candlestick Patterns | Analyzing Single Candlesticks  

    In this lecture, we go over a few examples of the most common and well known simple candlestick patterns to help you get a better understanding.

  • Online Tools For Technical Analysis | My Favorite Sites To Analyze Charts  
    • In order to be a successful technical trader, you need to be able to view an assets price history (typically with a candlestick chart), and have access to the charting tools needed in order to perform technical analysis.
    • The trading platform you decide to use will likely also have charts and charting tools available, but some are not as good as others.
    • There are dozens of sites available today that provide you with excellent tools and charts to use for trading.
Technical Trading Strategies | Indicators & Overlays For Technical Analysis
  • Introduction To Indicators & Overlays | Section Overview  
    • There are hundreds of trading strategies that are practiced, and what works for one person may not work for another
    • In this lecture, we will go over how to use some of my favorite technical trading strategies to help you get started
  • Moving Averages [MA] | Technical Analysis Trading Strategies  
    • In this lecture, we will look at using moving averages for technical trading
    • Moving Averages are one of the most popular overlays used by traders. 
    • They are represented by a line which shows the average price data over a selected period of time. 
  • Bollinger Bands [BB] | Technical Analysis Trading Strategies  
    • Now let’s take a look at one of my favorite Overlays to use for trading, Bollinger Bands
    • Bollinger bands Measure volatility with bands placed above and below a selected moving average
  • Support & Resistance Levels | | Technical Analysis Trading Strategies  
    • So now lets go over using support & resistance levels for technical trading
    • A great strategy is to use support levels in order to help identify purchase points, and use resistance levels to intelligently sell at calculated price points

  • MACD [Moving Average Convergence / Divergence Oscillator] | Trading Strategies  
    • Now let’s look at using the MACD, also known as the moving average convergence/ divergence oscillator for technical trading.
    • The MACD indicator shows both the trend and momentum of an asset using moving averages.
  • RSI [Relative Strength Index] | Technical Analysis Trading Strategies  
    • Now let’s look at the Relative Strength Index, also known as the RSI, for technical trading.
    • The RSI shows how strong a stock is moving in a current direction, and can give insight to when a stock is either oversold or overbought.
  • Shorting The Market [ Without Using Options ] | Trading Strategies  
    • In this lecture, I wanted to discuss how to short stocks, commodities & other assets WITHOUT using options.
    • Shorting the markets is basically placing a bet that the asset with decline in price 
    • Shorting can be a risky strategy, but can also be extremely profitable if performed correctly
Trading Exchanges & Platforms | Create Your Trading Account
  • Trading Exchanges & Platforms | Section Overview  
    • Before you can invest in, trade or even purchase stocks, you will first need to sign up to a trading exchange.
    • When selecting an exchange, there are a few things you should look out for, depending on your experience level. 
    • There are many trading exchanges to choose from, and we will be comparing a few platforms so you can see how they may differ.
  • Trading Exchanges | Selecting The Right Platform  
    • In this lecture, we will compare a few different trading platforms, and see how they differ from one another
    • There are many online trading platforms available, so feel free to research any others that we do not cover
    • Besides cost per trade, available tools, & security, there are also a few other factors you should consider when comparing platforms
  • Create Your Trading Account | Join A Trading Exchange  
    • So hopefully you’ve selected a trading platform, and now it’s time to create & add funds to your account
    • Most trading platforms have a similar process to sign up and place trades, but the platform I will be demonstrating is TD Ameritrade 
    • I have been using TD Ameritrade for years, and in my opinion, they provide some of the best trading tools & charts, at a reasonable price per trade
  • How To Place Trades Using An Online Trading Platform  
    • So now let’s go over how to place trades on an online trading exchange
    • The platform I will be demonstrating is TD Ameritrade 
    • Not only does TD Ameritrade allow online trading, but they also offer a mobile app that you can download & use to trade on the go
  • How To Place Trades On A Mobile Trading App  
    • In this lecture, we will walk through the steps to download the Thinkorswim app, and go over how to place trades on your smartphone.
    • The TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim mobile app is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your account on the go.
  • Practice Trading For FREE | Paper Trading vs Live Trading  
    • If you are new to trading, and still a little hesitant to invest real money, there are actually ways to practice trading without using your own funds
    • Paper trading allows you to practice trading the real markets without using your own cash 
    • This is an excellent way for inexperienced traders to learn & safely practice trading strategies
Finding Trades | Resources, Tools & Market Signal Scans
  • Trading Resources & Tools | Important Market Information  
    • In this section, we will go over some of my favorite resources & tools for finding stocks, etfs and other assets to trade.
    • There may be other tools and resources out there that you could benefit from, but the ones we will go over have served me well over the years.
  • Helpful Mobile Apps For Trading | Quick Market Analysis  
    • The mobile apps available nowadays are so powerful, that you can pretty much do all the research, analysis and trading on your smartphone alone.
    • In this lecture, we will go over some of my favorite apps to use for quick research and to view current market data for trading.
  • Stock Analysis | Sites For Trade & Stock Analysis  
    • Certain sites can provide valuable information, such as a stocks market cap, share structure, financial reports,
    • There are even sites available with automated trading analysis tools that can give you insight into potential trades
    • It is also a good idea to find other traders that share ideas about the trades you are researching
  • Find Stocks To Trade | Predefined Technical Indicator Chart Scans  
    • The ChartScan tool on provides you with a list of stocks, separated by whichever technical indicator they triggered the previous day.
    • You can browse through the predefined scans they provide for you to view daily, or even search for an individual stock symbol to see if it triggered any technical indicators.
    • This is a great way for technical traders to quickly find stocks to analyze and potentially trade using technical indicator predefined scans.
  • Find ETF's To Trade | Exchange Traded Funds  
    • There are hundreds of ETFs available for almost any commodity, industry, currency, and many other assets
    • Each individual asset may even have multiple ETFs to choose from
    • If you wanted to take advantage of a rise in the natural gas or auto industry for example, trading an ETF would be a great way to achieve this 
    • Also, if you wanted to capitalize on the decline of a market or industry, using an inverse ETF would be a great trading option as well
  • Top Educational Resource For Traders & Investors  
    • In this lecture, I wanted to show you a great website to get investing and trading educational resources & insights
    • Whenever I come across an investing or trading term that I’m not yet familiar with, I tend to always first research the word on Investopedia
Day Trading Examples | Watch Me Place Real Trades
  • Day Trading Examples | Section Overview  
    • In this section, you will look over my shoulder as I place real trades using some of the techniques we’ve gone over in the course.
    • You will be able to view live examples of my analysis and Day Trading strategies.
  • Trade Preparations | Things To Do Before You Start Placing Trades  
    • Before you start buying and selling stocks, there are a few things you should do to prepare.
    • You want to find stocks that are both affordable, but not penny stocks, and has enough volatility to be worth trading.
    • In order to keep track of the stocks you trade, you should also create a comprehensive watchlist, or multiple watch lists to quickly analyze stocks for trading.
  • Day Trading Example 001 | Watch Me Trade  

    Day trading example 001 - RIOT

  • Day Trading Example 002 | Watch Me Trade  

    Day trading example 002 - RIOT

  • Day Trading Example 003 | Watch Me Trade  

    Day trading example 003 - XNET

  • Day Trading Example 004 | Watch Me Trade  

    Day trading example 004 - XNET

  • Day Trading Example 005 | Watch Me Trade [ Pre-Market ]  

    Day trading example 005 - YANG

Technical Investing |Long Term Investing Strategies & Tips
  • Introduction To Technical Investing | Section Overview  
    • There are hundreds of strategies, methods, and reasons to start investing 
    • This could range anywhere from Investing in an index fund, to investing into gold or fine art
    • In this section, we will go over some of the technical investing strategies that I have worked for me over the years when investing in various assets
  • Why Invest? | Benefits Of Technical Investing  
    • Learning how to invest the right way can help you build wealth over time & help to secure your future
    • Investing in particular assets can also help protect you against certain economic problems that have always occurred
  • Terminology & Slang | Learn The Language Of Investors  
    • So now let’s go over some terminology that is frequently used by investors and traders
    • When getting involved in any market, it’s important to know, and be able to speak the language
  • Dollar Cost Averaging | Averaging Into Investment Positions  
    • In this lecture, we will go over how to average into an investment position
    • Averaging into your position over time is a good way to avoid purchasing your entire holdings at a top 
    • The best method to average into any position is to make small purchases on a regular and consistent basis
  • Contrarian Investing | Buying 'The Dip'  
    • In this lecture, we will look at the contrarian investing strategy of Buying ‘The Dip’
    • Buying ‘The Dip’ is when you purchase more of an investment to add to your portfolio whenever the asset price falls 
    • This method requires you to become a contrarian investor
  • Diversify Your Portfolio | Investment Diversification  
    • In this lecture, we will look at the strategy of diversifying Your Portfolio
    • It can be dangerous to invest all your money in only one asset, and praying you made the right decision
    • It is much better to diversify your holdings, and split your portfolio between 3 or more assets that you select from your own research
  • Support Levels | Finding Support Levels & Setting Price Alerts  
    • In this lecture, we will go over how to find support levels to use in order to intelligently add to your portfolio
    • Support levels are certain price levels that provide support to the price of an asset as it falls
    • When a support level is reached, the price typically reverses, and continues to climb higher 
  • Just HODL | Hold On For Dear Life  
    • In this lecture, we will look at the strategy that many serious cryptocurrency investors implement called, HODLing
    • HODL, actually spelled HODL, is a slang term developed in the cryptocurrency world, which was actually started by someone misspelling the word ‘hold’ 
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