Course: Moroccan Recipes: How To Cook a Traditional Couscous

Moroccan Recipes: How To Cook a Traditional Couscous

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About this Course

Do you have an idea about Morocco Cuisine ? flavors, ingredients ? do you have the chance to taste one of the most popular recipe in Morocco ? have you think how you can prepare it ?

But what is the recipe ? Ah , it’s the Moroccan traditional « Couscous »

Do you want to learn how to cook a delicious Moroccan Couscous recipe by the traditional and healthy way ?

You have come to the right place.

In this course you’ll discover Couscous with vegetables and meat

  • The way to combine ingredients
  • Making the Charmola

In each section, you will take step by step cooking the Couscous.

Have fun with healthy food.

Basic knowledge
  • No Knowledge. The ingredient and equipment is available in the course
What you will learn
  • Cook a Moroccan couscous by the traditional way
  • Discover the flavors of Morocco
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 00:34:38
Provide Ingredients
  • Provide Ingredients  

    we know the things we need to prepare couscous

Vegetable Cutting
  • Vegetable Cutting  

    method of cutting vegetable and meat

Cooking Meat and Vegetables
  • Cooking Meat and Vegetables  

    method of cooking meat with vegetables and spices

Cooking Couscous
  • Cooking Couscous  

    we know method of cooking couscous

Cooking Couscous Sequel
  • Cooking Couscous Squel  

    methoud of cooking couscous, sequuel

  • Cooking Couscous Sequel  

    methoud of cooking couscous, sequel

Final Touches
  • Final Touches  

    how to place couscous with broth

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