Author Benefits


Online learning platforms such as Simpliv are completely changing the face of the education landscape for better. Among the many advantages of the e-learning platforms, one of the most significant ones is that it allows the learners to access the expertise of the trained instructors and gives the opportunity to become active participants within the eLearning community.

Benefits for Instructors /Authors

With the educational landscape changing at a rapid pace, the instructors are becoming a key player in the progress of academic teaching and learning experience.

Our online instructors/ authors, at Simpliv, play an important role in the online learning as they hold the requisite knowledge and experience that not only benefit the learners but also provide the necessary encouragement to the learners to master the skills needed for the professional success. Our authors aren’t only subject matter experts in their respective fields but they are great teachers as well.

There are several benefits to the instructors/ authors by being associated with the Simpliv platform. The platform allows the authors to get paid decently for sharing their expertise and knowledge. Other than the flexible schedule, the rapid growth in online educational opportunities, attractive payment options, it also gives the chance to be the change makers in the larger e-learning format.

Below is the breakup of the percentage share that the authors get on Simpliv in different scenarios:-

Scenario 1: Organic Course Sales

  • Author share: 50%
  • Simpliv Share: 50%

Scenario 2: Author Coupon Code Sales

  • Author share: 97%
  • Simpliv Share: 3%

Organic course sales: This is the most common sales scenario on the Simpliv platform. In this case, the authors listed with us are eligible for a 50% share for any chosen course by the learner. The remaining 50% share goes to the Simpliv with no cut for any intermediary or partners, thus benefitting the authors.

Author Coupon code sales: This is the most profitable scenario for an author/instructor. In case the learner is registered using the Simpliv coupon code shared by the Author, he/she is eligible to get a 97% share of the sale.

What do the Simpliv instructors /authors offer?

We have a team of professionally qualified experts and effective online facilitators capable of engaging their learners by enhancing their eLearning experience manifolds. They adopt a unique approach to e-learning that is conducive to the effective learning and up-skilling in the respective fields. Simpliv’s instructors can facilitate a transformational experience for all learners by-

  • Engaging lessons: Simpliv believe in promoting holistic learning through interactive sessions and discussions. Our instructors/authors use the interactive approach by engaging the learners in discussions and questions pertaining to the relevant subject so that they are prompted to delve deeper into the topic in an organic way. Engaging discussions and asking questions not only allow the learners to get the concepts fast but also motivates them to participate actively.
  • A positive environment conducive to learning: At Simpliv, our online authors work with the primary goal of making the eLearning environment comfortable and conducive to active participation for the learners. They facilitate the courses in a way that promotes sharing experiences and collaboration among the learners to get the most out of the online course.
  • Self-paced learning: Simpliv’s online courses provide the comfort and convenience of self-paced learning under the guidance of expert authors. The concept allows the students to complete the targets at their own convenience as per the individual needs.
  • Enhance the Workplace productivity: Simpliv’s authors use the unique approach of the online training that is a much more personalized form of training. Considering the fact that every employee has their own strengths and weaknesses, our authors design and impart the eLearning plans catering to the individual needs.

Why you should become a Simpliv’s Online Instructor?

  • The instructors of our professional online courses and programs can benefit in multiple ways including the flexible work schedules and the opportunity to design and deliver the instruction in a unique, customized, and a non-traditional format.
  • It allows the instructor/ author to leverage his/her subject matter expertise in the most productive manner.
  • Attractive payment options and percentage in profit shares.
  • Simpliv uses the best of the technology and innovation to help the learners and the authors to drive success for themselves. The platform has the expertise and the resources to create a safe & secure online global learning marketplace for the learners and the authors alike.

Our deep understanding of the individualized & sophisticated needs to learn has enabled us to create engaging and useful modules to help the learners and instructors get on the life-long path to their individual goals in order to attain success in life.