Course: Essential French Tenses

Essential French Tenses

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About this Course

The course focuses on the French Tenses, more specifically, the most commonly used French tenses.

We will go through simple explanations of the top 5 most used tenses used in everyday French. 

You will have access to the most common French verbs with their conjugation, with sample phrases for a clearer understanding.

In the French language, you will see almost 20 tenses, but with this course, all you will need is 5.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of English is recommended
  • Basic French knowledge would be advantageous, but will not stop you from understanding the course
What you will learn
  • Learn about Subject Pronouns and when to use them
  • Understand basic sentence structure in French
  • Understand and learn about the different commonly used French tenses
  • Perfect their understanding of the most common verbs in French
Number of Lectures: 21
Total Duration: 01:46:40
  • Sentence Structure  
  • Subject Pronouns  
  • Introduction to the Tenses  
Présent - Here and Now
  • Être - To Be  
  • Avoir - To Have  
  • Venir - To Come  
  • Aller - To Go  
  • Faire - To Do or To Make  
  • Parler - To Speak  
  • Pouvoir - To Can  
  • Devoir - To Must  
  • Vouloir - To Want  
  • Savoir - To Know  
  • Voir - To See  
  • Dire - To Say  
Passé Récent - A little while back
  • Passé Récent - A little while back  
Passé Composé - What happened, happened
  • 10 Verbs conjugated with 'Avoir'  
  • 10 Verbs conjugated with 'Être'  
Futur Proche - Coming Soon
  • 10 Verbs you'll use  
Futur Simple - A Fortune Teller, I am not
  • Verbs - Future Tense  
  • Irregular Verbs - Future Tense  
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