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Learn French Language Quick

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About this Course

Learning a new language is not a thing that everyone find easy and simple, their is a lot of courses and applications that teach you the french language but the majority of them are useless but French Language Made Easy , will give you the tools to learn effectively all about French language so we will promise you that at the end of our course you will be able to Master the french language.

this courses contains

1) Principal Basics of french languages: alphabets and pronouns, English and French comparison, clothes names, countries, nationalities, animals and insects names, numbers, weekdays, months, colors, the plural form, basic knowledge quiz.

2) Pronouns: Personal object pronouns, possessive pronouns.

3) French time expressions: time propositions,...

4) Seasons and weather expressions:Seasons names, seasons expressions, weather vocab and expressions,...

5) French for Business (French PRO):Money expressions, 60+ words and vocab for business success,...

6) Principal verbs and greeting expressions : important verbs, greetings phrases and expressions,...

7) Directions, public transportation and emergency vocab

8) Meals, food, phrases for dining out, shops names and shopping, fruits and vegetables names,...

9) Body parts,...

And many more important topics !!!

This course will give you the opportunity you speak, write and easily understand French within very few days.

This course is interactive and contains useful quizzes and articles.

You will benefit from the assistance of a French native instructor

Basic knowledge
  • No prior Knowledge
  • All you need is your motivation and love for the French language
What you will learn
  • By the end of this course you will be able to ask questions and form sentences in numerous real-life situations: pronouns, verbs, colors, days, numbers, months, seasons, prepositions and many more!
  • Speak, read and understand french when meeting new people
  • Ask/follow directions
  • Getting around using public transportation
  • Emergency phrases and expressions
  • Food names and restaurants
  • Body parts
Number of Lectures: 23
Total Duration: 01:10:36
Basics of French Language
  • Comparison between French and English languages  
  • Numbers for 0 - 100, and big numbers  
  • Clothes names  
  • Months names and pronunciation  
  • Colors names and pronunciation  
  • French alphabet  
  • French pronouns  
  • The Plural  
  • Weekdays  
  • Body parts  
French for Business - French Pro
  • Money and exchanges expressions  
  • Essential business vocab and expressions  
  • Main Business experience used in French Business World  
Seasons and weather expressions
  • Seasons names  
  • Seasons vocab  
Main French verbs and Greetings expressions
  • Principal verbs  
  • Greetings expressions  
  • Top 10 most used verbs in French  
Restauration, foods, reservations, shops and shopping
  • Meals and restaurants vocabs  
  • Fruits and vegetables names  
  • Shopping and shops names  
Directions, public transportation, emergency phrases and expressions
  • Emergency phrases and expressions  
  • Directions phrases and vocab  
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