Course: Game Designing Using Scratch

Game Designing Using Scratch

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About this Course

Scratch has been developed by the Lifelong Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is a platform that promotes mathematical and computational skills as well as creativity, reasoning and collaborative working.

Scratch can be used to make a number of multimedia applications such as   games, animations, simulations, stories and art and even program robots like play i.

Every object (sprite) that is used in a scratch project can have one or more scripts attached to it. These scripts add behaviours to sprites and allow them to act in anyway the user feels suitable in context to the project.

The scripts are made up of building blocks that are grouped by category, such as control, motion and sensing. There is very little keyboard input required by the user as all the script blocks are dragged to the scripting area with the mouse and 'clicked' together like lego.

All sprites and backgrounds can be created by the user using the built-in paint editor. However, Scratch also allows users to bring in content from other sources. For example, images you have scanned, photographed or taken from the web. It also comes with a library of sprites and backgrounds to get you started quickly.

Music and sound effects are just as flexible. Either use the built sounds, record your own from within Scratch or use sounds you have created with another program.

My games made using scratch are: 

  • Gen
  • Island shoot
  • Duck hunt remix(got featured in cover page of scratch official website)
  • Table tennis (got featured in cover page of scratch official website)
  • Flappy bird remix
Basic knowledge
  • You will need a desktop and scratch version 1.4 software
What you will learn
  • Learn how to create games with event driven programming
Number of Lectures: 24
Total Duration: 02:20:06
What is Scratch
  • What is Scratch  
  • Downloading Scratch  

    for downloading scratch version 1.4,go to google and type scratch,then go to this link

    and choose the version compatible with our computer

  • Motions  
    • This section is used to make your sprites move and using this use can perform all the moving actions,jumping actions,sliding actions,initializing coordinates of your sprites etc

  • Looks  

     This section helps to control the looks of your sprite and you can also perform conversation actions using this look section 

  • Sensing  

     sensing section is the heart of this programming provides you with many sensing action using which you can perform many action and control the functioning of your project 

  • Sensing Continued  
  • Sensing Part Three  
  • Sounds  

    it helps you to give sounds to your project which makes your project more realsitic

  • Assigning Variables  

    we know that any game is incomplete without use of variables like scores,time can create variables by going to this section and you can exploit variables as per your project requirement 

  • Operators  
Making Our First Game:Island Shoot
  • Sprites & Resources  
  • Adding Mango  

     In this video we'll be creating mango sprite,which gun will be shooting 

  • Gun Sprite  

     Gun sprite is required for shooting the we will create our gun sprite in this video

  • Hitting Mango  

     in this video we will write logic for hitting mango and when mango will be hitted then it will explode 

  • Adding Few more Fruits Sprites  
  • Grapes  
  • Adding Scores  

     After making all the gun and fruit sprites,now it's time to write logic for adding scores 

  • Game Over Condition  

     we will give game over condition to terminate this game 

  • Game Over Sprite  
  • You Won Sprite  
  • Main Cover Sprite  
  • Fixing Gun Bug  
  • Adding Background Sound  

     In this video we will add background music to our game project

Good Bye
  • Hope You Enjoyed!!!  
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