Course: Healthy Families: Nutrition, Cooking & More for Best Health

Healthy Families: Nutrition, Cooking & More for Best Health

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About this Course

This course help guide you step by step to creating a healthier environment for your children. From diet and exercise to self-worth and social skills, find out how you can may your home life a joy. Starting with a foundation of healthy eating and how food affects your children’s mood and mental state along with their physical health, this course builds up to teaching your kids to think healthy for themselves. 

Our recipes are plant-based, or have vegan options, so that they will accommodate vegan and vegetarians, but the entire course can be used for any diet. With some families finding their kids want to eat vegetarian, or if one parent is vegan, the challenges of creating healthy nutritious meals without making two dinners every night is becoming more and more common. Find out how you can make meal planning benefit everyone and still not have to cook a ten course feast night after night.

You will learn:

  • What is healthy eating
  • How to encourage your child to eat fruit and vegetables
  • How to cook delicious recipes your kids will eat
  • How to make exercise fun
  • Dealing with the electronic devices and screen time

Who this course is for:

  • Parents (and Grandparents)
Basic knowledge
  • No prerequisites, except a desire to have healthier families
What you will learn
  • Make nutritious meal plans for picky eaters
  • Cook delicious veggie rich foods
  • Guide your family in making healthier decisions
Number of Lectures: 29
Total Duration: 02:32:10
Building the Foundation for Healthy Families
  • Introduction to Healthy Families  

    An overview of this course and what you can expect to learn.

  • Your Example is More Powerful Than Words, Bribes, or Threats  

    Be more effective with influencing your kids instead of letting others guide your kids choices. 

  • Change - Dealing with Resistance  

    Discover how to deal with resistance by learning why kids resist in the first place.

  • Essential Nutrition for Families  

    Learn the core basics of nutrition for your kids.

  • Nutrients to Give Your Child the BEST Chance for Optimal Health  

    More detailed nutrition to give your kids the best advantage for health.

  • Food and Other Allergies  

    Reduce the risk of your kids getting allergies and lower the impact allergies have on your life.

  • Mealtimes Are More Than Just Food  

    Find out how to create a family friendly environment for mealtime and why meals should be about more than just food. And don't forget the resource "Picky Eaters"

  • Healthy Kids - Packing in the Nutrients  

    Learn some great tips on getting more nutrients into your kids meals.

Recipes - Health Foods Kids Will Eat
  • Healthy Families Plant Based Cookbook (with gluten free options)  
  • Oatmeal Surprise  

    You'll get a simple, easy but versatile breakfast in this lesson.

  • Waffles - regular  

    Whipping up a batch of waffles is easier than you think. Forget the store bought junk!

  • Waffles - gluten free  

    As promised, delicious and yet healthy gluten free alternatives. Even if you are NOT gluten free this waffle is GREAT to add variety of grains. Eating only wheat is not as healthy as eating a variety. 

  • Berry Topping  

    Antioxidants and loads of flavor.  

  • Tofu Topping  

    Get extra protein without the cholesterol and fat from dairy. Plus loads of plant flavoniods to help stay healthy.

  • Hummus, Choosing the Right Bread, and Lunchboxes  

    Download the lunch box ideas in the resources section.

  • Veggie Burgers With The Powerhouse Grain Quinoa  

    Getting whole grains using burgers.

  • Veggie Protein Burgers Everyone Loves  

    Packed full of plant protein, these are delicious as breaded cutlets too!

  • Roasted Veggies  

    Make veggies fun and tasty.

  • Taco Night or Wraps or Haystacks  

    A quick and easy meal you can adapt for any fussy eater.

  • Marinara Sauce - Load Up the Veggies  

    Hiding veggies in plain sight.

  • Cheesy Squash Sauce  

    You won't believe how good healthy can taste until you've tried this recipe!

  • Kale Basil Pesto  

    Getting your greens in a new way!

  • Ice-Cream Cake  

    You won't believe this is made with veggies and far less sugar than regular ice cream.

Healthy Activity & More
  • Electronics in Balance - Screen Time & Health  

    Find out how to balance your modern life with a more natural, healthy approach.

  • Exercise, Activity & Children  

    You'll find out just how much exercise your kids need, what kind, and why. Don't forget to watch the bonus video in the external resources.

  • Out of Doors - Nature, Fresh Air, Sunshine  

    Finding out why outside is important for your inside.

  • Self-Worth & Self-Esteem  

    What is the difference and does it matter? This lesson will give you tools to improving both in your child.

  • Family Goal Planning  

    Creating a family goal plan that the whole family will enjoy.

  • Summary  

    The last few tips and ideas to get your family on the road to health.

  • Final Quiz  

    Review and test what you learnt.

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