Course: Remedial Massage - Super Simple Remedial Treatment

Remedial Massage - Super Simple Remedial Treatment

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About this Course

Ever wanted to know more about the world of Remedial Massage?

Well with this course you will get an inside look to the basics that you need to know to be able to give a full body remedial treatment.

With this course you will have a great understanding of what it takes to start a career in remedial therapies and be able to provide your friends and family to a great pain relieving treatment.

During this course we will discover:

  • Some basic considerations before you begin, hygiene, contraindications etc. 
  • The equipment that is required and the considerations before you buy.
  • Basic muscles and terminology.
  • How to analyse postural deviations
  • How to massage the individual parts of the body.

All of this is delivered with real examples and simply, so that anyone can know what is going on.

So if you want to be able to help people with aches and pains, improve circulation, relieve stress and so much more, this is the course for you!

Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge needed
What you will learn
  • Everything you will need to start a basic remedial massage treatment
Number of Lectures: 19
Total Duration: 01:52:00
  • Introduction  

    A brief introduction to the course and what we will be covering in the coming lessons and what you can expect to learn.

Before You Start
  • Basic Considerations Before you Start  
  • Hygiene Considerations  

    In this lesson we look at the hygiene considerations that you would have to deal with in a regular clinic as well as the options that you can use for a home based clinic or casual setup. We take a look at how to clean up after clients, with linen changes and disposable face shields, hand hygiene and much more.

  • Oils  

    This lesson we take a look at the oils that are commonly used during treatments as well as some considerations that can be over looked, including allergic reactions, scents, as well as the type of oils and how they spread on the body.

  • Basic Equipment Needs  

    Here we look at what the basic setup of equipment is for a more professional clinic and what is required to keep the client comfortable. While not all of this is required, it give you a good idea of things to use to keep the client or person comfortable while they are being treated.

    We look at things like bolsters and pillows and face cushions, as well as a step if you have a high table. We take a look at the linen that I use as well as talking about what others use in their practice.

    All of this is when you have it available to you though, it is not a necessity, I have even given a treatment on a kitchen table when the need arose!  

Assessing Postural Deviations
  • Common Muscles that Cause Problems  

    In this lesson we have a look at the main culprits that cause the most grief in most cases. We have a look at where they are located with visual aids and even look at the direction of the muscle fibers for when we are working those muscles.

    This lesson will give you the best idea during the massage lessons as to which muscles we are working on when we get to massaging. 

  • Directional Terms  

    This lesson looks at the directional terms that most physical therapists use. Most of the terms are very easy to understand, but once we know what we are talking about you will be able to know what other therapists are talking about without getting lost. 

  • Postural Deviation Analysis  

    In this very important lesson we start to put together the picture of what is causing the discomfort in our clients or the people that we are going to be treating. We look from the ground up at the joints and how to do a quick assessment, as well as ideas about which muscles may be causing the imbalance of the body.

  • Basic Hand Techniques  

    In the last lesson before we get hands on, we look at the basic hand techniques that we will use in this course.

Remedial Massage for the Different Parts of the Body
  • The Back  
  • The Glutes  
  • The Posterior Legs and Feet  
  • Rolling the Client Over  
  • Anterior Legs  
  • Arms  
  • Stomach  
  • Neck and Face  
  • Neck from a Different Angle  
  • Conclusion and Points to Consider  
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