Course: Solutions For Men - Beyond The Blue Pill

Solutions For Men - Beyond The Blue Pill

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About this Course

Beat The Statistics

One in three men suffer from sexual health issues including erectile dysfunction. With age, this number quickly rises. 

Modern medicine has the tools to solve this problem, restore function and enjoyment for men affected by sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately in today's healthcare climate, doctors don't have enough time to explore the issue fully and most men are pushed out the door with a prescription for a "blue pill". 

The one size fits all approach is long dead and this course will open your eyes to the options for success. You will come away with renewed hope and a solid understanding of the how and why of male sexual problems. The material is based on the best current medical science, but presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Sit back, take some notes and create some questions relevant to your situation. After completing this course you will have the information to find a solution that works for YOU.

Wishing the the best in health,

Mitchel M.D.

Who this course is for:

  • Males over the age of 30
  • Females who want to restore their partner's performance
  • Frustrated men looking for answers and hope
Basic knowledge
  • Approach with an open mind
  • Be ready to destroy myths about men's sexual health
  • Success is MORE than just a BLUE Pill
  • Understand that many options exist to solve this problem
  • Learn Options - 70% of Men don't respond to certain medications
What you will learn
  • Understand the scope of the problem
  • Know the important tests and questions to ask
  • Learn that a variety of options exist and that one size doesn't fit all
  • Up to 70% of men won't respond to their drugs - learn what to do next
Number of Lectures: 22
Total Duration: 01:41:25
Welcome to The Course
  • Introduction & Meet The Instructor  

    Meet Your Instructor and Why Men's Health

  • How To Use This Course  

    Welcome & How To

    Undoubtedly, certain portions of this course will appeal to you more than others. Feel free to skip around and consume what you need. Take notes and ask questions; we are here to learn how to solve this problem for every student.

Behind Closed Doors - The Reality of Male Sexual Dysfunction
  • Numbers Don't Lie  

    The Numbers

    This video shows you the scope of men's sexual health concerns and that you are not alone in dealing with this issue.

  • How Satisfied Are You - Critical Questions  

    How Does Anybody Know If....

    Male sexual dysfunction involves more than just an erection. Objective data provides a direction and logical approach to restoring sexual function and satisfaction.

How It All Works
  • How Erections Work - Priming The Pump  

    Quick How It All Works Video

    Erections are controlled by an interplay of factors and a critical substance.

  • Testosterone - What You Need To Know  

    More Than T

    There is more to the sex story than testosterone. While it plays a vital role, this video explains the interplay of other factors and testosterone and how it can affect you.

  • Prostate vs. Prostrate  

    What About The Prostate?

    This spongy gland plays a large role in sexual health and the video gives you the essentials.

  • It's More Than Just ED  

    ED is just one aspect of male sexual problems. This video walks you through a variety of problems.

Figuring Out the Cause - Don't Play The Guessing Game
  • Know Your Numbers  

    Numbers Don't Lie

    While most cases of ED are blood flow problems (vascular), a segment of men will have other causes and without testing or when traditional therapy doesn't work, a thorough search for potential causes often yields a solution.

  • Erection Killers  

    Prescriptions and OTC Meds 

    4.2 billion prescriptions are written in the US alone every year. Many of these have sexual side effects. This video covers the different types of medication that may be hampering your sex life. Also a discussing of common OTC meds that have sexual side effects.

  • Is Your Past Slowing You Down  

    Other Factors

    A variety of health conditions can negatively impact your sex life. This video explains some of the common issues and what can be done about these conditions.

Treatment Options - A Results Driven Approach
  • Overview of Options  

    Intro & Overview

    This lecture will introduce you to options and give you a flavor for what's ahead in the next six videos. By the end of this section, you will have a solid understanding of current and emerging treatment options for male sexual dysfunction.

  • Quick and Painless ED Treatment Option  

    Millions of men are affected by erectile dysfunction but the majority will not seek care. This video shows a simple method to get treatment while avoiding some of the embarrassment that typically prevents men from getting help.

  • Prescription Medications - Beyond The Blue Pill  

    Drugs That Increase Erections

    This lecture walks you through different prescription medications and shows that there are more options than just the "blue pill".

  • What's The Difference?  

    The three most commonly prescribed ED medications have a few differences you'll want to understand.

  • A Small Prick - Injectable Meds & More  

    Tried and True

    Injection therapy is highly effective and not as painful as you might think. Learn about this therapy and what results are possible.

  • Neurotransmitter Therapy - The Brain - Penis Connection  

    Brain - Penis Connection

    A variety of signals from the brain play in important role in sexual function. Unfortunately, sometimes the signals aren't getting through. This video reveals a way to beat the system at its own game.

  • Nip & Tuck - Surgical Options for ED  

    Under The Knife

    This section teaches you all about the surgical options and why one might prefer this as a long-term solution.

  • Vacuum - The Power of Suction  
  • Cutting Edge - Emerging Therapies For Sexual Optimization  

    Cutting Edge Solutions To An Old Problem

    New therapies offer incredible results and medical pioneers have carved out a rapidly growing niche for treating male sexual problems.

Lifestyle - Little Changes Make A Big Difference
  • Your Lifestyle Makes All The Difference  

    What Are You Choosing?

    Shifting your mindset and making small incremental changes in several areas has the potential to prevent or reverse disease. Pleasurable daily habits will catch up with the unwary. This video shows you hard facts and stats about your choices.

  • Supplements & Herbs  
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