Course: Telepathic Healing 101

Telepathic Healing 101

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About this Course

In Telepathic Healing 101 you will find Practical Course on Healing through secret "mind-to-mind" communication and a way to apply the ancient Chinese Art of organ-emotion healing, Emile Coue healing, autogenic healing and more. This way of interacting with a person needing a healing of the mind, body, or spirit is fully integrate-able with any healing modality you my be using. Or it can be used on its own to amazing effect. It is simple and straightforward. You will learn to use your latent telepathic sense to heal or speed up healing. The principles learned herein will have wider applications beyond healing. 

Who is the target audience?

  • Modern medicine practitioners, alternative healers, and friends wishing to a healing presence will benefit from this course
Basic knowledge
  • These are the basics of Telepathic Healing. So there are no prerequisites needed except an open mind
What you will learn
  • Students will learn the basics of using telepathy to perform healings, and speed healing and have an amazing healing bedside manner. They will also have a way to apply telepathically the Chinese Qi Gong art of organ-emotion healing of the mind, body, and spirit, and other healing systems also
Number of Lectures: 37
Total Duration: 05:07:17
A general introduction to telepathy
  • Welcome to Telepathy Healing 101  
  • Disclaimer and copyright info please listen  
  • Meet Your Instructor - Dr. Bill  
  • 003 Telepathy is real  
  • 004 Mind healing is real  
  • 005 What is telepathy?  
  • 006 How does telepathy work?  
  • #06 What are the limits of telepathy  
  • Starting Telepathy  
  • #08 part 1 exercise to increase belief introduction  
  • #08 part 2 a meditation for telepathic belief  
Doing a Telepathic Sending
  • #09 a process for doing a telepathic sending  
  • Exercise for strengthening faith and telepathic sending ability  
  • An alternative process for telepathic sending  
Practical usage of healing telepathy
  • How to know how much telepathic sending to do  
  • The yes no exercise  
  • truth detector healing  
  • Primary practical usage of telepathy in healingc  
  • exercise on basic stress reduction  
  • The telepathic use of better  
  • The touch me exercise  
  • Telepathy and autogenic part 1  
  • Telepathy and autogenic part 2  
Advanced Telepathic Healing - Chinese Qi Gong Organ-Emotion Healing
  • Introduction to telepathy and Organ-Emotional healing  
  • Lungs - sadness and anxiety  
  • Spleen - empathy and pensiveness  
  • Kidneys - fear  
  • heart - joy and shock  
  • Liver - anger  
  • Organ-Emotion healing with telepathy sum up  
Additional Considerations About Telepathic Healing
  • Healing telepathy and very young children  
  • Telepathic healing and the elderly  
  • Telepathic healing and the comatose  
  • Telepathic healing and distance healing  
  • Telepathic healing and immunization  
  • Telepathic healing and plants and animals  
  • Conclusion  
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