Course: Weight Loss with Self Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy to lose weight

Weight Loss with Self Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy to lose weight

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About this Course

Hypnosis can help you to lose weight


“This course has shown me that my weight is really just a symptom of how I relate to myself. I now feel armed with the tools that I need to improve many things about my life"

- Jane Watkins

“Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind." – New York Times

Would you like to enjoy real and sustainable weight loss?

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness in which the subconscious mind can be programmed for positive changes.

While hypnosis is not a magical cure for weight loss, skillful use of the hypnotic state can help you to improve the elements of your life that reflect into your weight.

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss is equivalent to five sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy for losing weight. In this life changing course, Nicholas Harris will guide you in practical therapy processes that have helped thousands of people to successfully lose weight.

If you are ready to feel better about yourself, expand your life, improve your relationships, increase your job opportunities, get better sleep and enjoy overall health and well being then this course is for you!

Using hypnosis, you will train your mind to help you want to eat healthily and exercise regularly. You will create a positive relationship with food, increase your self-confidence and resolve emotional blocks in your life.

These tried and tested methods communicate with your subconscious mind in a powerful way, helping you to form positive new thought patterns. Rather than worrying and feeling bad about your weight, you can focus on other things – enjoying your work, hobbies, friends, family and romantic relationships.

This course will help you to wake up feeling refreshed, going through your day feeling stronger, healthier and happier.

Welcome to Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss. It is time to change your life.

You have everything you need to look and feel great

Have you ever noticed the relationship between your weight and your sense of general well being?

By the end of this course, you will feel more in control of every part of your life – not just your weight. Armed with a clear understanding of what you need to do to make the changes you want (and with the tools necessary for success), you will be empowered to walk the path of health.

Enroll in the course today. Join our community - over 400 students are already losing weight

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Welcome to Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for everyone except those suffering from epilepsy
Basic knowledge
  • No experience is necessary to enjoy this course
  • This course contains all the materials you need to achieve success
What you will learn
  • Use hypnosis to lose weight so that you can enjoy your life
  • Achieve sustainable weight loss and enjoy success
  • Grow your self confidence, enjoy more fulfilling relationships and go further in your career
Number of Lectures: 53
Total Duration: 04:07:29
  • Welcome to Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss  

    Welcome to “Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss”. In this lecture, Nick introduces the path of weight loss that has helped many of his clients make real changes in their lives.

    Please note: the resources section of this lecture contains the complete course content in downloadable audio form for those who would rather listen to the content than watch the videos.

  • Exploring weight loss  

    When most people think about losing weight, they think about dieting. A temporary change to one’s life will reflect into a temporary change in one’s weight. In this video, Nick examines ping pong dieting and explains why small consistent changes are the key to real weight loss.

  • Introducing the course  

    In this lecture, Nick explains the structure of the course. The course combines the theory of real weight loss with it's practical application through guided hypnosis journeys and written exercises.

  • How to use this course  

    In this lecture, Nick explains the different ways that you may choose to follow the course's content.

  • What is hypnosis  

    In this lecture, Nick aims to clear up the most common misconceptions about hypnosis. He explains the nature of the conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds.

  • Introducing "the room of change"  

    Nick introduces the first hypnosis exercise of this course: “the room of change”. The room of change is an inner room in your mind used for creating life changes.

  • Hypnosis 1: "the room of change"  

    This hypnosis exercise is 20 minutes long. It will lead you into a relaxed state of mind and wake you up feeling refreshed.

    Please note: the resources section of this chapter, contains the complete hypnosis content for the course so that you may upload it to the device of your choice.

  • Deepening trance  

    In this lecture, Nick explains how one can learn to access deep states of trance. Please note: it is not necessary to access deep hypnosis in order to achieve powerful therapeutic results from these processes.

  • Hypnosis 2: "deepening trance"  

    This hypnosis exercise will take you back to “the room of change” and deepen your level of trance. Please remember that no matter how deeply you choose to relax, you will remain in complete control. You may wake yourself up at any time that you choose.

The Goal
  • Introducing goals  

    Nick examines the art of creating goals that are SMART. Simple. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic and with a Time Element. To set a clear goal is to become clear about what you wish to achieve and program your mind for success.

  • To be human  

    Nick examines the benefit of splitting goals into sub-goals. As human beings thrive on success, the achievement of sub-goals helps generate the momentum necessary to achieve the bigger goal at large.

  • Goal setting  

    Knowing that you have the power to achieve any goal you choose, it is important to set goals that are in alignment with higher wellbeing. In this video, Nick explores the difference between setting goals from a place of love or from a place of fear.

  • Writing exercise: setting the goal  

    The writing exercise for this chapter which will help you to set clearly defined goals that are aligned with the principles of inner relationship.

  • Walking the path  

    Once a goal is clearly set and divided into subgoals that are SMART, losing weight is simply a matter of walking the path that you have clearly defined in your mind.

  • Tracking exercise: Graphing your weight  

    The tracking exercise for this chapter is to weight yourself every few days and mark your weight on a graph. It is helpful to place this graph in a place where you will regularly see it and be reminded of your success.

  • Introduction to hypnosis exercise: goal setting  

    In this lecture, Nick introduces the hypnosis exercise for this chapter. This process will clearly program your weight loss goal in your subconscious mind.

  • Hypnosis exercise: Goal setting  

    This hypnosis exercise is 13 minutes long. It is best to listen to this process through headphones in an environment free of distractions. You may enjoy this process as many times as you choose. It will help you to clearly set your goal in your mind.

  • Practical dieting  

    If you were to choose to focus on only one of the three elements of weight loss, it would have to be food. In this chapter, Nick introduces the concept of practical dieting.

  • Calories explained  

    In this lecture, Nick explains the theory of "calories". a simplified measure for the energy that is consumed through foods and that which is used through exercise.

  • Your relationship with food  

    Every person has a unique relationship with food. Foods can nourish the body, serve as unconscious emotion rewards and hold emotional associations to past experiences. In this lecture, Nick explores how you may redefine your relationship with food.

  • Writing exercise: Examining the relationship  

    The focus of this writing exercise is to build awareness of how different foods really make you feel. What emotions leads to the desire to eat food that make you gain weight? And what emotional lead to the natural tendency to eat in a manner that is healthy for you?

  • Introducing hypnosis exercise: healthy nutritious foods  

    Nick introduces the hypnosis exercise for this chapter "healthy nutritious foods".

  • Hypnosis exercise: healthy nutritious foods  

    This hypnosis exercise will increase your motivation to eat healthy foods, and decrease your desire to eat foods that are harmful to you. It is 16 minutes long. You may listen as often as you choose reinforcing the messages contained within.

  • Targeting the poison  

    Remembering that practical dieting begins with making small changes that you can maintain, in this lecture the focus in on helping you to cut out the most toxic elements of your diet.

  • Writing exercise: the foods that you don't eat  

    This exercise will help you to prioritise the most important foods for you to avoid. If you could make only one change in your diet, what would it be? Remember, small choices can lead to big changes!

  • Making it real: the cheat day  

    Research has shown that many people fail to make changes in their lives because of unrealistic diets that take the fun out of life. No matter your choices, the “cheat day” gives you the flexibility to eat whatever you desire, on one day a week. Can you lose weight and enjoy a social life? You bet you can!

  • Tracking exercise: the diet chart  

    The tracking exercise for this chapter is “the diet chart". It is to be used alongside the weight graph. Please mark every day that you avoid the foods that you choose not to eat anymore in green, and any days that you fail in black, noting cheat days on the calendar and keeping a record of your progress - month by month.

  • Choosing health  

    As losing weight is the path of health, exercise is the second pillar of weight loss. In this chapter, Nick examines how each of the pillars of weight loss supports the other. It is time to examine your motivation to lose weight and build the desire to exercise.

  • The power of the moment  

    In this lecture, the definition of exercise is expanded to encompass every choice that leads to movement of the body. Nick examines how the results of small choices can build the motivation to exercise.

  • Creating new habit  

    As real weight loss can only be achieved through permanent changes in one’s life, in this lecture Nick examines the psychology behind the creation of new habits.

  • The keys to creating new habit  

    In this lecture, Nick breaks down the creation of new habits into the essential "keys": regularity. desire, interest and benefits.

  • Finding the right exercise for you  

    Nick explains the different types of exercise and how they relate to your weight loss goal, examining the risks, blocks and rewards to exercise.

  • Identifying the challenges  

    In order to establish the habit of exercise in your life, you must identify and overcome the challenges to exercise. In this lecture, Nick examines the most common blocks to exercise.

  • Writing exercises: the challenges to health  

    In this written exercise, the focus is on identifying the challenges to establishing a regular exercise program. The first step towards overcoming any block in your life is to bring it to awareness. The next is to overcome them.

  • Tracking exercise: the exercise calendar  

    Nick presents the tracking process for this chapter, the exercise calendar. Please set a monthly goal for your exercise program, and gradually increase the goal month by month. In a similar way to the diet chart, each day of success of failure is to be marked on the calendar.

  • Introducing hypnosis exercise: the crossroads  

    Nick presents the hypnosis exercise for this chapter: "the crossroads". Life is a consistent stream of choices and every moment presents a choice to do something new. The focus of this process is finding small ways to increase the movement of your body, burn more calories and lose weight.

  • Hypnosis exercise: the crossroads  

    This hypnosis process is 19 minutes long and will increase your motivation to exercise.

  • The role of emotion  

    Many people do not fully understand the correlation between emotion and weight. In this lecture, Nick introduces the third pillar of weight loss: emotion.

  • The relationship between emotion and weight  

    Nick explores the relationship between emotion and weight. How does weight affect emotion? What is the emotional basis of your desire to lose weight? And in what ways is self worth based on weight?

  • Comfort eating  

    Comfort eating is the unconscious behaviour of eating in response to emotion. In this lecture, Nick explains the mechanics of comfort eating and explores how you may learn new ways to consciously respond to emotion.

  • Weight as protection  

    Some people have an unconscious need to create weight as a form of emotional protection. In this lecture, Nick explores this common cause of excessive weight.

  • Conscious growth  

    Every moment of life presents the opportunity to choose something new. Conscious growth comes from a place of self love, the fundamental basis of inner relationship.

  • Breaking the cycle  

    How can we break the patterns that can run our lives? All change begins with awareness because from awareness there is the possibility to stop and choose something new.

  • Writing exercise: inner relationship  

    This writing exercise will help you to uncover the emotional components behind your weight.

  • Writing exercise: emotional awareness  

    The focus of this exercise is to help you uncover the thoughts and emotions that lie overeating. This exercise will help you to listen to what your emotions are communicating, in place of pushing them away with food.

  • The freedom of confidence  

    Confidence is the most fundamental of emotional resources. With confidence you can be in control of every part of your life. Confidence is inner knowing - the basis of true attractiveness.

  • The role of therapy  

    There is a time when one can help oneself and a time when the help of a professional therapist should be sought. This lecture will help you know when it is time for you get some help from a trained professional.

  • Introducing hypnosis exercise: stepping into the future  

    In this lecture, Nick introduces the hypnosis exercise for this chapter: stepping into the future.

  • Hypnosis exercise: steeping into the future  

    In this hypnosis exercise you will meet the "future you" and associate into the emotions of success. The process is 18 minutes long.

  • Introducing Hypnosis exercise: the vortex of health  

    Nick introduces the final hypnosis process for the course: the vortex of health.

  • Hypnosis exercise: the vortex of health  

    This hypnosis process brings each of the elements of the course together into your very own "perfect vortex of health". It is 12 minutes in duration.

  • Conclusion  

    In this lecture, Nick concludes the course. Thank you for following our program, we hope that it has helped you to bring positive changes into your life.

  • Additional Download Resources  

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