Course: German for Engineers - Level B1 B2 - Deutsch für Ingenieure

German for Engineers - Level B1 B2 - Deutsch für Ingenieure

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About this Course

"German for Engineers" language course addresses a specific target group: It is designed for engineering students and engineers who are interested in study or work opportunities in German spoken countries.

The course contains grammatical and structural analysis of sample sentences that can be understood with basic knowledge as well as more demanding texts selected from real-life cases in technical education and engineering communication.

Basic knowledge
  • Your German is already at least level A2 and you want to improve your language skills to levels B1 and B2 for your field of study in engineering in Germany
  • Students of this course should have completed a minimum A2 level in German, ideally with some experience in B1 or B2 levels
What you will learn

The balance between different fields of engineering:

  • It is a fact that the field of engineering has an enormous variety of subcategories. Even though information and computer science comprise a bigger part of our sample sentences in the beginning sections, we have sought to find a balance between disciplines and current technical issues in different fields of engineering
  • Many examples from the disciplines of materials science, electrical engineering and computer science will be highlighted with subject-specific language characteristics

Grammatical structures:

  • And we have tried to find another balance between learning grammatical structures and useful phrases in daily life communication
  • Actually there is no real difference between grammars of technical jargon and daily German. The only difference is the usage frequency of certain structures. For instance, we can mention the passive voice and alternative substitutions of passive. They show up more frequently in technical texts than in daily conversations
  • Once you have learned the grammatical structures in a certain field of engineering, they are surely transferable to cases in other areas of engineering and daily life communication
Number of Lectures: 1
Total Duration: 00:11:18
Introduction to German grammar in B1 level
  • 1.1: Our teaching methodology and grammatical contents  

    Our teaching methodology and grammatical contents:

    Ingenieure sind wissenschaftlich ausgebildete Fachleute, die auf technischem Gebiet arbeiten.

    Engineers are scientifically trained professionals working in the technical field.

    1) Wortbildung - Word Formation

    Suffixes to make adjectives. (Here: “wissenschaft-lich ”)

    2) Partizip I und II – Present and Past Participle

    Adjectives formed from a verb. (Here: “ausgebildet”)

    3) Relativsatz – Relative clause

    (Here: die Fachleute, die … arbeiten.”)

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