Course: The BEST Google Sheets Course For Home & Business

The BEST Google Sheets Course For Home & Business

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About this Course

Google Sheets, the free and powerful spreadsheet program offered through Google, gives anybody the ability to organize information and distill telling insights from otherwise disparate data.

This course is designed for everyone, regardless if you're a spreadsheet master or never even opened the program. We'll cover every topic; numbers, formatting, organization, automation, sorting, filtering and MUCH more. 

Perfect for keeping track of personal events, like budgeting, party RSVPs or your kids' school growth, or business applications like income tracking, etc.

Taught by an engaging American English speaker who learned Google Sheets for keeping track of his own businesses, this course is designed to get you up to speed and computing like a pro in Google Sheets in no time!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals, couples, small business owners...anyone who wants an easy way to keep powerful control over their complex daily lives!
Basic knowledge
  • A working computer and a free Google account. That's it! We'll start with the very basics and go super advanced!
What you will learn
  • AT HOME: Ever wanted to build your own easy, yet powerful home budget? Or keep track of your kids' school/athletic progress? IN BUSINESS: Track income/expenses, create robust data visualisation to track trends and make better business decisions, and more!
Number of Lectures: 37
Total Duration: 03:02:29
Nice To Meet You!
  • Meet The Course Creator!  
  • Opening A Google Account & How To Use It  

    In this introduction, we'll begin with a brand new Google account, showing you how to get started with Google Sheets even if you've never used it before. If you're just getting started with Sheets, this is for you!

  • Simple Walkthrough of Google Sheets  

    A thorough, but brief walkthrough of the menus and where to look for various tools within Sheets.

  • Housekeeping: Keeping Google Sheets Organized in Google Drive  

    A quick tip on keeping your Google Sheets organized so that you can keep track of and find everything you work on. If you're as absent-minded as I am, you'll love this lesson!

  • Understanding Rows, Columns & Cells  

    Get to know the lay of the Google Sheets land...understand the basics of how the program is laid out.

Beginner Formatting
  • Formatting Text in Your Sheet  

    We'll focus on how to format text within a cell -- bold, italics, strikethrough, colors, and more.

  • Text Wrapping  

    We'll learn three different ways to format text that stretches beyond the edge of the cell.

  • OOPS! Fixing Mistakes in Your Sheets  

    We'll go over how to fix a misteak (ha!). It's easy!

  • Changing Row & Column Sizes  

    This is a fun one...find out multiple ways to change the size and shape of cells, rows and columns so they fit your data or fit a specified pixel size. (And what "pixel size" means!)

  • Merging Cells (2 -> 1)  

    Learn how to change 2 or more cells into 1 and WHY you would want to do so.

  • Format Painter  

    Every Google Sheets user's SECRET WEAPON for cutting down on time by "borrowing" the formatting from an already-formatted cell and pasting it into another cell without changing the data already there.

  • (Breaking Down) Borders  

    Gain greater control over your cell design by implementing different types, colors and size borders.

  • Changing Cell Colors  

    Don't like white? Make it blue! Red! Purple! And more!

  • The Alternating Colors Tool  

    Learn this powerful trick to applying some color pre-formatting to a data set with a single click!

  • Freezing Rows & Columns  

    Let's learn how to ALWAYS keep your header row/s or column/s on screen while you scroll through the sheet so you always know what you're looking at!

Working With Information: Basics
  • Working With Numbers, 1...2...3  

    The power of Google Sheets rests in its ability to work with numbers and formulas...this is your basic intro to using them in the program.

  • Basic Formulas  

    And here's how to start applying formulas to manipulate how different numbers relate to each other. (Don't worry...we'll start super simple!)

  • Sorting Information in Your Sheets  

    Let's learn how to move numbers and data around with a single click so you can better organize your info.

  • Filtering Information in Your Sheets  

    Here we'll find out how to filter your data so you only see what's important to you (without losing that data from the sheet!)

  • The Magic Blue Dot in The Bottom Right Corner  

    Also known as the "Fill Handle," this is one of the COOLEST shortcut tools of the entire program...find out how one little blue dot is going to cut down your work time exponential and make things a whole lot easier!

  • BONUS Auto-Sum & Average Bonus Tool  

    This sneaky little Easter Egg gives you the ability to perform some powerful calculations by simply selecting a series of cells.

  • Intro to Data Validation  

    Gain power over your sheet by creating rules that validate information that you or other users try to enter...and reject that information if the data doesn't agree with the rules you've created.

Essential Formatting & Analysis Tricks
  • Creating Dropdown Lists Using Data Validation  

    You know those convenient dropdown lists you see on website forms? We're going to learn 2 different ways to create and use them in your Google Sheets!

  • Intro to Conditional Formatting  

    One of the best features of the program...change cell formatting (colors, text options, etc.) based on rules you create! 

  • Paste Special  

    After you hit "Copy" (cntrl or Apple + "C"), Sheets gives you the power to paste your data back in multiple ways. Learn about these various options.

  • Inserting Images  

    Here are 2 methods of inserting images into your Sheets, including the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Intermediate Google Sheets
  • Creating Multi-Tab Formulas  

    When creating formulas, you're not just limted to the tab in which you're working. Learn the secret to using formulas that span multiple tabs.

  • Count & CountA Functions  

    Another essential function in Google Sheets, learn how to use the Count and CountA functions, as well as in which situations to use each one.

  • Rounding Function  

    Learn how to perform rounding functions in Google Sheets.

  • SumIf, CountIf Function  

    We've learned how to SUM and COUNT, but what if you could add a stipulation so Sheets only sums and counts the numbers you specify?

  • Split Text To Columns  

    The first in a series of lessons that teaches you how to move text in and out of columns based on certain stipulations. This one in particular allows you to take a string of text, like a first/middle/last name and split it into multiple columns.

  • Concatenate Function Intro  

    Just as in the last lesson we split text into multiple columns, now we're going to learn how to take text from multiple columns and move it into one. There are several ways to do this, and this is arguably the most widely used.

  • Concatenate Alternatives  

    This lesson expands on the Concatenate function, presenting various alternatives and their applications.

  • VLookup  

    Quantum leap your data calculations with this powerful formula. It's the equivalent of finding a librarian to search through your data and retrieve precisely what it is you ask for.

  • Visualizing Data Using Graphs & Charts  

    Graphs and charts are essential to creating visualizations for your data, allowing you to visually display trends, changes, and other ups and downs throughout your sheets. Trust me, your clients and bosses can't wait to see these vibrant visuals.

  • Pivot Tables  

    Just a taste of one of the most wizardrous features of Sheets. Learn how to shortcut hours of building formulas and calculations; Pivot Tables make it easy and fast.

Real Life Applications of Google Sheets
  • EXERCISE: Let's Build a Home or Work Budget  
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