The Complete Google Go Programming Course For Beginners

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The Benefits You Will Gain From This Course Are Endless!

Our goal for you in this course is: For you to become a beginner Ninja in one of the hottest new languages called "Google Go" and also known as Golang. Google go is taking the development world by storm, because of its system level access and its design which gives programmers the ability to create multi-core programs. This is the first development language really developed for the type of mutli-core cpu computers that have been in the market for the last ten years. Created by three genius developers are google - to solve deficiencies google was experiencing with conventional computer languages. This course is especially structured to solve a number of problems that introductions to programming languages suffer form.

About the Author

David Valentine - The Backyard Data Scientist

  • Mr. David Valentine is a decorated Enterprise Architect with over seventeen years of experience in enterprise computing environments. He currently works for the Province of Manitoba, in Canada where he is a responsible for the architecture of the Server and Mainframe computer environment.
  • Mr. Valentine has a passion for Data Science, Computer Science, Machine Learning and Data Science. As the "Backyard Data Scientist", he brings his experience and ability to simplify challenging technical topics to Data Science. He's delighted to offer the world his first course on the online platform, "Machine Learning for Data Science"

Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge required

What will you learn
  • Compile and run Google Go (Golang) Programs
  • Create your own fully featured programs in Google Go (Golang)
  • Really understand how computers work, what programming is and how to develop programs
  • Use the Community Version of IntelliJ IDEA‎, to edit, compile and run Google Go programs
  • Be an effective beginner Google Go (Golang) Ninja! At the end of this course you will have a competent foundation in all the essential concepts of Google Go (Golang)
  • Find their way to using and undrestanding advanced Google Go (Golang) resources, to moving
  • Learn the basics of programming in one of the hottest new languages - without losing your mind!
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 51 Total Duration: 05:36:22

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